GFR Rules 149 for procurement from GeM platform
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-03-23 01:26:57


Every person knows about sell or purchase but in some condition sells and purchase can be in parts we can call direct or indirect purchase, offline purchase or online purchase. Here, in this article, we are going to talk about rules for purchases under GFR Rule-149. Here is some information for rules for purchases (direct purchase, L1 purchase) from GeM.

GFR Rule -149 Guidelines for Procurement from GeM

As we all know, GFR is known as General Financial Rule, today we are going to talk about Rule 149 of GFR 2017 here. Under which it is said that the procurement of goods and services by GeM is mandatory for the Department and the Ministry. This has also become mandatory in some states and will be made mandatory for all government departments and ministries in the coming times. The suppliers' reliability on GeM will be certified by GeM SPV. The procurement officer will certify the rates liability. The GeM portal will be used by government buyers for the following online purchases: -

  • The Government buyers utilized up to Rs.25,000 for purchase through any available supplier for meeting the quality, delivery and specification period expected on GeM.

  • GeM portal is used for direct online purchases by government buyers over Rs 25,000 and It can be made for upwards of Rs. 5,00,000, which is the lowest price among available vendors (only in case of automobiles Rs. 30 lakh is the current limit, it will be continued ). On GeM at least three different types of manufacturers, meeting to the expected quality, specification and delivery period. The buyers on GeM can also be used the Instruments available for the purchase less than Rs. 5,00,000 for online bidding and online reverse auctions.

  • The GeM portal is used by government buyers for direct online purchases of more than Rs 5,00,000, essentially bidding through the supplier or after bidding using an online auction tool. The latter meets the expected quality, specification and delivery period (only in case of automobiles Rs. 30 lakh is the current limit, it will be continued).

  • All sellers on the GeM portal and other sellers who are registered (GeM registration) on this portal will be invited by GeM for reverse auction and online e-bidding. That has offered their goods/services / special products under the service category as per the terms and conditions of the GeM portal.

  • The above-mentioned GFR rules are applicable for purchase made from GeM. The GFR rule shall also apply if any purchase made outside GeM.

  • The procurement of goods and services through the Government e-marketplace will be completed within 30 days of Budget Estimate (BE) approval as per the requirement and suitability of the ministry and department at the time of preparation of their budget as per the OPEX model and CPEX model.

  • Government buyers can find out with the help of Business Analytics (BA) tools (which is available on GeM) the reasonableness of prices before placing an order, including the final purchase price on GeM and the department's own final purchase price, etc.

  • Following GFR Rule-149, the Demand for goods through L-1 will not be divided into smaller quantities to purchase pieces to avoid purchases on the government portal. Need to obtain the approval of the higher authorities require in terms of purchase/bid / reverse auction or aggregate demand on GeM.

These all rules which are mention in this article clearly define about the Rules of purchase from GeM. And also if you want to buy or purchase any kind of thing from GeM you need to take GeM buyer registration for Purchase anything.

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