PF Return Filing

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PF Return Filing

PF Return Filing

What is PF Returns?

Provident fund is a government scheme that helps employees by providing protection for the savings made. Essentially, employers as well as employees will contribute the necessary part of their income as provident funds. This contribution amount helps in further benefits to the employees after retirement. Return filing is mandatory for employers who have registered themselves under PF. It can necessarily be processed every month. However, the last date for filing PF will be on the 25th day of every month. It is easier to file a PF Return. Simply, visit the Unified Portal and proceed further.

Advantages of PF return filing:

Return filing helps in welfare of employees as it provides protection to employees after retirement.

The process of return filing of PF goes into detail about the company's contribution.

EPF Return filing is processed under EPFO ​​(Employee Provident Fund Organization), so it provides full protection to employees.

Return filing provides other benefits regarding insurance, medical, taxation etc.

What is ECR?

    Electronic invoice cum return or ECR is considered as monthly return. The details of the contribution and salary paid by the employers in this challan will refer to the Employer e-Seva Portal. ECR reduces paper return functions and other returns such as Form 5/10 / 12A / 3A and 6 returns, employers should not worry about going to office every month for any verification or payment of amount.

    In addition, it provides employers with other benefits such as inspecting and demanding annual accounting slips.

Necessary Documents

Digital Signature

Digital Signature

Digital signature of the employee.

Bank Statement

Bank Statement

Bank Statement.

Payment Challan

Payment Challan

A copy of PF Payment Challan

PF Contribution

PF Contribution

List of PF Contribution

Other Details

Other Details

Other relevant details such as ID Proof, Address Proof, etc.

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Process of ECR Filing/ EPF Return Filing


Step 1

Visit the Unified Portal and log in with the ECR credentials required.


Step 2

Look and verify all the necessary details like PF code, Address, Name and Status of Exemption.


Step 3

Now, chose the “PAYMENT” option and you will be directed to the “ECR UPLOAD” page.


Step 4

From the screen appeared, select the options “WAGE MONTH”, “SALARY DISBURSAL DATE”.


Step 5

Select the “ECR HELP FILE” button to view ECR. Select the ECR for uploading the wage month.


Step 6

Chose the Contribution rate and then hit the “UPLOAD” button. If the upload is confirmed as successful, a message will pop-up that says “File Validation Successful”.


Step 7

This will create a TRRN. After that, select the “Prepare Challan” button and generate your ECR Summary sheet.


Step 8

Generate your challan by entering the Inspection charges for A/C No. 2 and 22. Edit the EDLI Contribution for A/C No. 21, if needed. Lastly, click on “Generate Challan” option.


Step 9

A new screen will appear for editing the challan if required. After that click on the “Finalize” button. For downloading the challan click on the “In-Process Challan List”.


Step 10

Press the “Pay” for processing with the payment. Select the “Online” option and your bank and proceed.

Types of Return filings in PF


Form 2 is filed at the time of joining an entity. It is used for declaration and nomination of the employees. Form 2 has further divided into two parts:

Part A: It treats the nominations of the balance of EPF at the time of death. It must contain the details of the employee like name, address, age amount of the money, details and relation of the nominee.

Part B: It consists the details mentioned in Form A and the details of the nominee who will get the pension.


Form 5 deals with the details of the employees who join the PF Scheme for the first time. It must consists some details like: Name, address, code number of the organization; Name, Account number, Birth date, Joining date, and track record of the employee; Father’s or Husband’s name.


It deals with the details of the employees who joined the PF Scheme in a given month. The detail consists of : Name, Account Number of the employee; Father’s or Husband’s name; Date and reason for leaving service.


It deals with the payment amount contributed to the PF scheme for PF Return Filing.

Yearly filing of PF Return

Every year the due date of PF Return Filing is 30th April. There are two types of Form of Annual Return Filing of PF:

Part 3A: Form 3A is the member’s contribution card on yearly basis. It describes the amount of contribution by subscriber per month. It must include the following details: Name, Account number of the subscriber; Father’s or Husband’s name of the subscriber; Address and name of their factory; Rate of Statutory and Voluntary contribution

Part 6A: It consists the details of the yearly contribution for every member of factory. The details required are: Name, Account number of the subscriber; Contribution by the Employers; Advance refund; higher rate of voluntary contribution, etc.

Yearly filing of PF Return

Due date for EPF Return Filing: Return filing of PF must be finished by the 25th day of every month. The amount of contribution made in EPF must be 12% of the employees’ basic pay including allowances.
In case of Annual PF returns, the due date will be April 30.

Is there any compulsion for the employers regarding Return Filing of PF? Yes, it is mandatory that the Employers who register themselves under PF must file PF return. Employees whose monthly earning is Rs.15000 will have to file the PF Return till 25th of every month.


Frequently Asked Questions

Monthly PF Return filing is a government security system that was presented to cheer or encourage investment funds among employees, in order to profit them over the span of their retirement. Contributions are made by the owner or employs on monthly basis.
The PF Returns must be filed on monthly basis in order to legally placed the amount contributed.
There is a format indicated in the government and there is test CSV document to download and use as reference, the things are prepared automatically with the PF Registration number.

There have some benefits of PF RETURN filing.

  • 1- Employs welfare
  • 2- Staying legal
  • 3- Security
  • 4- Insurance benefits
  • 5- Medical benefits
  • 6- Taxation benefits
The due date of PF RETURN filing is 15th of every month.
A yearly PF RETURN filling due date is expected on the 25th of April for the year finished on 31st March.

The forms sorts for filing annual PF RETURNs are:

  • 1- Form 3A
  • 1- Form 6A
A revised PF RETURN can be filing inside a year of the end of relevant assessment year or before the completion of assessment, whichever is prior/earlier.
The penalty charges are as follows:
  • 1- No. of months delayed: Deferral for up to 2 months
  • Penalty Rate: 5% per annum
  • 2- No. of months delayed: Deferral from 2 months to 4 months
  • Penalty Rate: 10% per annum
  • 3- No. of months delayed: Postponement from 4 months to 6 months
  • Penalty Rate: 15% per annum
  • 4- No. of months delayed: Postpone surpassing 6 months
  • Penalty Rate: 25% per annum (It might correspondingly go up to 100%)
There have some advantages of filing PF RETURN online –
  • 1- There is no need of presenting the paper comes back to EPFO.
  • 2- No need of submitting different structures, for example, structure 5/10/12A, 3A and 6A.
  • 3- Businesses will get installment affirmation quickly through SMS.
  • 4- The commitment will be credited to the part's record on month to month premise.
  • 5- Businesses can without much of a stretch view the records slip yearly beginning from 2011-12 on the web.
The process of online PF RETURN filing:
  • STAGE 1-> Login into EPFO web-based interface by utilizing your ECR certifications.
  • STAGE 2-> After sign in, mercifully ensure that your fortunate reserve code, foundation name, address and exclusion status are accurately appearing in your record.
  • STAGE 3-> Select "ECR transfer" choice from installment menu.
  • STAGE 4-> Select "Pay month" and "Pay disbursal date" from ECR transfer screen.
  • STAGE 5-> Snap on "ECR document" catch to see ECR record position on the screen.
  • STAGE 6-> Sympathetically select your "ECR content file"& transfer it for the chose pay month. Compassionately ensure that ECR document organization should coordinate the arrangement recommended by EPFO.
  • STAGE 7-> Subsequent to choosing the record, select pace of commitment (either 10% or 12%, default esteem is 12%). At that point, snap on "Transfer" button.
  • STAGE 8-> In the subsequent stage, transferred ECR document will be approved for predefined conditions. On the off chance that approval gets fruitful, "Record approval effective" message will be shown on the screen. In the event that approval fizzles, mistake message will show up onscreen.
  • STAGE 9-> In the ninth Stage, generously create TRRN for the transferred ECR record.
  • STAGE 10-> Produce ECR synopsis sheet by clicking "Get ready Challan" button.
  • STAGE 11-> In the subsequent stage, enter administrator/examination charges for A/c no. 2 and 22. You can likewise alter "EDLI commitment" for A/c no. 21. At that point, click on "Produce Challan button".
  • STAGE 12-> Right now, will get a screen where you can alter your Challan, whenever required. In the wake of confirming the Challan sum, click on "Conclude button".
  • STAGE 13-> In the event that you need to download your affirmation record and receipt document from "In process Challan" list, generously download it.
  • STAGE 14-> Right now, and check your concluded ECR5 explanation and Challan.
  • STAGE 15-> Snap on pay "Catch" and do the installment of your Challan.
  • STAGE 16-> Select the installment mode as "on the web", select your bank from the given rundown and snap on keep on finishing the installment portal methodology.
Yes, it is necessary to submit form 2 with from 5 in PF RETURN filing.
This form 2 is filed for the purpose of declaration and nomination under the flagship plans of EPF and Workers Family pension. It must be recorded by a worker when he joins a government. The form must be submitted alongside form 5 in PF RETURN filing.
Form 5 is a monthly report which contains details relating to the workers who have been recently registered into the provident fund scheme so the form 5 included in PF RETURN filing.
In PF RETURN filing the form 10 is a month to month report that contains details of the workers who have stopped to be a part of the scheme on a given month.
IN PF Return Filing the form12A is a report that includes the details of the payment contributed to the account of the related workers in a specific month.
These kinds of documents required for PF RETURN filing:
  • Form 2: form 2 is partitioned into two particular Sections:
    • Section A: The accompanying details of the chosen one must be remembered for this piece of the structure: Name, Address, Age. Association with the endorser Total of cash to be paid to the chosen one Gatekeeper Details (if the chosen one is a minor)
    • Section B: Section B ought to contain the details of the candidate as effectively indicated in Structure A. Notwithstanding it; details of the relatives who are qualified to get the youngsters/widow annuity must be outfitted.
  • Form 5: The form must incorporate the accompanying details:
    • -> Name, Address, Code number of association
    • -> Record number of representative
    • -> Name of representative
    • -> Name of the spouse/father
    • -> Date of Birth of the representative
    • -> Date of joining
    • -> Reputation of work
  • Form 10: After details must be filled in the structure:
    • -> Record number
    • -> Name of worker.
    • -> Name of the dad or spouse.
    • -> Date of leaving administration.
    • -> Explanation behind leaving administration.
  • Form 12: Form 12A is a report that incorporates the details of the installments added to the record of the separate representative in a specific month.
All employs that have PF registration are responsible to file PF RETURN on a monthly basis.
Yes, Retirement FUND Body Employees Provident Fund Association has made PF RETURN Filing compulsory.
EPF form 2 Section A is utilized to submit chosen one detail in PF RETURN Filing.