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Import Export Code

What is IEC Registration ?

When your business is absolutely settled then you might want to start exporting or importing your goods. But to make this possible you will be needing an Import Export Code also abbreviated as IEC. When you start in importing / exporting you need to maintain certain guidelines directed by the GST department.

Basically import export code is a kind of a licence which will allow you to spread your company to a global level. This licence is issued by the Director general of foreign trade (DGFT). We can say that import and export of goods and services can flourish our economy in several ways.

GST reduce the taxes in export which will in turn remove the burdens from the sellers and ensure more number of exports and also that the taxation policy will no more become a problem.

Where is IEC Registration Required?

1.Required by customer authorities when shipments are presented to be cleared from customs.

2.Required by bank to send money abroad.

3.Required by custom ports when the shipment is to be imported by an exporter.

4.Required by the bank when foreign currency is paid as payment to the exporter.

Steps Involved in IEC Registration

Step 1:

Prepare a form to be applied in form 2A. File the same for DGFT to your respective regional office.

Step 2:

Prepare your documents include your identity, legal entity, address proof your bank account details and also certificateconditional to ANF2A.

Step 3:

Digital signature will be requiredsince it will be needed to file with DGFT with a specified fees for import export code.

Step 4:

A soft copy containing your import export code will be provided by the government after it is approved.

Benefits of IEC Registration

1. One Time Registration

Once the import export code is generated for a particular company it is valid for lifetime and requires no renewal.

2. No Return

Import export code need not require any kind of return filings. Once the IEC is assigned, there is no requirement of monthly or quarterly return filings even if the transactions are taking place.

3. Business Expansion

Import export code allows the dealer to expand their business globally. With the help of this code they can export their goods and services into the global market and the domestic boundaries are removed for these kind of dealers.

4. Importers and Exporters Requires IEC Registration

Whenever a supplier wants to import/export goods and services with respect to the boundaries of India this import export code registration becomes mandatory. The bank also requires the code while sending or receiving money from abroad.

5. Easy IEC registration process

Import export code can be easily obtained from DGFT within a single day of submitting the application. There is no requirement to provide any proof for import or exports to get import export code.

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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

IEC Stands for Importer Exporter Code
Any bonafide person/ company starting a venture for International trade with certain exemptions.
No. It forms a primary document for recognition by Govt. of India as an Exporter/ Importer
Benefits on exports/ imports from DGFT, Customs, and Export Promotion Council etc. can be obtained by registering with IEC
Documents are listed below:
1. Bank Receipt /Demand Draft details proving payment of application fee of Rs. 250/-. DD in favor of JDGFT, Cochin .
2. Certificate from the Banker of the applicant (on the letter head of the bank) firm in the format given in Appendix 18A (Part B) with full address of bankers including telephone numbers. Name of proprietor/partner/director etc. should be mentioned below the photo and it should be attested by banker, along with the Name, Designation & Managers employee code.
3. Copy of Permanent Account Number (PAN) issued by Income Tax Authorities (both sides) with self certification.
4. Photograph on the bank certificate must be attested by banker of the applicant and additional two copies of 3x3 size photographs of the applicant should be kept.
5. Other Additional documents- For companies registered under companies Act- Incorporation Certificate issued by Registrar of Companies & Memorandum of Articles and Association. For partnership Firms - Certificate of registration issued under section 59 of Indian Partnership Act, 1932 with consent letters of all partners for issuance of IEC For Proprietorship Firms- Any of the following documents: Registration certificate under Kerala Value Added Tax Act, 2003 or Registration certificate under The Kerala Shop and Establishment Act, 1960. Or Any other document issued by Government Agency related to Proprietorship Firm which proves the existence of proprietorship firm. For Manufacturer Exporter- Copy of Central Excise Registration Certificate or IEM/Industrial License/Enterprenurers Memorandum Number (EMN)
6. Self addressed envelope affixed with postage stamps of Rs.30/-.
7. A file cover containing these documents may be kept securely.
It may be due to the following: The documents are not proper Address proof is not attached Mismatch of Name and address with the documents IFSC is not mentioned on Bank Certificate Wrong DGFT RA is selected
The application can be accessed any number of times by using the login details used during creation of the application. PAN, Email, and Mobile Number
Click the link 🡪 submit application with digital signature as per IEC Application. Type II certificate issued by the India Certifying Authority only is acceptable Applicant’s Digital signature signing the application.
The photo should be in .gif only. Photo must be scanned, without the paper on which it is kept. Photo must be clearly visible before submission.
The following may be the cause: Complete Application with all the details. In case on pressing Submit button ,nothing is happening then check the compatibility settings of browser by these steps Select the Tools option from the menu bar Select the Compatibility view Settings from the dropdown list and Add the164.100.78.104 link in the space provided.
An application can be either approved or rejected, as per new provision. So, It is advised that: Applicant must ensure that all details are correct and match with documents DGFT, RA is selected as per jurisdiction Requisite fee is deposited Checklist as in preview is complied Hard Copy of application signed manually by applicant and uploaded (in case of IEC Modification)
All details must be completed by filling relevant information online like: IEC Master Branch Director Pay Fee through any designated bank online Attach documents At every stage, preview the application for correctness Submit it to DGFT, RA (Regional Authority of DGFT) online If an application is digitally signed, it need not be sent in physical form to DGFT,RA.
Only Scanned copy (softcopy) of the document is allowed that too in GIF and PDF file formats Document Type File Format Photograph, Pan Card and Passport GIF Deed of Sale, Bank Certificate, Registration Certificate, Memorandum of Understanding, partnership deed and Declaration Document PDF Voter ID, Driving License, Aadhar Card and Cancelled Cheque GIF/PDF
Through online mode only by selecting Application fee on the left pane.
Go to the website Click on the link Online IEC Application, the following are to be entered PAN, Mobile Number and Email ID. Two different 5 digits token number with the same serial number will be sent to entered Mobile number as well as to Email Id . Using these two token numbers , login to the IEC Master screen can be done.
Internet Explorer11 or above, Chrome 6.3.2 or above with JavaScript enabled. In case of malfunctioning of the system , clean browser cache and re-login. A valid PAN Valid Mobile Number and Email ID. Scanned copy of the documents to be uploaded.
On the DGFT website, go to Quick links; select Apply for New IEC/Modify existing IEC. Enter PAN and press Search Button. Then system will ask for: Name of Company Date of Birth/Incorporation (DOB/DOI) After filling above details at (a) and (b) the system will verify Name, DOB/DOI from the CBDT PAN Web Server and will direct to DGFT- IEC application enabling to file for fresh IEC application.