Grow Your Business with GeM due to affected from Covid-19
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-04-04 11:56:30


As we all know nowadays every country is affected by Covid-19. Because of which the public has been lockdown everywhere. Under which people can neither go out of home nor any dealer/seller/laborer can go out and do their work, nor is there any import and export of any kind, due to which India and many other countries economy has been deeply affected.

As we have seen and heard, companies that conduct their business through the Internet are giving their employees to work at home, they do not need to go out because their work goes online easily. Have you ever thought that you can earn money by working through the internet, if not then think now?

Everyone is worried about the slowdown and blockage in the market due to covid-19. Every dealer/businessman is worried about his business but you can be free from this concern. You can sell your products and services directly to the government on GeM Portal By taking GeM registration online. With which you can do your business offline as well as online.

How GeM is helpful in the devastation of this epidemic of Covid-19?

Due to this effect of Covid-19, there will be a gradual rise in the level of purchase and sale in the market, due to which factories and dealers or service providers, who sell their services and products in large quantities May have to face trouble. 

So today we have brought important messages for all those dealers and service providers. Yes, now you can earn profit by connecting your business with the government, you can also do your work offline and also sell your goods and services directly to the government through online GeM. 

You can do this work easily from home through the internet.

  • GeM provides relief to the seller/service provider to not go out of the house.
  • Every trade on GeM is legal.
  • The GeM is secured, transparent and cashless.
  • There has no bargain like a market on GeM.

Who can available to sell on GeM?

The seller who has registration on GeM or whose products and service category is available on GeM can sell on GeM.
For registration visit on the website legal salaah and follow the section of GeM registration.

Which product and service categories are available on GeM?

These product categories are available on GeM

  • Computers, laptops, and accessories 
  • Machines for Office-like printer, paper shredding, etc                                 
  • Automobiles such as Cars, Buses, Utility Vehicles, Ambulance
  • Office supplies like Printer or Photo Copier Paper, Gel Pen, Ball Point Pen 
  • Appliances such as Televisions, Air Conditioner, Online UPS
  • Furniture such as Revolving Chair, Office Chairs, Steel Almirah
  • Specialized Vehicles like Hopper Tipper Dumper, Tractors
  • The Software’s for example Operating System, GIS Software
  • Two Wheeler like Motor Cycle, Bicycle

  • Medical products also available on GeM

These are the Services available on GeM

  • Advertisement services
  • AMS for networking devices
  • AMS for ICT products
  • Bandwidth hiring services
  • CDN services
  • Cloud services2.0
  • Courier services
  • Data and voice services
  • Electric cabling services
  • Event Management service and many more services are available on GeM

(Note: The seller who has these products and services which are shown in the list can sell on GeM to grow and stand up their business)

Also want to know about the selling of the product 

If a seller has different products and services that are not categorized on GeM, then how will he sell his products and services on GeM?

Do not worry if your products and services are not available on GeM, you can either wait to join it or you can ask the buyer that uses your product to request GeM in addition to your particular category of product. You can also write to GeM with a request to add your product to after approval of your products category you can see them on the portal and then you can sell your products on GeM.

How can a seller register on GeM?

The seller can enroll on GeM by visiting our website on legal salaah or follow the section of registration.

If you need any help on any business registration feel free to contact us +91 8766393412, Our Business adviser will clear your doubt.

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