Medical and Precautionary Equipment for covid-19 on GeM
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-03-25 01:33:28


Today every person knows that the whole world is distress at present from this virus (Covid-19). People are worried about how to get precautions equipment and medicines (due to less availability of products in hospitals and markets) to stay safe from Covid-19. Keeping in mind about this problem, all these things are being presented by GEM, which will help the public and government organizations.

Used as a raw material in production Mask, Mask (2 ply and 3 ply) create an order to optimize the price of used melt-blown non-vascular fax and hand sanitizer. 

The soften Blown non-Woven cloth used as a material in production of masks, mask (2ply & 3ply) and hand sanitizer for preventing infections because of COVID-19 virus namely: -

  • This order can be tabbed the determination price of the mask (2ply and 3ply), melt-blown non-woven fabrics and hand sanitizer order, 2020
  • This will apply to GeM in its Governmental gazette from the date of its publication.

Under GeM the price of the product is affordable due to a shortage in the market or hospitals they can easily purchase this equipment directly from GeM.

On the GeM portal, there have a total of 9,694 sellers, who provide the service and the products to fight with coronavirus (covid-19).

There has Notification for the price of the precautionary equipment and medicines on GeM.

  • Melt blown non-woven fabric retail price to use in manufacturing facade (2ply and 3ply) shall not exceed the prices before one day before 13.march.2020, i.e., the popular price at 12.feb.20.

  • The (3ply) surgical masks retail price shall not exceed the current prices in a month before 13 March 2020 on 12 Feb 2020 and shall not more than Rs.10 per piece whichever is less and which shall not more than Rs. 8 for the mask (2ply) per piece.

  • The hand sanitizer retail price of 200ml bottle should not increase Rs 100 ; The prices of other quantities of hand sanitizer will be fixed in proportion

  • The governmental gazette reportage will live in effect for a period up to 30th June 2020 from the date of its publication.

In this covid-19 the value of medical products and Precautionary equipment increases in the whole world. There has a list of the product categories, which are available on GeM.

  • You can purchase Alcohol-Based Hand Rub/Hand Sanitizer from GeM portal
  • Who needs Digital Medical Thermometer they can directly purchase from GeM.
  • Dr., nurses, or some other peoples used Disposable Surgical Rubber Gloves – Pre-powdered, which is also available on GeM.
  • You can also buy Filtering Half Mask Air- Pollution Mask on GeM.
  • You can also purchase Handheld Digital Infrared Thermometer from GeM.
  • The GeM helps hospitals to provide ICU ventilators.
  • GeM also provides Infrared Medical Thermometer for Measuring Body Temperature.
  • And also there has available Mercury Medical Thermometers.
  • GeMs also provide Nebulizer Mask and Accessories to protect from virus or any other infection.
  • Respiratory Filter- Full Face Masks.
  • Sodium Hypochlorite or Sodium Hypochlorite Solution.
  • The Sodium Hypochlorite Solution to Be Supplied In Tanker in Kg’s also available on GeM.
  • Surgical Gloves are also available on GeM.
  • To protect from the infection or virus GeM also provides Surgical Isolation or Surgical Masks.
  • Due to shortage and an increase in the value of patient, GeM also provides Ventury Medical Oxygen Mask. Etc.

Sometimes peoples may think that there has no way to protect them from the corona. But still, there has some way to protect your-self from covid-19. Any hospital, any government organizations or any normal person can buy these things from the GeM portal with easily GeM buyer registration. Everything on GeM is genuine or sold by registered sellers or manufacturers who get GeM registration.

MESSAGE: Do not be afraid of Covid-19, be happy, be safe and clean yourself. Follow Legalsalaah, We will help to keep you safe and happy from covid-19 with our articles.

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