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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Refund policy and satisfactory guarantee

At Legal Salaah, we invest wholeheartedly in the services conveyed by us and assurance your fulfilment with our services and backing. We continually improve and endeavour to convey the best bookkeeping, monetary or secretarial services through the web. In any case, on the off chance that you are not happy with our services, if it's not too much trouble reach us quickly and we will address the circumstance, give a Refund or offer credit that can be utilized for future Legal Salaah orders.


    At the point when a payment of charge is made to Legal Salaah, the expenses paid ahead of time are held by Legal Salaah in a customer account. Legal Salaah will gain the charges after chipping away at a customer's issue.

    During a commitment, Legal Salaah wins charge at various rates and various occasions relying upon the fruition of different achievements (for example giving customer entrance get to, doling out relationship chief, acquiring Commotion, Recording of structures, etc.,). Refund can't be accommodated earned charge since assets and worker hours spent on conveying the services are non-returnable in nature. In case of (death, accident) of the client during the process of purchase .the Refund has been endorsed by Legal Salaah, where the authorized person will be able to claim refund on behalf of that client. After verification of that person The Refund procedure could take at least 15 (fifteen) business days to process and will be credited to your financial balance appropriately. We will deal with the Refund procedure with mind and guarantee that the cash spent by you is come back to you at the most punctual.

    Further, we can't Refund or credit any cash paid to government elements, for example, documenting expenses or charges, or to other outsiders with a job in preparing your request. Under any situation, Legal Salaah will not be liable to refund the amount in excess of the expenses paid by the customer.

    We bend over backward offer support to you according to the details and courses of events referenced against each help or item bought by you from Legal Salaah, because of any reason, we can't give to you the services or item you bought from us, at that point you will be qualified for a Refund which will be subject on the accompanying circumstances:

    The Refund will be just considered in the occasion there is a reasonable, obvious insufficiency with the services or item bought from Legal Salaah.

    In the occasion a client has paid for a help and afterward demands for a Refund simply because there was an adjustment as a main priority, the Refund will not be considered as there is no deficiency, imperfection, or onus on Legal Salaah.

    Refund demands will not be engaged after the work has been imparted to you in case of change of mind. as it may be that, we will give you the choice of utilizing the sum paid for by you, for an elective assistance in Legal Salaah adding up to a similar worth and the said sum could be applied to some extent or entire towards the said new help.

    In that event the solicitation for a Refund has been raised after 30 (thirty) days of the acquisition for help or item has been finished and the equivalent has been implied and demonstrated by means of email or through any type of correspondence expressing that the work has been finished, at that point, such Refund demand will be regarded invalid and will not be considered.


    Legal Salaah has a standard evaluating strategy wherein no extra assistance charge is mentioned under any situation. Be that as it may, the standard valuing strategy isn't material for an expansion in the absolute expense paid by the customer to Legal Salaah because of increment in government charge or expense brought about by the customer for culmination of legitimate documentation or re-recording of structures with the Government because of dismissal or resubmission. Legal Salaah isn't mindful or at risk for some other expense acquired by the customer identified with the consummation of the services.


    We can't ensure the outcomes or result of your specific strategy. For example, the Government may dismiss a trademark application for legitimate reasons past the extent of Legal Salaah services. Now and again, an services overabundance or issues with the services stages (for example MCA site, Annual Assessment site, *-FSSAI site) can prompt long deferrals before your procedure is finished. So also, Legal Salaah doesn't ensure the outcomes or results of the services rendered by our Partners on Nearest. Expert stage, who are not utilized by Legal Salaah. Issues like these are outside our ability to control and are not secured by this assurance or qualified for Refund. Consequently, delay in preparing of your document by the Government can't be an reason behind Refund.


    Since we're acquiring costs and committing time, labour, innovation assets and exertion to your services or archive planning, our assurance just covers fulfilment issues brought about by Legal Salaah - not changes to your circumstance or your perspective. On the off chance that you expect us to hold the handling of assistance, we will hold the charge paid for you until you are prepared to initiate the services.

    Prior to preparing any Refund, we maintain all authority to put forth best attempt to finish the services. On the off chance that, you are not happy with the services, a wiping out expense20% + earned charge + charge paid to government would be relevant. If there should arise an occurrence of progress of services, the retraction expense would not be pertinent.

    NOTE: For more Detail please contact contact@legalsalaah.com