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Company Registration in Bangalore

We Legal Salaah provides Company Registration in Bangalore and we have our head office in Delhi, so we provide Company Registration in Delhi for our local people that live in Delhi.

If you are thinking to start any company then you should know about thecompany registration process in India, as we know India has a huge number of startups rising day by day and has the third biggest country in the world that has large numbers of startups.

Building a new business You should know about the main component that should be considered while starting a new company these think may help you to avoid some risks and obstacles.

We also provide the Company Registration in Delhi for our local clients and they can visit us physically to our office. But our clients can also apply online (while sitting at home) through our portal.

We give the best facilities to our clients/New Startups that are seeking for the Company Registration in Bangalore and as well as for the clients who wants Company Registration in Delhi. We give 24/7 services to our clients. We support our clients whenever they need our help till the end of Company Registration process.

What is meant by a Company?

A company can be said as an organization where more than one person works in a group. To start a company, a person should register for the specified company type. There are many types of companies and a person can select and register for the given company that suits his requirements.Each company has its own advantages and disadvantages, so the person that is seeking to start a new company should select the company wisely while registering for it.

Why is it important to select the right company type?

Each company has its own advantages and disadvantages and it also has its own compliances that differ from one another. For instance, a sole proprietor has to file only the income tax return and a company has to file both, the income tax returns as well as the annual returns of the company.

How to choose the best company type?

Choosing the best company types that suits your business is so important and it is also a tough job/decision for beginners to choose the best type of company. Hence you should ask some questions to yourself about your company as listed below:-

How many owners/ shareholders/ partners are will be there in your business?

This is a good question that you should ask yourself first before applying for the Company Registration in Bangalore. If you are only the one owner of your business then you should proceed to apply for the (One Person Company) and it would be ideal for you as you would be the only investor of the business. And if you have 2 or more than 2 partners in your business, then you should proceed to apply for Limited Liability Partnership or Private Limited Company by first understanding the advantages and disadvantages of both the company type.

Do you have a plan to get an investment?

If you want to establish a big company and you have low capital and if you have the plan to get investment from others then you should go Limited Liability Partnership(LLP) or Private Limited Company. You can also proceed to apply for a Public Limited Company.

Should I bear the entire liability of the business?

If you are bearing the entire liability then if you lose money or get bankrupt in the future then you have to sell your personal assets to recover the lost capital to the bank. So it should be good to proceed for the companies that have limited liability so that the liabilities will be limited for the owners.

We also help our clients to choose the best company type that suits their business structure clear each doubt of our clients while doing the registration.

We have good connections and a huge network, through the network we can easily do the registration processes of our client at rapid speed and we provide the best service to our customer and make them happy.

Types of Company Registration in Bangalore

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One Person Company is a company where there is only one promoter or Owner or a Proprietor is involved in the business. One Person Company(OPC) gives all the benefits of a Private Limited Company but limiting the shareholder capacity to only one.

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The Limited Liability Partnership(LLP) is a company type where a company has limited liability to a limited extent for each of the members of the Company. If the company gets a loss and if gets bankrupt then the bank cannot touch the personal assets of the shareholders.

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The Private Limited Company is a privately help business in which there is more than one director in the company. The directors limit is only 18 in the Private Limited Company and it also has limited liability. This company can use Pvt Ltd suffix after their company name to present that it is a Private Limited Company.

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The Public and Limited both the words that are used in the Public Limited Company defines the working of the Public Limited Company. Hence the Public Limited Company is a public company where there are unlimited shareholders and the liability of the company is limited.

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The Partnership Firm is a company type where the shareholder of the company do the partnership and the risks are also shared along with the partners.

Documents required for Company Registration in Bangalore

PAN Card

PAN Card

Scanned copy of Passport or a PAN card (NRI's or Foreign).

Proof of Identity

Identity Card

Scanned Copy of Driver's License or Voter's Id.


Passport-size Photo

All Director Passport size photographs.



Electricity/Water bill (commercial space).

Note : All the essential documents should be original and the scanned copy of the electricity bill or the residence proof documents should be not older than 2 months.

Registered Office Proof for Company Registration in Bangalore



Scanned copy of the mobile bill/ electricity bill or bank statement/ telephone bill.

Proof of Identity

Rent Agreement

Scanned copy of the rent agreement that should be notarized and should be typed in the English language.



A No-objection certificate from the owner is also necessary.


Property/sale deed

Scanned copy of property deed or sale deed (It should be given in the case of owned property).

Note : It is not mandatory that your company should be in commercial space, the registered office could be your residence too.

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Why choose legal salaah for company registration in Bangalore ?

    We take care of the risks and manage your losses.

    One Portal for allWe offer good services for our customer to enhance their trust with us.

    We are dedicated to our work and we are helping to grow more and expand.

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Benefits of Company registration in Bangalore

The registration of the company provides many benefits. A company with licensed makes it more original, and increase your business credibility.

Easy Registration

Shield that protects you against personal responsibility, and defends against losses and threats.

Complete Guidance

Build good contact with the customer to support them to get their aim.

Complete Responsibility

Provides cover of the obligation to keep safe company assets.

Complete Guidance

Committed to wealth and strong solidity.

Complete Responsibility

Increases the functionality of a company that grows and develop your business.

How to apply for online company registration in Bangalore



Fill application for Digital Signature Certificate(DSC).



Apply for the Director Identification Number( DIN).



Fill the Application for the name which availability.


E-Memorandum & Articles

Filling the E-Memorandum of Association and electronic Articles of Association to register a Pvt Ltd company.



Apply for the PAN and TAN of the company name.



Get Certificate of incorporation by Registrars of Company with Permanent Account Number and Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number.


Bank Account

Opening a current bank account on the company name.

Why Legal Salaah?

  • Online Process

    The Private Limited Company registration process is completely online, so you don't even need to leave your home for company registration. At LegalSalaah, we provide complete Company Registration within few days.

  • Good Services

    The Company Registration in Bangalore we provide a good service for our customer those have some problem while registering their company online, our team provide full support to our client to fulfill their needs.

  • Digital Platform

    Legal Salaah provides big digital platforms that provide an online service to complete the process of company registration in Bangalore professionally according to their requirements and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

A company is an organization where a group of employees can work with each other within the same roof to overcome a problem or provide service for the people or for other companies. Now, most of the companies that are entering the business industry are also called startups.
Yes, it is mandatory to do the Company Registration in Bangalore as the company registration process is regulated by the Government of India. The Government of India maintains all the records of the companies that are initiated in India by Indian people as well as foreign peoples.
The shareholders of the company are basically the owners of the Private Limited Company and the directors are the managers that manage the working processes of the company. It is not mandatory that all directors own the share of the Private Limited Company.
The Company Registration is basically the process of registering the company. This process consists of submitting the document to the Government and the Government verifies the essential documents our company record is also maintained by the government.
A Private Limited Company is a company that is a legal entity in its own right. The Limited word in the Private Limited Company defines that there is limited liability of the shareholders of the company. It means that the business owner is subject to personal liability and no one can touch the personal assets of the owner.
There are many types of company and each company has its own requirements for shareholders. For Instance, the Private Limited Company has the capacity of shareholders less than 18 and there should be a minimum of 2 shareholders in the Private Limited Company. And the Public Limited Company has the capacity of unlimited shareholders that can invest in the company.
A-One Person Company is a company that is owned by only a one person and it has only one shareholder. All the Indian people are eligible to incorporate the One Person Company(OPC) in India. It was introduced in 2013 which was introduced through the Companies Act 2013.
Basically, there are many types of company and an entrepreneur has to choose one of the business structures or the type of company for the Company Registration in Bangalore. Choosing the company type and registering for the given company can be called Company Registration for the given company type. For Instance, an entrepreneur can choose a Private Limited Company or Public Limited Company, or any type of company that suits his business requirements.
One person is mandatory for the requirement of one person company and you can add the member and nominee.
To start the new Business you should be focused on basic elements like the process of registration of the company, legalities, the Rules, and Regulations for starting a new business that set by the Indian Government. You should go with the full process of registration of the company legally for that you have to go with LegalSalaah that provides a registration process on digital platforms.
The process of applying for the Company Registration in Bangalore is completely online you have to submit an application with all needed document itself on any genuine digital platform like a LegalSalaah where you got a complete process about a company registration with benefits.
SPICe (Simplified Proforma for Incorporating a Company Electronically) is an application form (that allot/provides) about the Name reservation, Incorporation of Company, Allotment of DIN, Application for Permanent Account Number(PAN) Or Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number (TAN).
SPICe (Simplified Proforma for Incorporating a Company Electronically) form is filled by the companies before the incorporation of the companies. These forms filled by only the companies.
While filling the SPICe+ (Simplified Proforma for Incorporating a Company Electronically) form the first field refers to the approval of the Registrar of companies to getting the name of the company, after the approval you should provide the details of SRN of RUN(Reserve Unique Name), the RUN Service is used for reserving a company or change in a existing company name.
Including the fields :
  • State the Types of Company.
  • State the Class of Company.
  • State the category of Company.
  • State the sub-category of the Company.
The basic cost to register a company in India is Rs 2,500/- and the firm of partnership need nearly Rs 5,000/- to register, If your Company Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) or Private Limited Company(LLC) Company it cost to Register a minimum of Rs 7,000/-.
You can check it on MCA (Ministry Of Corporate Affairs) websites. Go to the MCA service tab in the dropdown link click on "View Company/LLP Master Data"
Enter the companies Corporate Identification Number (CIN) after & that enter the & captcha code and & submit and you get the & results of company is registered or not.
Minimum it cost the 1,000/- rs can be debit or credit card or Paypal account, and your company takes minimum 1 day to register if you don't want to use limited in the company name you have to register with the post.
  • State the Types of Company.
  • State the Class of Company.
  • State the category of Company.
  • State the sub-category of the Company.
These Documents mandatory for company registration in Bangalore, If You want more information about those you can check them on LeagalSalaah.
You have to check how unique your idea and much feasible it is, You have to first do your business plan ready to start any startup. you have to ready with your correct business structure, You need to find an investor to raise the funds for the company, after that the company registration is an important thing you have to register your company, You can also register in StartUp India Program, and you have to build the good digital presence.
You can check this on Legal Salaah Website that provide you all information about the company registration in Bangalore, this site help you complete your full process of company registration in Bangalore, this will also provide the full service about the company registration.