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Import Export Code

Import Export Code

What is the IEC code?

An import-export code is a 10-digit code required for the operation of the import-export business in India.Import-export code is also known as IEC. The IEC Code is required for the import and export of services and goods by industry and individuals. Import-export codes are issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Government of India. Import- export codes are valid for a lifetime. There has no need to renew the IEC code.

What is the use of Import-Export code?

The IEC Code acts as a license for the import and export of goods. Through the IEC number (received after IEC registration), the goods are cleared/passed from customs officials. It provides the dealer code details along with the port details from which the goods are being imported and exported. With the help of IEC, it reduces the transportation of illicit goods.

Features of Import-Export Code

It is mandatory for the importer and exporter involved in the import-export business to take the IEC registration for IEC code.

The importer-exporter is not required to file any return.

IEC code is provided with lifetime validity. There has no requirement for refurbishing.

The owner of any property can take the IEC code in his name. In that case no need to require the establishment of the business.

Benefits of Import-Export Code (IEC)

  • Growth of Business
  • IEC helps you take your industry and services to the international market, which helps to grow your organization/business. Through IEC code you can sell your products outside India and you can sell the outsider products in India.

  • No need to filing return
  • IEC is not required to fill any returns. Once an IEC is allocated, there is no need to follow any kind of procedure to maintain its validity. Rather, no return is required to be filed for export transactions with DGFT.

  • Several Benefits
  • On the basis of IEC registration organizations and various companies can avail of several benefits of their import-export from the DGFT, Customs, Exports promotion councils, etc. The organization can claim tax benefits on exports.

  • Simplest process
  • The simplest process is to get the IEC code from DGFT within 5-7 days of submitting the application. There is no requirement to provide any import or export proof to get IEC code.

  • Lifetime validity
  • IEC code is effective for the lifetime of a unit and does not require any renew. Once secured, it can be used by one unit against all import and export transactions.

  • Product Scaling and Revenue Growth
  • There will be a huge increase in the revenue of the organization.

Required Documents for IEC Registration

The following documents are required for IEC registration:

PAN Card

PAN Card

PAN card copy of individual or firm or company

Identity Card

Identity Card

Personal Voter ID or Aadhaar Card or Passport Copy


Electricity Bill/ Rent Agreement

Copy of the electricity bill or copy of rent agreement of the premises


Cancel Cheque

A copy of Cancel cheque of the current bank account of a person or company or firm.

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Procedure for registration of IEC


Step 1

First of all you need to fill up a form.


Step 2

After receiving the fill-up form with all the required documents, our team will check it.


Step 3

Then we’ll start the process of IEC registration on behalf of your Details and documents.


Step 4

The IEC registration process will take 5-7 working days after uploading the documents.


Step 5

After successful registration, we’ll hand-over your certificate to you.


The process of IEC registration will take up to 6-7 business days to verify your documents and generating IEC code and certificate.

When is the IEC required?

If an importer has to clear/pass his shipment from the custom, then the custom Experts require IEC Code.

If an importer sends money to another country through a bank, then he needs IEC.

When a shipment has to be sent by the exporter, it requires an IEC code for the customs port.

When the exporter receives money in foreign currency in his bank account, the bank needs an IEC code in this situation.

Conditions in which the IEC is not mandatory

Declared to the newly issued circular of the government, that person who has GST registration is not required to take IEC registration. The PAN card of the GST registered person is valid as the IEC code.

The Import-Export Code (IEC Registration) is not required in that situation when the goods are exported-imported for personal purposes.

Export / Import carried out by the Departments and Ministries of the Government of India, notified charitable institutions are not required to obtain Import Export Code.




  • Import Export Certificate



  • Import Export Certificate
  • Letter Of Undertaking
  • MSME Certificate
  • GST Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

IEC is a 10 digits import-export code. Issue by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Government of India.
Any bonafide person/company, who intends to import or export goods and services from India, is required to obtain IEC registration to obtain the Import Export Code.
It takes 7 working days from the date of application to get the import-export code.
  • ICE GATE is CBEC web portal that facilitates services for the cargo carriers and customs department and other users of the trade related to import-export.
  • ICE GATE verification ensures that the registration of the IEC of a business unit is duly updated in the government custom records.
  • The importer-exporter never faces any problem at the time of import-export with IEC gate due to non-available or updating of data in the records of government custom authority.
IEC code has for lifetime legitimacy of business, because it is a type of license.
No, to receive IEC registration DSC is not required.
No, you will only receive the IEC certificate soft copy over email.
IEC is just a license that gives permission to the import and export of goods. Therefore, filing of any type of return is not required under the IEC Code.
Any person who has the business of import-export can apply for registration of IEC for import-export of his goods.
No, you do not need to be present in the office for this IEC registration process.
  • Forcustom clearance importer need IEC License.
  • IEC License is required by exporter for export subsidy.
  • For receiving and sending money to foreign customers IEC License is required by the bank.
  • IEC is required for APEDA Licensing & Food Licensing.
No, you cannot import-export without IEC code. Because it is an approval which given by the government to import and export.
There are several bebefits of IEC:
  • One time registration
  • Lifetime validity
  • Growth of business
  • Easy process
  • No need to file any return
  • Pan card, Aadhaar card, voter id & passport
  • Rental agreement and bank passbook
  • Cancel cheque of current bank account
This may be due to the following:
  • The documents are not appropriate
  • Address proof not attached
  • Name and address mismatch with documents
  • IFSC not mentioned on a bank certificate
  • Incorrect selection of DGFT RA
  • The photo must be in .gif
  • The photo must be scanned properly
  • Image must not have blurred
  • It should have a clear pixel
An application can be approved or rejected according to the new provision. Therefore, it is advised that:
  • The applicant should ensure that all the details are correct and match with the documents
  • RA has been selected as DGFT
  • The required fee is selected
  • The checklist is presented as a preview
  • A hard copy of the application manually signed by the applicant and uploaded in the case. IEC Amendment)
You need to clarify all the details to the authorized agent and provide all the necessary documents to your agent at LegalSalah and make payment to the agent (Legalsalaah).
For IEC application scanned copy of documents required in these formats:
  • GIF format of photo, PAN card, and passport
  • Following documents are in PDF: -
  • Declaration, MOU, bank certificate, Business Registration Certificate

  • GIF/PDF format required for Voter ID, Driving License, Aadhar Card and Cancelled Cheque.
On Legalsalaah there have three packages for IEC registration such as:
  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Premium