Store provisional receipt and Acceptance on GeM
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as we all know about GeM is an electronic marketplace. where Receipt from any store is important or receipt from GeM store is necessary for Buyers or sellers both  receipt or invoice is require for business On GeM some Clause in contract made for this. Here we are going to read about the contract or instruction of payment or receipt by PFMS.

Stores Provisional Receipt at GeM:

A) On sending the goods, the seller will enter the dispatch details and date of dispatch and upload documentary evidence of dispatch against each consignment on the GEM portal. All these documents and details will be shown to the consumer on its dashboard and it will be communicated to the consignment on e-mail and also on its registered mobile number.

b)  The seller will generate an electronic invoice, digital / e-signed on the GeM portal, and present the same to the online buyer. On submission of invoice/receipt, the GeM portal will send SMS / email alerts to the buyer. This invoice/receipt will include dispatch, dispatched/delivered quantity and all-inclusive price along with claim based on digitally / e-signed contract. If services are procured, the data required as per the contract can be included in the invoice.

C) After the actual delivery of the goods (such as installation/commissioning or training etc. as defined in the contract) / service delivery, on the achievement of the consignment destination/milestone, the actual date of the seller delivery/milestone Achievement / Service Log - The sheet will upload (as applicable) and documentary evidence for the same duly signed / e-signature. All these documents and details will be shown to the consumer on its dashboard and it will be communicated to the consignment on e-mail and also on its registered mobile number. In the case of a service contract, the service provider will fill in the required data (eg log sheet and/or invoice, etc.) duly digitally signed / e-signed as per the contract.

D) On the above entry by the vendor/service provider about the achievement/service delivery of the goods/milestones, a warning will be shown on the consignee's dashboard and an email and an SMS alert will be sent to the consignor, who will have to inform the consignor. Essentially through the generation of PRC on GeM, shops/milestones acknowledge receipt/achievement of service delivery. The buyer / agreeing should receive the goods/service and issue an online provisional receipt certificate (PRC) within 48 hours on the basis of 'Aadhaar stated' on the GeM portal along with their digital. Mention date of signature receipt. (From this date of the receipt mentioned in the PRC, a ten (10) day period for the rejection of the consignee/purchaser and return policy will apply unless specified in a particular contract)

E) If the goods seller/milestone achievement/seller/service provider does not issue a PRC within 48 hours from an entry of delivery, the alert will be flashed on the dashboard. The consignment and an email and an SMS alert will be sent to Consign and Buyer stating that the consignment will inevitably have to be accepted through the PRC at GMC for receipt of stores/milestone achievement/service delivery.

F) After expiry of 72 hours. From the first alert, another alert will be flashed on the Consignee's dashboard, with the Buyer including HoD and an SMS alert with an email informing the Consignee, Buyer, HoD that the Consignor will inevitably have the stores/milestone achievement / Notice of receipt of service. Delivery through the generation of PRC on GMC and if the time limit of 96 hours expires from the date of achievement/service delivery of goods/milestones, as per the entry made by the vendor/service provider and if consignment store or Does not accept the achievement of milestones. A dispute over achievement/service delivery or receipt of receipt by generating PRC, it will be treated as if the goods have been delivered / milestone has been done to consign the achievement/service delivery and generated by PRC system (Deemed PRC) Will be auto.

G) However, if the consigner does not issue delivery within 96 hours of delivery of goods/achievement of milestone/service delivery as per entry made by the consigner/service provider, then the GeM system/portal will deliver the goods given will generate unsigned PRC based on GeM Registration . The milestone achievement/service delivery as indicated by the vendor as the deemed date of receipt for the issue of PRC. The GeM portal will also send periodic notifications every 24 hours. Concerning issuing auto-generated deemed PRC for the next 48 hours to Consignee, Buyer, and HoD.

H) If the PRC is auto-generated, then the consigner will have a provision to reply back to GeM within 48 hours if the goods have not been received or received less or cancellation or revision of auto receipt/quantity Recommends doing - Improved Deemed PRC. In case nothing is reported/corrected by the consignment on the system, it will be presumed that the consignment has nothing to say and the auto-generated deemed PRC will be considered final for all purposes.

i) If it is found that the vendor/service provider has sent/uploaded incorrect information on GeM, based on which the PRC has been auto-generated incorrectly, then the vendor/service provider will be dealt with severely and GeM should be debited for all three years.

Stores Receipt and Acceptance on GeM: Without the PRC/Deemed PRC is released, the system will Start sending an alert to the console's dashboard and an email and an SMS alert will be sent within 10 days to issue the CRAC equal to the escalation matrix below:

  • Level 1 - up to 3 days - Consignee
  • Level 2 - 4th and 5th day - Consignee and Buyer
  • Level 3 - 6th to 10th day - Consignee, Buyer, HOD

After verification of all deliverables specified in milestones including quality/quantity of supply and quantity of goods/completion of service for a specified period, Consignee (s) will issue receipt and acceptance of digitally / e-signed consignee.

  • Certificate (CRAC) (Goods CRAC/Service CRAC/Wordage CRAC/Installation CRAC/Final CRAC as the specimen may be) (within 10 days (unless specified in a particular contract) indicated/received in PRC) as indicated in the Deemed PRC.

  • CRAC unmistakably states Order Quantity/Milestone Achievement / Service Delivery, Rejected Quantity/Unacceptable Milestone Achievement/Unacceptable Service Wordage (if a Will indicates the reasons for rejection, including lack/damaged/unacceptable quality), quantity / if any. 

  • Milestone achievement/service wordage wonted and tried for payment.

  • However, if consignment issued CRAC within 10 days Does not (unless some time limit is specified in a special contract for the issuance of CRC), on the 11th day the stage of receipt/quantity of the quantity/milestone From the stage of achievement/service wordage as indicated in the PRC, the GEM system/portal will automatically generate unsigned CRACs that are digitally/e-signed with PRC supported or related quantities/milestone achievement/service wordage Based on vendor vestige for DRC as acceptance for payment in lieu of digital / e-signed CRAC requirement Will. 

  • This will be made available from GeM to the buyer/seller and the concerned DDO (if applicable) and PAO / payment authority.

  • The GEM portal will generate a unique serial number for the concerned DDO (if applicable) and the CRAC related to the PAO/Paying Validity so that the payment is done.

If CRAC is auto-generated, if the goods have not been wanted or defective/short found, the consignor will have a provision to cancel or modify the auto-generated CRAG within 72 hours on GeM. If nothing is corrected by the consignor on the system, it will be unsupportable that the consignee has nothing to say and the auto-generated CRAG will be considered final for all purposes, including payment.

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