Annual Maintenance services for ICT products on GeM
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-04-07 05:45:08


Annual maintenance services can now be easily purchased by GeM for the regular use of ICT devices and computer devices. This service is used for the correct operation of ICT devices and computer devices. To provide this service, the service provider has to depute experienced and competent service engineers for the necessary preventive maintenance and repair of equipment as per the Preventive Maintenance Practices / OEM Manual. On GeM, this service is purchased on the basis of AMC, according to which the defective and damaged devices are tested within the time limit prescribed under the AMC. Or we can say that the buyer can avail AMS services only within the time limit prescribed under AMC. The buyer is not required to pay any additional fee in addition to the AMC prescribed fee for availing this service.

1. What is the meaning of an Annual Maintenance service on GeM?

Annual maintenance service is a service for the maintenance of electronics components and any IT/ICT products and computer devices. The service is provided on an annual maintenance contract basis. Where terms and conditions of services and duration of service are mentioned.

2. Is GeM registration necessary for buyers to purchase AMS on GeM?

Yes, GeM registration is necessary for buyers to purchase AMS on GeM, after registration the buyer can purchase the services and products through GeM.

3. What is the Meaning of AMC under Annual Maintenance services on GeM?

AMC is a contract that is called an Annual maintenance Contract which is created for annual maintenance services. The annual maintenance is done under the terms and times listed in the AMC. Under which the seller provides the necessary information to the buyer about the service, and also, the value of the service is determined and provide to the buyer at the same price without any extra charge. 

4. What Devices are included in the Annual Maintenance Service of ICT products on GeM?

As mentioned above, the Annual Maintenance service of ICT products is being described here which has been available on GeM for the Buyer department. In which many types of ICT products and peripheral's Annual Maintenance Services have been made available on GeM. That is as follows:

  • Photocopier machine
  • Audio conferencing system
  • Desktops, laptops, and computer devices
  • System/ Device of Video Conferencing
  • Video/Data wall
  • SIP-based IPPBX
  • (Software Based)Device/System of Video Conferencing¬†

Note:  These are Annual Maintenance services so the buyer can choose the contract period only for one or two years. In which if the contract is done for 2 years, then the buyer can set the duration by selecting 23 months,30 days ( as 24 months) while creating the bidding Process.

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