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Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-04-08 04:39:35


As we all know that "health is wealth" and health is the main part of life, every human being follows the instructions related to health as we all now see, hear and also know that what is happening in this world due to the influence of covid-19. All of you are well aware of its impact and this is a good chance for all your service providers. By providing their services in the states of India, through GeM, they can help people suffering from this epidemic by joining with the government and provide their services to the government.

1. What kinds of services can be provided by a service provider on GeM?

The service provider can provide many types of services on GeM. These services are as follows:

  • Healthcare Human Resource Outsourcing Service
  • Healthcare Kitchen and Dietary Service
  • Healthcare Laundry Service
  • Healthcare Resource Outsourcing Service(Disabled now)
  • Healthcare Sanitation
  • Healthcare Sanitation Service
  • Healthcare Security Service

2. What is the notion of all providing services under Healthcare Services on GeM?

A short introduction of Healthcare Services on GeM

  • Healthcare Human Resource Outsourcing Service

Healthcare Resource Outsourcing as a service on the Government e-marketplace (GeM) helps buyers in the field of paramedics to provide support services to support their day-to-day operations by manpower-friendly service providers.      

  • Healthcare Kitchen & Dietary Services

The service aims to meet the nutritional needs of individuals in any healthcare center/hospital, including consulting with other professional personnel for food and dietary service, and the management of the hospital kitchen.

  • Healthcare Laundry Service

The laundry service must be provided by the service provider at GeM for washing, dry cleaning, and ironing of all types of clothing according to the standards of the healthcare sector. The service provider will operate the dirty store from the patient care areas, transportation of dirty linen, washing of dirty linen, drying, calendaring / pressing, folding, linen shop for transportation of clean linen from a remote site, collection for distribution. Clean linen from clean linen shop to patient care areas.      

  • Healthcare Sanitation & Healthcare Sanitation services

Hygiene in a hospital is mandated for patient care to maintain a clean and hygienic hospital environment. Services include activities related to sanitation, maintenance of hospital environment and good sanitation services to keep the premises pollution-free.

  • Healthcare Sanitation

Security services provide protection for life and property against theft, pilgrimage, fire, etc., protection of manpower, guiding visitors to occupants of the concerned officer, regulating the entry of unwanted visitors, registration of salesmen and visitors Maintenance.

3. Can all health care service providers provide their services to the Government on GeM?

Yes, if your service is available on GeM and you have a GeM online registration, then you can access your service through the GeM.

4. How to get registration on GeM?

You can easily take registration on GeM. If you want to enroll, then you can also register through the GeM registration service of our website Legal Salaah

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