GeM launches GeM 4.0 with some changes
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-03-21 05:07:33


Hello, we are going to talk in this article, about GeM 4.0.  GeM 4.0 is smarter, better, moves well over time incorporating our all-new technology roadmap to make GeM a powerful market. From transparency to efficiency, there are extensive changes to the roadmap that will go a long way in improving the buying and selling process. Simply put, it is a world of cutting-edge technology in the service of the business.

1. Demand aggregation:

Cost aggregation by combining the same ministry with multiple orders for the same product will enable the buyer to make the same bid for cost-effectiveness, efficiency and effort savings.

2. Staggered Delivery:

This will allow buyers to place a single order to be delivered for a specified time. This will easily complete the web purchase process of a single bid or order. It offers the advantage of bulk buying with the flexibility of delivery.

3. Re-designed Bidding Module:

 Item Wise makes Conscience Wise Bidding for a seamless purchase, with buyers getting the best rates for individual items or personal locations. This, therefore, eases their use and cost-effectiveness allowing sellers to gain more business as they will be able to receive orders at the lowest bid for an individual item or specific location.

4. NLP-based search engine:

The latest natural language processing (NLP) will introduce by GeM on a based search engine that will ensure that buyers are shown the most essential Relevant Event product for their search.

5. Crowd Sourcing of Sellers:

The GeM will crowd out its products as well as various organizations such as SHG's, TRIFED, Hoonar Haat and other MSMEs and will result in manifold growth in many vendors and products as well as ensuring the uniqueness of the portal.

6. Efficient Helpdesk:

GEM is redesigning the architecture of the complaint addressing mechanism and is introducing 3rd party CRM to address the issue of efficiency and convenience, which will reduce transparency and TAT for customers.

7. Blockchain:

Blockchain-based solutions are being introduced at GeM to enable smart contracts, auto PRC, bulk purchases of Phansa and increase comfort. The functionality will be secure, robust, transparent and efficient for both buyers and sellers.

8. Advanced analytics:

The GeM is integrating advanced analytics for artificial intelligence, machine learning, intensive education, and portals, which is transforming the public sector with cutting-edge technology.

9. Revamped Ul / UX:

The Interfaces and functioning of GeM's user will be revamped for buyers and sellers to become more efficient and hassle-free which would lead to effort and time savings for carrying various tasks on GeM.

10. Price sanity on the marketplace:

It will be easier for vendors to improve overall catalog health on GeM, incorporate parameters and price variance on the GeM platform, and make it easier to catalog on GEM, as well as ensure product quality of the products listed on the platforms along with competitor-ness.

11. Ease of Payment:

The GeM 4.0 is integrating with several banks and ERP, which will ensure timely payment and delivery acceptance with a new mandate for all vendors. GeM integration with TREDs will allow bill access and easy access to working capital for MSMEs.

12. New Services and Categories:

GEM's list will include a group of new products and services for consumers, including services of insurance and conservation services, and more. GeM added Five hundred (500) new categories every month.

13. Unified Procurement System (UPS):

The entire government procurement will be consolidated by UPS on a single platform leading to better costs for buyers and increased trade for sellers. Integration with major platforms such as CPPP will be done for implementation.

14. Introducing New Seller Rating:

End-users of buyers and customers, services and products will soon be able to rate sellers and filter products/services according to ratings at the time of purchase. Both buyers and sellers will also be able to rate various processes on GeM and react to further improvements.

15. Incident Management Policy Overhaul:

The GeM is canceling its IM policy! All buyer and seller related incidents - from delayed payments to incomplete orders and more - will be dealt with by appropriate action for offenders. The new customer support system and our new Al Chabot Jamie will quickly address customer concerns.

16. LDAP Integration:

The MC authority will allow government buyers to enter Jio with the then-existing registered ID, removing the requirement for secondary buyers' information.

17. Buyer and Seller Ideation & Collaboration Platform:

With market research to design appropriate requirements Seller and buyers will be able to interact with each other. This will save effort and time spent in procurement and lead to competitive and guaranteed participation.

18. Dedicated page for CPSE:

A dedicated buyer for Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs), will soon have pages on GeM that display relevant information, provide integration kits and protocols, easy ordering and allow for streamlined sales.  

19. Incentives for Buyer and Sellers:

Buyers and sellers will be given incentives on the GeM portal, through which there will be a form of non-monetary loan by completing major functions like timely payment, seller referral, catalog-improvement, etc. and these credits to avail various benefits on the portal will be able to cash in like fast approval, priority helpdesk, etc. offered with various non-platform incentives.

20. Implementation of Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India) Order:

The MII material can be uploaded by the vendors and they will get the benefit of PPP-MII order. MII material for such weeds will be shown in the market.

21. On-boarding of MSMEs, weavers, Self Help Groups (SHGs), artisans including Hoonar Haat, Craftsmen, and TRIFED on GeM:

The GeM is working for the Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of MSME, Ministry of Textiles, Department of Minority Affairs and MSMEs, Artisans, Self Help Groups (SHGs), weavers in which Hoonar Haat, Shilpikar and TRIM are registered on GEM.

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