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Guidance on GeM Registration In India

GeM Registration in India


GeM stands for Government e-Market Place. GeM Registration is an online commercial portal started in 2017 by the government. GeM Online Registration simplifies the process of obtaining the goods and services that are commonly used. This procurement process is taken place under the surveillance of government officers. This market place offers the facility of online bidding and reverse e-auction. Online GeM Seller Registration helps the government users to get the best worth out of the money spent by them.

Emergence of electronic market place eradicates the interference of human as all the functions are performed online. GeM online Registration handles all the purposes of seller Registration online, placing orders and payment procedures. GeM portal Registration as seller is an open support for all the suppliers who want to work with the government.

What do you mean by public procurement?

Every business whether private or public needs to buy some goods and services to perform the necessary works in the office and survive in the market. Public procurement, also known as government tenders is a procedure in which the central government, state government and the public sector undertakings purchases goods and services from the private sectors.

Government sectors allow the private sectors to sale their goods and services to them but they need to follow certain strict rules and regulations. This rule is set just for the sake of satisfaction that the purchase is done effectively and efficiently.

Why do we need to choose GeM Seller Registration?

GeM Seller Registration proves beneficial and in this way everyone can choose the best option. It also authorizes small units to enter the vast online platform which enables them to sell their goods and services to various public sector undertakings.

GeM online Registration provides complete security and transparency in the purchase of goods and services and payment to suppliers. GeM portal helps the state and central government to buy goods and services directly from private sector vendors.

Benefits of GeM Seller Registration

GeM Registration provides several of benefits to both the buyers as well as the sellers. We have mentioned certain benefits below.

Benefits for Buyers

Online GeM Registration helps the buyers in certain ways:

  • GeM Portal Registration helps in listing the products for specific kinds of good and services.
  • GeM Portal Registration helps the buyers in purchasing the goods and services online at the time when it is needed.
  • Your business will become fully legal tax compliant
  • It enables the buyers to search for the product online, compare it with similar products and buying the goods and services easily.
  • Buyers get the advantages of transparency and ease in purchasing the goods online.
  • GeM Registration Online provides easy policy of return.
  • It helps with uninterrupted rating system for the vendors.

Benefits for the sellers

GeM Seller Registration helps the sellers with the following benefits:

  • GeM Online Registration enables the seller for direct entree in all the government departments.
  • It provides steady and undeviating processes for purchasing goods and services.
  • GeM Seller Registration provides the ability to the sellers to give theiradvice with the new product.
  • The sellers have the right to change the price of the goods and services according to the market situations.
  • GeM Vendor Registration provides online marketing with minimum efforts.
  • GeM Seller Registration provides a dashboard that enables the sellers to monitor the sales and payments done.
  • It reduces paper work and provides special benefits for new startups.

Documents Required for GeM Online Registration

GeM Seller Registration needs some documents to be presented. The important documents are Mentioned below:

  • Any one of the proof of business Registration:.
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Certificate of GST Registration
  • Certificate of MSME Registration
  • Financial Information of last 1 year. For example Income Tax Return.
  • Business Owner Details such as Aadhar card or PAN card.
  • Detailed Explanation about the business

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Types of users under GeM Registration

    There are two types of users under the GeM Seller Registration namely Primary and Secondary users. We have further discussed about them:

Primary Users:

    Primary users under the GeM Seller Registration are the authorized persons. Mainly the administrators like the Deputy Secretary, PSU, Head officers at the sub centre, etc, are considered as the primary users. They don’t possess the rights of placing orders on the GeM portal. However the primary users can appoint the secondary users.

Secondary Users:

    Secondary users are assigned by the primary users.Buyers, Consignees and DDO/PAO comes under the secondary users.

Verifying Officers::

    The third users are the verifying authorities, who should be capable of verifying the details of the primary users. They don’t have any role in the Registration process, but they can terminate the primary officers when needed.

Different types of Government Tenders for consideration under GeM

The Government has implemented some tenders for procuring goods and services. Here are the different versions of Tenders by government on GeM that are discussed below:

  • Single Tender Enquiry:

There might be a situation that there is a scarcity for preferred goods and services in the open market or there are less suppliers as per the need of the market. When the mentioned situation prevails this method of Single Tender Enquiry is implemented. The government has launched this tender for the business that are coming up with startups regarding inventive and exclusive products.

To help these startups, the government has also implemented a new scheme named “Startup runway”. This scheme helps the government to collect the inventive and exclusive products straightly from the startups.

  • Several situations can occur that are discussed below:
  • Urgent need of procurement of goods and services and it is compulsory to buy it from a specific source.
  • Need for an additional part or additional machines for using the old procured machinery.
  • When only one supplier is existing permitting by the government departments.
  • Limited Tender Enquiry:

Limited Tender method is used on a regular basis. The government Departments has appointed the limited suppliers to work under this tender.This method is used during the regular procurement of the goods and services namely printer cartridge filling, stationery, water supply etc. The tender has set a limit for the procurement of goods and services and the amount restricted is less than Rs.25 lakhs.

  • Two-Stage Bidding:

This method is an old method used by the government departments for:

  • Procuring high-value goods like acquisition of plants and machineries.
  • For procurement of acquiring difficult and technical specifications.
There are two stages that must be fulfilled by the suppliers to get this government tender. The two stages are:
  • Technical Assessment,
  • Financial L1 (Lowest Price) Bid.
  • Advertised Tender Enquiry:

The government releases advertisements according to their requirements on the GeM or CPPP (Central Public Procurement Portal) portal in order to collect the goods and services.The motive behind the advertisement is to invite the sellers for the tenders.This method is used only when the procurement value of the goods and services are Rs.25 lakhs or above.

  • Electronic Reverse Auctions:

Reverse auction depicts itself from the name that the lowest bidding with the lowest price will get the chance of selling the products. This method is an online process on the GeM portal.

This method offers a single buyer and number of potential buyers (only private companies) to participate in the bid. The seller with the lowest bid will win and this process continues till the price is decreasing by different sellers.

  • Scheme for Small Traders

GST Registration has provided a composition scheme for the ease of small traders and businessmen. According to this scheme, small traders are allowed to register and pay a very low and fixed rate of tax to the government which is generally fixed at 1-5% of their taxable turnover.

  • E-Commerce Business

GST certificate has given a major benefit for the e-commerce website because without a GST number no one can commence an online E-Commerce business. For example Amazon, Flipkart, club factory Myntra, etc.

  • Boosting Economy

The reduction of the tax burden has proved to increase the consumption level. Since we know that when the price falls down the consumption increases and this is the exact situation where the tax rates have decreased and as a result consumption level has increased. This, in turn, will increase production and boost the economy in the long run.

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FAQ ON GeM Registration

GeM is a short form of one stop government e-market. which is an online commercial website started in 2017 and GeM Seller Registration is an open support for all the suppliers who want to work with the government.
The object of GeM is to simplify the process of obtaining the goods and services that are commonly used.
This purchase process is taken place under the supervision of government officers.
This online market place offers the facility of reverse e-auction and online bidding.
Yes, GeM Portal Registration handles all the purpose of online seller Registration i.e. order placing and payment procedure.
Public procurement is a government tenders in which central government, state government and public sector undertaking the purchase of goods and services from the private sectors.
Authorized officer of the position of Delegate Secretary/Identical or Leader of the Workplace at Sub Center/Unit/Part of Government Association/PSU/Independent Bodies/Neighborhood Bodies/Constitution Bodies/Statuary Bodies can Register as Primary Client on GeM.
Everyone want best opportunity or platform or It approves the little units to enter the massive online stage that empowers them to deal their products and services to different government division endeavors.

GeM Registration gives full security and straightforwardness in acquiring the merchandise and enterprises and paying to the providers/suppliers.

For Utilizing GeM portal initial an Essential users needs to register on GeM entryway. Necessity of Enrollment on GeM are as per the following:
  • Aadhaar number of the client
  • Mobile number which is connected with Aadhaar
  • Email ID finishing with gov.in/nic.in/GeMbuyer.in
  • Checking authority subtleties, for example, name, versatile number and email ID finishing with gov.in/nic.in
The pre-necessities for an primary dealer/service organization Registration are:
  • Constitution Type, for example, Proprietorship, Firm, Organization, Trust or Society and Focal Government/State Government.
  • Constitution Name.
  • Aadhaar Number or Individual Dish of the user(Authorized signatory of ITR)
  • For Aadhaar based enrollments, versatile number which is connected with the Aadhaar is required.
  • Archives, for example, CIN, Dish, DIPP, UAM, ITR subtleties according to the constitution of the association might be required for dealer enrollment.
  • Address of the association.
  • Financial balance subtleties of the association.
  • Dynamic email id.
The pre-necessities for primary client Registration are:
  • Aadhaar number of the client
  • Versatile number which is connected with Aadhaar
  • Email ids finishing with gov.in/nic.in/GeMbuyer.in or email area ids of CPSUs, independent bodies, nationalized banks and so forth.
  • Checking authority subtleties, for example, name, versatile number and email id finishing with gov.in/nic.in/GeMbuyer.in/.
The advantages of GeM Vendor Registration for sellers are as follows
  • GeM Vendor Registration empowers the seller for direct course in all the government offices.
  • It gives relentless and undeviating procedures to buying goods and services.
  • It gives the capacity to the venders to give their advice with the new item.
  • The merchants reserve the option to change the cost of the products and services as per the market situations.
  • GeM Registration Process gives online based advertising with minimum efforts.
  • It gives a dashboard that empowers the sellers to screen the deals and installments done.
  • It lessens paper work and gives uncommon advantages to new businesses.
The advantages of GeM Registration for buyers are as follows:
  • Rich posting of items for singular classifications of Merchandise/Administrations.
  • Search, compare, Select and Purchase office .
  • Purchasing Merchandise and services on the web, as and when required.
  • Straightforward and simplicity of purchasing .
  • continuous seller rating framework .
  • Easy to use run board for Purchasing and checking supplies and installments.
  • Simple Return policy.(india.gov.in)
Yes, Aadhaar is obligatory for first client GeM Registration
Note: Aadhaar details gathered by GeM are exclusively for client check.
No, a primary client can't take part in acquisition of GeM. Primary client needs to make auxiliary client, i.e., buyer for acquisition. In any case, a primary client can be an agent to get an item/administration.
The key assignments of an primary client are:
  • Self enrollment
  • Filling association details.
  • Creation/alterations of auxiliary clients
  • Checking of requests set
  • Organization of GeM procurements
  • In the event that the primary client gets moved or resigns from the association, he/she needs to move the primary client account
Primary client can make the same number of divisions as required for the association.
Yes, the essential client can alter/deactivate the divisions at whatever point required.
The pre-requirements for secondary client Registration are:
  • Aadhaar number of the client.
  • mobile number which is connected with Aadhaar..
  • Email id finishing with gov.in/nic.in/GeMbuyer/drdo.in
These documents are required at the time of online GeM Registration:
  • Any one proof of the business Registration:
    • (a)-Certificate of incorporation
    • (b)-GST Registration certificate
    • (c)-MSME Registration certificate
  • Financial Information of last 1 year. For example Income Tax Return.
  • Business Owner Details such as Aadhaar card or PAN card.
  • Detailed Explanation about the business
The documents required for seller Registration on GeM are as follows:
  • Pan card
  • Udhyog Aadhaar Registration or company Registration or LLP requirements.
  • Vat/ GST/TIN number (if applicable)
  • Bank account & supporting document of KYC
  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Copy of Cancelled Cheque.
Note: It would be ideal if you note that in specific classes (Quadrant 1 and Quadrant 2 according to CMS 2.0), just OEMs or their Approved Resellers are permitted to execute at GeM.

This is required to guarantee that Buyers get valid items alongside the important confirmations and guarantees as offered by the OEMs.

GeM embraces consistent appraisal of execution of OEMs/Affiliates offering items in such classifications and makes proposals to grow the quantity of Resellers dependent on result of such evaluation.

This circumstance generally emerges, when you upload items in "an inappropriate classification", or with Wrong specification(s) , Picture, Model, Cost, and so forth. Purposes behind item dismissal can likewise be checked in the draft or dismissed tab of the list. Additionally If the substantial class isn't accessible, you may return to entrance later as new classifications are as often as possible included or may demand the prospective buyers to demand GeM for Category creation.

Brand might be dismissed, or put on pause if the portrayal of the brand name isn't right or predictable with the trademark/approval letter/site for the class where brand is mentioned. Thus, it can't be approved.
Process for online GeM Registration:
  • Stage 1: Visit the online GeM entry and sign on to it.
  • Stage 2: The web portal will ask your business details. Fill all the fundamental business details and data to the online portal.
  • Stage 3: Now, you have to take suggestions from the business counselor about the procedure of GeM Registration Online.
  • Stage 4: After all the Details are filled, the experts will check all the important details, records and data for confirming them.
  • Stage 5: When the details are presented, the utilization of GeM Government Registration will be filed.
  • Stage 6: After presenting the application, you will get a call from the agencies working under the approval of government. This call will respect the investigation of the workplace premises, regardless of whether it is Valid for GeM Registration online.
  • Stage 7: Finally, when the review is done viably, you will be qualified for selling products and services on the GeM portal.