To Bring Transformation in Public Procurement rule 149 GeM
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-03-04 11:22:07


Government e-Marketplace (GeM) is the national public procurement portal offering end to end solutions for all procurement needs of Government departments and their autonomous bodies.

The GeM has leveraged technology to make public procurement and procurement in the country contactless, paperless and cashless.


There have some categories for registration on The GeM, such as GeM Registration, GeM seller Registration, GeM buyer Registration. Here we are going to tell you about the GeM Buyers registration as primary or secondary. 

Rule 149 of General Financial Rules (GFR) 2017 mandates procurement of all common use goods and services available in the GeM portal mandatory for all Government departments. 

The credibility of suppliers on GeM will be certified by GeM SPY. Procurement officers shall certify the liability of rates. And there are some modifications to be used by government buyers for direct on-line purchases as below:

I. Existing Rs. 50,000 or amended Up to Rs.25, 000(applicable) through any available supplier on GeM, meeting the required quality, specification and delivery period.

II. Through GeM seller Rs. Above Rs 25,000, meeting the required quality, specification and delivery period. Instruments available for online bidding and online reverse auctions available on GeM can also be used by buyers for purchases below Rs 5,00,000.

III. Through the supplier Rs. Above the 5,00,000 minimum price meeting, essentially after receiving the bid, using the delivery period and delivery period, using an online bid or reverse auction tool, which is available on GEM (except automobiles) 30 Lac limit will continue).
Note: there have no changes in clauses (iv) to (viii).

Some additional information regarding buyers on GeM:

Why buy on The GeM?

  • The GeM provides transparency to buyers
  • An easy way to buy on the GeM portal
  • There are some proposals for a rich list of products for the individual category of goods/services.
  • The GeM Search's interface is easy to understand, compare, select and purchase.
  • The GeM provides a user-friendly dashboard to monitor supply and payment
  • The GeM has provided an online complaint redressed mechanism for a quick resolution.
  • There is some provision for the sharing of products and bundling of services.
  • And moreover, there is an option to provide multiple consignment locations and quantities

Why the GeM Registration is important for Buyers?

  • There have some Benefits of The GeM registration for Buyers:
  • The GeM registration offers various benefits to both buyers as well as sellers. We have mentioned some benefits below (For Buyers).
  • Benefits for buyers: The GeM registration helps buyers in a few ways:
  • The GeM buyers registration helps in listing products for specific types of goods and services.
  • The GeM online registration helps buyers to buy goods and services online when needed.
  • It enables shoppers to search online for a product, compare with similar products, and easily purchase goods and services.
  • Buyers get the advantages of transparency and ease in purchasing goods online.
  • The GeM registration provides an easy return policy.
  • It helps with the seamless rating system for sellers.

How to register as a Primary Buyer?

  • First, verify the primary buyer.
  • And then sign up using your Aadhaar details and verify it with the registered mobile number
  • Then select the organization type from the drop-down menu
  • Verify your Email ID (E-mail should be
  • Set your login credentials - username and password
  • Complete the registration process by providing these details-
  • Organization details (Name, Address, etc.)
  • B. Payment Details (PFMS, Net Banking, GPA, Others)
  • Referral verification (name, official email ID, official phone number)
  • And after all this, you got The GeM Buyer Registration

If you are a secondary buyer, how to register on The GeM?

Once the primary buyer is set, you can create a secondary buyer in your account.

1- Log in using your primary buyer account and click on the 'Users' tab.

2- Click on the tab of 'Add Secondary Users' and create a department for your organization.

3- Provide details about the partition you created (if the organization's address is different from the organization's address)If both the organization's address and the partition address are the same, you can check the same address as the organization's box and click the 'Add' button. To create a unit, click on Manage Post. Fill in the required information, select the role and click "Add Post".

4- Select the post which you want and provide the email address of the sub-user to be created.

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