A complete Guidance on ESIC Registration

ESIC Registration just Rs 3999/-

 ESIC Registration

ESIC Registration


The Employees' State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) is a government-corporation formed under the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India. ESI registration becomes mandatory in case of a company earning less than that employee in accordance with the rules of 10 or more (in some cases, it can be 20 employees). As per the Act, employees who receive 15000 or less salary per month are required to contribute 1.75% of their ESI and the company will have to contribute 4.75%.

The ESIC scheme has been introduced for Indian workers. According to the scheme, employers will be benefited with certain medical, monetary and other facilities.

Organizations under ESIC Registration

Transport Undertakings
Newspaper Establishment
Private Educational Institutions

Welfares For ESIC Registration

ESI Registeration provides many benefits that employees should know.

  • 70% of salary will be payable to employees for sickness benefits.
  • Given employees and their families are given medical benefits.
  • Benefit women employees will receive leaves paid as maternity benefit.
  • Employees 90% salary is provided to dependents of any deceased employees.
  • In case of any physical disability, employees or dependents will be provided the same benefits as the deceased employee.
  • ESIC bears the expenses for the funeral.
  • ESIC provides allowances for unemployment.

Important Documents for ESIC Registration

Registration Certificate

Registration Certificate

Registration Certificate under the Factories Act or the Shops and Establishment Act.

Registration Certificate

Registration Certificate

Registration Certificate for Companies

Partnership Deed

Partnership Deed

Partnership Deed for Partnership Business



Memorandum of Association of the company



Articles of Association of the company

Working Employees

Working Employees

List of the working employees

PAN Card

PAN Card

PAN card and cancelled cheque of the entity



Shareholders' list and Directors' list

Attendance Register

Attendance Register

Attendance Register of the Employees

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Process of Employer ESI Registration


Step 1

First of all, download the Employer’s Registration Form (Form No-1), and fill it.


Step 2

Now, download the PDF version of the Form. Submit the form along with the documents in the Website. The link of the website is given: http://www.esic.nic.in/


Step 3

We need to verify the form. After verification, a17 digit distinctive number will be issued by the government.


Step 4

The employee must have filled the forms. So, the form and photographs of the employee's family should be given to the employer. This is a part of the registration and after submitting the forms and photographs the employee will receive an ESI card.


Step 5

If any changes occur in the company or the employees, ESIC should be well-known to the changes made.

Number Of Returns To Be Filed After Final Registration

Attendance Register
Form 6 Register
Wages Register
Accident Register
Monthly Challans




  • Certificate of ESI Registration



  • Registration of ESI
  • Registration of PF
  • 1 year ESI Return Filing up to 15 Employees

Frequently Asked Questions

It is begun for Indian laborers. The laborers are given a gigantic the assortment of restorative, financial and different advantages from the business.
It is compulsory for the Organization that have in excess of 10 workers (in certain states it is 20 representatives) who have the most extreme pay of Rs. 15000/ .

The advantages of ESI Registration under this plan differ. Some of them are:

  • 1- Infection benefits at the pace of 70% (as pay), if there should be an occurrence of any Ensured disease guaranteed and which goes on for a limit of 91 days at whatever year.
  • 2- Health advantages to a worker and his relatives.
  • 3-Maternity Advantage to the ladies who are pregnant (paid leaves).
  • 4- In the event that the demise of the representative occurs while on work – 90% of the
  • 5- Compensation is given to his wards each month after the passing of the worker.
  • 6- Same as above if there should be an occurrence of handicap of the representative.
  • 7- Burial service costs.
  • 8- Mature age care restorative costs.
Ans. According to the administration warning dated Sec 1(5) of the ESIC Act the accompanying elements are secured:
  • 1. Shops
  • 2. Cafés or Inns just occupied with deals.
  • 3. Films
  • 4. Street Engine Transport Foundations.
  • 5. Paper foundations (which isn't secured under the plant act)
  • 6. Private Instructive Organizations
The plan gives full medicinal consideration to the representative enrolled under the ESIC plan during the time of his inadequacy for reclamation of his wellbeing and working limit. It gives money related help to remunerate the loss of his/her wages during the time of his abstention from work because of infection, maternity, and business damage. The plan gives therapeutic consideration to his/her relatives too.
The ESIC Registration Plan is directed by a corporate body called the 'Workers' State Protection Corporation'(ESIC) which has individuals speaking to Businesses, Representatives,the Focal Government, State Government, Restorative Calling and the Parliament. The Executive General is the CEO of the Organization and is additionally an ex-officio individual from the Partnership.
The ESIC plot is a self-financing scheme. The ESI reserves are fundamentally worked out of a commitment from bosses and representatives payable month to month at a fixed level of wages. The State Government concerned additionally contributes its offer to meet the expense of Health advantage.
It is the statutory duty of the business under Area 2-An of the Act read with Guideline 10-B, to enlist the Production line/Foundation under the ESIC Plan inside 15 days from the date of its appropriateness to them.
The Processing plant or Foundation to which the Act is pertinent is to be enrolled inside 15 days by presenting a Business' Registration (Structure 01) to the concerned Territorial Officeand get a distinguishing proof number called the Code number which is to be utilized in all the Correspondence identifying with the Plan. (Segment 2(A) read with Regn.10-B).
Reports identifying with the constitution of the Processing plant/Firm/Foundation, proof on the side of the date of beginning of creation/business/first deal, Rundown of accomplices/Executives with their addresses, address verification like skillet card/passport/voter personality card, month insightful work position and so forth are the fundamental records.
The ESI Registration code is a 17 digit distinguishing proof number assigned by the LocalOffice on receipt of Structure 01 or Study report from the Government disability Official, which isto be utilized by the business in all the correspondence with the ESI.
10 Units or Foundations that have at least 10 workers, drawing the wages of up to Rs. 15,000 a month are required to be Registered for ESIC under the ESI Act 1948.
Under the ESIC the pace of commitment has been diminished from 6.5 percent to 4 percent of the wages. The businesses' commitment is being decreased from 4.75 percent to 3.25 percent and workers' commitment being diminished from 1.75 percent to 0.75 percent successful from 01.07.2019.
An Employer will apply for Structure 01 inside 15 days after the ESI Registration act gets appropriate to a unit or foundation.
The minimum salary required for ESIC benefits is Rs.21000/-.
It is the way toward recording data about the section of a representative into protected work,under the Act.
ESI Registration of Employer is important to recognize the representative and to give suchrepresentative the advantages under the act. which are identified with the commitments paid by thebusiness for the benefit of every one of the guaranteed people.
The important employer of industrial facilities under ESIC are:-
  • 1-Proprietor
  • 2-Occupier
  • 3-Overseeing Specialist of the proprietor or occupier
  • 4-Lawful agents for the benefit of a perished proprietor or occupier
  • 5-Supervisor of a production line.
  • 6-On account of Foundations having a place with or heavily influenced by the Administration of India
For ESIC Prompt Boss can be any or those counted beneath:
  • 1-One who executes any work inside the premises of the key business of an industrial facility or a foundation.
  • 2-One who executes the work in a processing plant or foundation outside the premises regulated by the.
  • 3-Important boss or his specialist.
  • 4-One who gives on the contract the administrations of his own representatives to the essential manager of a plant or foundation.
  • 5-A Contractual worker.
The advantage comes under ESIC and is accessible to guaranteed ladies for up to a time oftwenty a month and a half (extendable by one month on medicinal exhortation), of which not overabout two months will go before the normal date of restriction.
No, right to receive any benefits are not transferable under ESIC.
Once a factory or an Establishment is registered under the ESIC scheme, it continues to becovered despite the fact that the number of covered employees employed at any time falls belowthe required limit or there is a change in the manufacturing activity.
The contribution will be paid under ESIC in respect of an employee in a bank duly approvedby the Organization within 15 days of the last day of the calendar month in which the commitmentfalls due for any compensation period (Reg. 29 and 31).
The following documents are required for ESI Registration:
  • Stage 1: A certificate of registration or a license obtained under Shops and Establishment Act or Factories Act;
  • Stage 2: Registration certificate (Memorandum and Articles of Association in case of a private limited the company, partnership deed for LLPs, etc).
  • Stage 3: Registration certificate for all entities and commencement of production for factories.
  • Stage 4: A list of employees with their monthly compensation, in detail.
  • Stage 5: A list of directors, partners, and shareholders of the company.
  • Stage 6: The PAN card of the business and address proof of the establishment/firm
  • Stage 7: Bank statements of the organization, with evidence of commencement of operation.