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EPF Registration


EPF is under the guidance of Employees’ Provident Fund Organization. (EPFO) came into existence on 15 November, 1951 and it’s the biggest social security organizations in the world. This was replaced by Employees’ provident fund’s act 1952.which is now known as Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. This is spread all over India. The Acts and Schemes framed under the Act are administered by a tri-part board consisting of the Central Board of Trustees, Employees Provident Fund, representatives of the Government (both Central and State), employers and employees.

One can consider EPF as a retirement benefit plan provided by their organizations. PF Registration is compulsory for the firms employing more than 20 employees.

PF Contribution Rate

Some organizations should also obtain PF registration, even if they have employed less than 20 employees. Employees will be eligible for PF from the very early days of their employment. The rate for PF contribution is 12%.

12% PF contribution means (Maintaining basic salary + dearness allowance + allowance). This contribution rate will be shared equally by both employees and employers. If an organization has less than 20 employees, the PF contribution rate will be reduced to 10%.

PF Contribution Rate

Employees earning less than Rs 5000 per month can only have membership privileges of Pf Registration. Out of 12% PF contribution, 8.33% of Rs.5000 goes to the Employees Pension Scheme (EPS).It must be Rs.1250 for employees earning Rs.15000 and if the earning is less than the basic pay, the same rate will be transferred to EPS. The amount received as PF is tax free as it is exempted from net income calculation before tax.

The PF amount will be deducted from the employee’s salary as their contribution for EPF. Both the shares of employee and employer must be paid to the EPFO within the last 15 days of each month. The amount payable will be rounded up to its nearest amount.

Documents Required For PF Registration

The documents may differs in different type of business entities.

In case of Proprietorships


Candidate Name

Name of the candidate for PF Registration.


Pan Card

Proprietor's Pan card details.


Identity Proof

Any identity proof of the proprietor such as Driving license or passport or Voter card.


Address proof

Proprietor's Address proof.


Address proof

Address proof of the business.


Candidate Details

Details of the candidate for PF Registration.

In case of Partnership/ LLP/ Companies


Partnership business

Name of Partnership business/ LLP/ Companies.


Registration Certificate

Registration Certificate of Partnership Firms and Incorporation Certificate of LLP or Company.


Partnership deed

Partnership deed for Partnership firm or LLPs.


ID proof

Partner's ID proof such as Pan card/Voter card/passport/driving license for PF registration.


Identity proof

Identity proof of Directors in case of Company.



Details including name, address and phone number of all the partners in partnership firm.


Directors Details

Details of all the directors including phone number and address in case of Company.

In case of Society or Trust



Registration with the concerned authority.



Incorporation Certificate.



Moa and Bye laws in case of Society and trust.


Identity proof

Identity proof of the members and president of society or trust.



Details of all the members and president including phone number and address.


PAN card

PAN card.

All kind of Organizations


Transaction bill

First transaction bill, including trade and buying machines and raw materials.


GST Registration

GST Registration Credentials.


Bank Details

Details of Banks.


Working employees

Records of the number of working employees.



Records of the Salary and wages of the employees, transaction statements including bills, balance sheet from the beginning.


Father's Details

Employees father's name and birth date.


Other Credentials

Salary and PF statement credentials.



Cross Cancelled Cheques.

Minimum Number of Employees for PF Registration

The news rules of the EPF Registration have decreased the number of employees required for PF registration. Earlier, it was 20 employees but now it is minimized to 10 employees for PF Registration.

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Procedures To Be Followed For PF Registration


Step 1

First of all, the person must visit the official website of EPFO. After visiting the site register with the organization. Look for the "ESTABLISHMENT REGISTRATION" option on the homepage of Unified Portal.


Step 2

After clicking on the "ESTABLISHMENT REGISTRATION", you will be directed to the next page. This page will show an option named as "INSTRUCTION MANUAL". If you are a new user, download the manual and read all the instructions carefully. Before proceeding further with PF Registration read the manual completely.


Step 3

After completing with the registration, you can easily log in with the credentials. UAN (Universal Account Number) and password is necessary as credentials. The manual will explain all the process of PF Registration. This registration is to be monitored by the DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) of the employer. DSC registration is necessary before submitting the application for PF registration.


Step 4

After reading the manual, tick on the "I have read the instruction manual" and then click on the "REGISTER BUTTON" provided below. After click on the button, you will be directed to new page where you need to fill the necessary details. Some of the fields marked with red star are to be filled compulsorily.


Step 5

You need to fill the details correctly:
First Name: According to the Income Tax Department, fill the first, middle and last name exactly same. Any difference will induce rejection while verification.
Employer PAN: When you will enter the PAN detail, you will encounter a message that says that the employer is not registered from before. So, PAN needs to be verified.
Username: You can select the username as per your choice. The system will chose according to its avaibility.
Hint Question Hint Answer: Select the Hint Question and Hint Answer according to your choice. It will help you in case you forget the password.After this fill the CAPTCHA code and finally press on the GET PIN option.
Get the Mobile PIN: You will get the PIN number on the same registered mobile number. After that click in the option "I agree to the above declaration".
Activate the E-Mail Link: You will receive an e-mail link to the e-mail id. Activate the link to enable the application submission for establishing the online registration.




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  • Online PF Registration
  • ESIC Registration
  • Return Filing of PF Up to 15 Employees

Frequently Asked Questions

EPF Is a Retirement Advantage Plan Where Both Business and Worker Contribute a Specific Level of the Compensation.
It is Required for All Foundations with at Least 20 People. A Few Foundations Having Under 20 Representatives Would Likewise Be Required to Get PF Registration. The 12% Pace of PF Commitment Ought to Be Similarly Partitioned Between the Representative and Manager.
  • Hazard Inclusion: The Most Basic Advantage of the Opportune Store Is to Cover the Dangers Workers and Their Wards That May Emerge Because of Retirement, A Disease or Their Downfall.
  • Uniform Record: One of The Most Significant Parts of the Fortunate Reserve Account That It's Relentless and Transferable. It Very Well May Be Conveyed Forward to Some Other Work Environment.
  • Worker Store Connected Protection Plan: This Plan Is for All the Pf Account Holders. As Per It, 0.5% Of The Compensation Is Deducted from The Extra Security Premium.
  • Long Haul Objectives: There Are Some Long Haul Objectives, For Example, Marriage or Advanced Education That Require the Earnest Accessibility of Assets. The Aggregated Pf Sum Frequently Comes Convenient During Such Events.
  • Crisis Needs: There Are Sure Unexpected Events Like Marriage or Other Family Events, Any Mishappening or Sickness That Requires Dire Account. The Pf Sum Can Be of Incredible Assistance.
  • Covers Annuity: Aside from The Representative's 12% Commitment Towards EPF, An Equivalent Sum Is Contributed by The Business, Which Incorporates 8.33% Towards Worker Benefits Plan (Eps).

Worker Opportune Store Rules 2020: The Focal Government Has Denied Reports That Asserted Foundations Having at Least 10 Representatives Might Be Secured Under the Representatives' Fortunate Assets and Random Arrangements (EPF and Mp) Act. The Present Limit for EPF Act Appropriateness Is at Least 20 Representatives. The Announcement by The Service of Work and Business Came in Light of Certain Reports That Guaranteed the Legislature May Bring the Pertinence Edge of EPF and Mp Act Down from at Least 20 To at Least 10 Representatives.

An Official Proclamation of the Administration Said On Tuesday: "Service of Work and Business Denies the Media Reports Distributed in Certain Papers Today That the Pertinence Edge Has Been Carried Down from Present Foundation with at Least 20 Representatives to at Least 10 Representatives with The End Goal of Utilization of Workers Fortunate Reserve and Various Arrangements Act 1952 (EPF and Mp Act)."

At The Some Point, Each Association Needs to Enlist for Pf (Fortunate Store). It Is Mandatory for All the Associations and Organizations Who Utilize in Excess of 20 People.Moreover, Little Organizations Who Don't Have Least Quality Can Likewise Enlist Themselves Intentionally.

In The Event That an Organization Develops to The Quality of Least 20 Individuals, At That Point, They Have to Enlist Themselves Inside One Month of Getting the Base Workers.

As Per The EPF New Standards, This Breaking Point Is Currently Going to Be Split. This Implies. That Any Firm Which Has at Least 10 Workers Must Be Enrolled with The Representatives' Opportune Store and Random Arrangements Act. At Present, The Organizations That Go Under the Demonstration Are Those Which Has at Least 20 Workers.
The Workers Who Has Compensation More Than Rs. 15000 Are Secured Under Pf Registration.

A Worker Can Pull Back the Commitments Made Towards Representatives' Annuity Plan, 1995, On Leaving Administration before Getting Qualified for Individuals Benefits, By Submitting Structure 10-C, In Particular On the Off Chance That He Has Not Finished 10 Years of Administration.

No, Premium Earned by A Representative On His Pf Parity Isn't Assessable.
There Have Two Sorts of Pf Registration. Worker Opportune Reserve (EPF) And Open Fortunate Store (PPF).
Indeed Pf Registration Directly Affects the Benefits of a Representative. Of The Sum Contributed by The Business Towards EPF, 8.33% Of It Goes to The EPS, I.E., Representative Benefits Plan.
The Associations with at Least 20 Representatives Are Requirements for Pf Registration.
Steps for Pf Registration:
  • Stage 1: Register The Association with EPFO
  • Stage 2: Read The Client Manual
  • Stage 3: Register DSC
  • Stage 4: Fill The Business' Subtleties
  • Stage 5: Fill The Subtleties Accurately
The RPFC Apportions the Pf Number to an Association I.e.: For Rajasthan Based Organizations This Number Could Be Rj/98406, Notwithstanding This, The Business Designates a Separate Number to Every Individual Worker. Model: The Employee's Pf Record Number Would Be Rj/98406/145.
Territorial Opportune Store Official Allots the Pf Number to an Association Who Register with It.
If There Should Be an Occurrence of the Demise of the Plan Endorser, The Whole EPF Sum Will Be Paid to The Candidate. This Will Be the Candidate That Was Picked During the Time the Record Was First Opened.
Truly, Employee Can Choose More Than One Individual and Furthermore Fix the Offer for Every Candidate On the Web. As Indicated by EPF Rules, A Male Record Holder Can Select His Significant Other, Youngsters, Subordinate Guardians and Perished Child's Widow and Kids.
Indeed Now the Registration Is Clubbed as Normal Registration.
Contingent On the Motivation Behind the Credit, You Can Get Two Kinds of Advance Against Your Pf Aggregated Equalization – Refundable and Non-Refundable Advances.
Indeed, Those Foundations Are Secured Under Intentional Registration (Pf Registration). They Additionally Appreciate the Less Pace of Commitment Which Is 10% When Contrasted with 12% Of Ordinary Foundation with at Least 20 Workers Under.
Under Pf Registration Plan, Least Annuity Is Gotten by Representative Is INR 30,000/ -
UAN Represents General Record Number Which Is Distributed to Representatives at The Hour of Enlisting an Employee Under EPFO Entry.
The Full Type of Pf Registration Is Opportune Store Registration.
Truly. The Part Can Pay Deliberate Commitment in Abundance of His Typical Commitment of 12%Of Rs.15000/ -.