ESI Return Filing

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ESI Return Filing

ESI Return filing


ESI stands for Employee State Insurance. It provides protection to health-related employees including medical and disability benefits. The ESI Act, 1948 indicated that the employees whose revenue was Rs. 15000 per month or even less, they are required to contribute to the ESI Fund with a mandatory 1.75%. However, employers will have to pay 4.75% in the ESI scheme.

Benefits of ESIC:

The Employees State Insurance Corporation provides various benefits to the employees registered under the ESI Scheme. Here, we are mentioning some benefits:

ESIC provides medical treatment to registered employees. It not only helps the employees but it also provides the same facility to the family members of the employees.

ESIC provides unemployment cash benefits to employees.

It also facilitates women who are on their maternity period. The ESIC grant excludes female employees in that period.

ESIC gives benefits of certain illnesses to employees regarding many diseases.

ESIC also provides rehabilitation stipend.

Document Required

Certain documents are necessary for the ESIC Return Filing procedures to be maintained regularly:



Records of the employee's attendance.

Form 6 Register

Form 6 Register

Form 6 Register.



Register maintaining the records of wages of the employees.



Records of any accidents taken place in the premises.



Scrutiny Record.

Challans and Returns

Challans and Returns

Challans and returns of every month that are submitted to ESI Fund.

Due Date of ESI Return Filling

The ESI Return filing has to be made twice every year that means, on a half-yearly basis. The due date decided is 11th November for the period of April to September and 11th May from October to March.

Procedures of ESI Return Filing

Some steps are to be performed for filing the ESI return. One can file the returns in two different ways. Either you can file it manually using challan or you can go online through the website. We have mentioned both the ways in further section.

ESIC Return Filing through Challan

We have mentioned earlier that ESI returns have to be filed half yearly, i.e. twice a year. The employee should visit the nearest branch office or contact the Regional Commissioner of ESIC for filing ESI returns through challan. Form no. 5 must be attached to the invoice before submission. This must be done within 42 days of the due date.

ESIC Return Filing Through Website

To file the ESIC return online, follow the steps mentioned in the next section.

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ESIC Return Filing Through Website


Step 1

First of all, you need to visit the official website of ESI- Now, you must have a 17 digit registration number. Use that number as user-ID and enter the password provided by the ESIC. Log in using the credentials.


Step 2

After that, Look for the monthly subscription option on the homepage and select it. Then, chose the “View RC” option.


Step 3

After you have selected the “View RC” option, you will find a screen displaying the list that shows the details of the employer's contribution for the ESI and also the wages details of the employer.


Step 4

Now, all you need to do is verification of the detail. In the verification process look that if you have done any short payment for any employee. If yes, then proceed further and generate the supplementary challan. To generate the challan, click on the “Modify Challan” option. This option will be found under the monthly contribution section. You can use this for completing the due payments.


Step 5

Lastly, select the “Monthly Contribution” section for proceeding with self-certification. Submit the return after ticking on the declaration checkbox. It should be noted that, if you have employed 40 or more employees, you must have to upload the CA Certificate and then you can submit the return.

ESIC Return Filing

Do the ESIC Return Filing is compulsory?

Yes, ESIC Return filing is compulsory for all the employees registered under the ESI. Employees must file the return on a half-yearly basis until the decided due date.


Frequently Asked Questions

Esi Is Self-Financing Social Savings And Medical Insurance Scheme For The Indian Employs, Which Is A Self-Ruling Company Administered By Service Of Work And Business. This Fund Of Esi Is Managed By ESICAnd Its Guidelines. All Entities Registered Under Esi Registration Must File ESIC Returns Which Is Expected Half Yearly.
Yes, The Return Filing of ESIC Is Mandatory For Every Registered Companies Under ESIC Scheme.
The Due Date Of ESIC Payment Is On Or Before 15 th Of Every Month.
It Is Done On A Half-Yearly Basis And The Due Dates Are Fixed As 11th Of November And May.
The Documents Must Be Kept Up Consistently For Return Filing;
  • Register Of Attendance
  • Register For Form 6
  • Wages Registers
  • Register of any Accident on the Premises
  • Examination Books
  • Monthly Returns And Monthly Challan Submitted For ESIC
We Should File Return of ESIC After Registered Under ESIC Scheme.
Following Procedure Should Be Considered For Return Filing of ESIC:
  • Sign In Esi Portal Utilizing 17 Digit Of Employer Code.
  • Go To Month To Month Contribution Area.
  • All The Details Of The Business Employer Will Be Shown.
  • Check The Details.
  • If There Are Any Short Installments In Regard Of Workers, Then Complete The Dues.
  • Do Self Affirmation Under Monthly Contribution Section, At That Point Check Mark The Statement And Present The Return.
In Return Filing The Date Of Contribution For First Half Year Period Is 12 th November.
In Return Filing of ESIC The Due Date Of Contribution For Second Half Year Is 12 th May.
Under The Esi Scheme, The Return Is Filed Two Times In A Year.
These Records Are Put Together By Manager In Return Filing OF ESIC-
  • Missing (Absent) Reports As Looked For By Branch Manager.
  • Accident Reports In Form 12, On The Off Chance That Any Accident Occurs.
  • Participation, Books Of Accounts, Compensation Reports As Arranged By Social Security Officer On Last Inspection.
Every Organization Or Employs Who Have Registered Under ESIC Scheme Can File ESIC Return.
The 17 Digit Code In ESIC Return Filing Procedure Is A Unique Number Which Is Provided At The Time Of Registration Under ESIC Scheme.
The Annual ESIC Return Filing Due Date Is 12 th November For April To September And 12 th Of May For October To March.
The Old Rates Of Contribution Of Wages:
  • Contribution Rate For Employers’ 4.75%
  • Contribution Rate For Employees’1.75%
ESIC Return Should Be Filed Within 42 Days From The End Of Half Year.
The Revised Rates Of Contributions Are:
  • Revised Contribution Rate For Employers’ 3.75%
  • Revised Contribution Rate For Employees’ 0.75%
The Revised Rates Of Contribution Effected From July2019.
The Use Of 17 Digit Code In The Return Filing of ESIC Is As A Login Id.
Penalties Applicable For Non Filing Of Return of ESIC Or Violation Of The Act Are As Follows:
  • In Case Of Violation Of Any Provision Of The Act Fine Up To Rs.5000 And Imprisonment Up To 2 Years.
  • In Case Of Continuous Violation Of The Act Fine Up To Rs.25000 And Imprisonment Up To 5 Years.