A Quick Guidance on ROC Annual Filing
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-12-27 09:00:37

What is the ROC of a Company?

Under section-609 of the Companies Act, appointed The Registrar of Companies (ROC), covering various States and Union Territories is vested with the primary duty of registered companies and LLPs which float in the respective States and Union Territories and ensure that such companies and LLPs will comply with the statutory requirements under the Act. These offices function as a registry of records, belonging to companies registered with them, which are available for inspection by members of the public on payment of the prescribed fee. The central government practices administrative monitoring over these offices via the respective regional directors.

What does the mean of ROC?

Registrar of Companies

Underthe ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) the (ROC) Registrar of companies is an office;this is a body that deals with the administration of companies and limited liability partnerships in India. Presently, 25 Registrars of Companies (ROCs) are functioning in all the major states/union territories.

What are the ROC Annual Compliances (E-filing)?

As a part of the annual Compliances, companies incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 are required to maintain and e-file their following documents with the (ROC) Registrar of Companies:

Balance Sheet: Form 23AC Share Capital Compliance Certificate to be filed by all companies: Form 66 The payment capital of the companies to be filed is Rs 10 lakh to Rs 5 crore.

What is the fee of ROC?

The fee of ROC is the government fee for filling out the ROC form. When you want to file a form with the ROC, you will have to pay the ROC filing fee for the same. The process of filling the form with the ROC is completed only when the ROC filing fees are paid.

Is it mandatory to file ROC Annual Compliance?

Annual Compliance for ROC

Private Limited companies and LLP (limited liability companies are required to file their annual accounts and return that we also called LLP annual compliance and annual compliance for Pvt. Ltd. to the Registrar of Companies disclosing the details of their shareholders, directors, etc. Such compliance needs to be done once a year.

How to file ROC's Annual Return? 

The process of filing ROC's annual return and audited financial statement can be easily understood by the following process:

  1. To organize a board meeting


  1. Authorize the auditor for the preparation of financial statements as per Schedule III of the Companies Act, 2013.
  2. Authorize the Director or Company Secretary for the preparation of board reports and annual returns as per the Companies Act, 2013.


  1.  Hold another board meeting to approve draft financial statements, board reports, and annual returns by the directors of the company.
  2.  Conducting the annual general meeting of the company and passing necessary resolutions. Please note that the financial statement is considered final only when approved by the shareholders at the general meeting.

Is it mandatory for Private Limited Companies to have an audit?

You may not be required to audit the annual accounts of your private limited company. If your association's articles ask you or your shareholders for one, you must conduct an audit.

What is MCA MGT-7 Form?

MGT-7 is an electronic form allocated by the (MCA) Ministry of Corporate Affairs to all companies for filing details of their annual returns. The Registrar of Companies uses to maintain this e-form through electronic mode and based on the details of correctness given by the company.

Which companies are required to file Annual Compliances?

All companies (private limited company, one-person company, Limited Liability Company, section 8 company, etc.) are required to file an annual Compliance with the MCA every year.

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