Procuring Cloud services from GeM
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-03-20 01:43:25


Procuring cloud services are technical knowledge about GeM. Through the bidding / reverse auction (RA) functionality available on the GeM platform, either through the GeM marketplace, the total purchase price of cloud services can be based on purchase cloud services by Government organizations.

The description of cloud services has been prepared by MeitY. This divides these services into 2 broad parts.

1. Basic cloud services

2. Advanced cloud services

Under the imperialist cloud project model of government organizations, at least one offering is mandatory for CSPs. However, offering for CSPs is optional for the cloud services category listed under "Advanced Cloud Services".

Individual cloud services of CSPs can be listed on GeM if MeitY is successfully listed. If Cloud Services wants to list any CSPs that are not covered under Cloud Services Bouquet, CSPs must first follow the due process specified by MeitY, "Advanced Cloud Services" is required with MeitY to obtain their services.

CSPs will need to classify of listing their cloud services on the GeM platform when into one of three service models –

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS),
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) and
  • Software as a service (SaaS)

Identified and defined in its Cloud Services Empanelment RFP based on controls by MeitY.

The Government e-Marketplace (GeM) has been provided bouquet of cloud services to which is authorized onboard MeitY cloud services on its platform. 

On GeM the "Basic Cloud Services" includes:

  • Storage (blocks, objects, files, and archives), 
  • Virtual machines, 
  • Identity and Access Management, 
  • Web Application Firewall, 
  • Managed databases,
  • load balancers, 
  • VPNs, Public IP, Firewall, etc. 
  • Containers in "Advanced Cloud Services", 
  • Database License, 
  • Content Delivery Network, 
  • MPLS Connectivity (Port Charge) is included.  

Wanted to get details more on the cloud service bouquet, you can check at to see these services.   

  • Distributed Denial of Services Protection, 
  • TLS / SSL Certificate Management, 
  • Hardware Security Module, 
  • Dual / Multiform Authentication, 
  • Operational Metric Collection, 
  • Alarm Service, Log Analysis, 
  • Notification Service, 
  • Office productivity suite, 
  • Streaming service,
  • Large scale data processing service, 
  • Data storage service, IoT service, etc. 

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