Selling of product on GeM with or without bidding
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The GeM which is known as Government online selling or E-Marketplace portal in current time. Selling of products on GeM is beneficial for government sectors or Government departments. Products can be sale on GeM with bid participation or if the product value is less than 50,000 Rs. The product can be selling without any bid participation. Here, in this article we are going to read about how to sell products on GeM , selling of products with bid or without bid or types of bid.

1. How to sell products on the GeM portal?

The government launched its e-Marketplace portal - GEM i.e. Government e-Market. In this, small to big traders can sell their products easily. In this, traders will have to keep the quantity, quality, and rate of their goods in front of the government. On the GeM portal, a small dealer or a manufacturer registering on GeM of his business can enter a wide interface, where he can sell his goods or services to reputed buyers of government departments, where his supplies are urgently needed. It empowers small traders to expand their business online.

Government e-Marketplace (GeM), is a business-friendly portal that facilitates the online purchase of goods and services by various government departments, organizations, and PSUs. Sellers with GeM registration must first list their products on the GeM portal. After this, they can sell their goods to government buyers in 2 ways: -

  • Through bid participation
  • No bid participation

2. How will the seller accept and dispatch the order?

When placing an order by a government buyer, the seller will get notified about the order.

  • The seller must accept the order within 5 days of calendar; otherwise, the order will be automatically canceled.
  • Upon acceptance of the order, the GeM vendor has to prepare an invoice by entering product details such as quantity, GST amount, etc.
  • Finally, your goods have to be delivered to the buyer and ready to be shipped.
  • In 60 days of successful delivery of the product, the payment will be credited to the GeM seller's bank account.
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3. How to sell products without a bid on GeM?

If the price of the product is less than INR 50,000 / -, then the products and services can be sold easily on the GeM online marketplace directly to the government buyers.
In such a case, the government buyer can check the product online through the image of the product and the particular product and can only place an order.

4. How products can be sold through bid participation on GeM?

In bid participation, government buyers regularly publish their product and service requirements on the GeM portal.

Sellers with GeM seller registration can check ongoing bids. He can apply them to appropriate open bids.

The bid will specify all the details of the product requirement:

  • Sellers with GeM seller registration can check ongoing bids. He can apply them to appropriate open bids.
  • The bid will specify all the details of the product requirement:
  • Specifications of product 
  • Required quantity
  • Name and address of government department
  • Start bidding date
  • Bidding deadline
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5. How many types of government bids are there?

There are 5 types of government bids: -

  • Advertised tender check
  • Limited tender check
  • 2-step bid
  • Single tender inquiry
  • Electronic reverse auction
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