Know all about benefits
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The ESI Act 1948, which covers workers with salary of up to Rs 21,000, under the labor ministry............

How to get employer PF
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ESI Benefits under ESIC
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The Employees State Insurance Corporation Scheme Provides Financial Security To The Members In Case Of An Untimely

Contribution Rate Of Es
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The government has reduced contributions under the Employees 'State Insurance (ESI) Act from 6.5% to 4%,

Procedure of registrati
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ESI is a huge social security scheme in which ESI registration is compulsory for the organization or firm that has

The rules of ESIC for e
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According to new rules, ESIC provide good health facilities to the employees, under ESI the Employers contribute 3.25 percent.

Eligibility of Sickness
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Under the act of ESI, a protected worker can draw in some money pay in case of becoming sick.

Calculation of Wages fo
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Wages calculation depends on money payable to the corporation by the principal employer in relation to an employee or includes all D.A./CCA/and other related allowance or overtime payment. Etc. to kno

Wages Ceiling Limit Und
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The contribution shall be paid within 15 days of the last days of the calendar month in respect of an employee of a bank authorized by the corporation to whom the contribution falls due on any pay per

ESIC contribution due d
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Keeping in mind the outbreak of covid-19, the government has given more time to employees and employers to submit their monthly insurance contributions, keeping in mind the provisions of the Employees

ESIC proposes a revisio
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ESI is a State insurance corporation for Employees where Employees or employers get benefits. Under this scheme family of the worker or immediate dependent population in this scheme, such beneficiarie

Procedure of payment fo
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: The ESIC is a system to provide medical insurance facility to organized sector workers in India. Created by the Government of India. The scheme provides health protection not only for the insured bu

Update the details of e
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Employees sometimes forget to fill in some details while filling their details and change a lot over time, which causes them to need to update their ESI like family members' details, home address, etc

Relief to ESI holder am
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: ESIC (Employees' State Insurance Corporation) has set up hospitals region-wise for Corona, giving a huge gift to millions of employees across the country. This includes facilities extended to member

Medical Relaxation for
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The Central Government of India has announced Medical relaxation for ESI holders during this covid-19 lockdown

ESI relief for employee
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In times of the Corona crisis, many jobs are in crisis. In such a situation, if a person leaves his job, then he should take advantage of this scheme. The government provides cash relief to the person

Process of Aadhaar link
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Aadhaar card is all rounded card for a person that is important and also it is required in ESI, employees can link Aahaar with their ESI. The process of Aadhaar linking to ESI is described in the arti

Maternity Benefits unde
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Under the ESI, the benefits are given to pregnant women during their pregnancy, which has been made for working women under the Maternity Act, 1961, let’s take a look at maternity benefits under ESI

5 Appreciable Decision
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In this situation of Covid-19 not only the whole country, but the whole world is fighting with corona-virus. In this difficult situation, many organizations are providing their full support. And also,

Employees Get 70% salar
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The ESIC provides many benefits for the employees and the dependents of the employees but some people are confused about the eligibility of Sickness benefits they can get all the answers to their conf

Employee can easily get
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ESIC is a health insurance scheme for those employees who are employed in an institution that comes under the organization ESI ACT 1948. Here, we describe how an employee can get benefits from ESIC.

Easily Find ESIC hospit
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An employee who wants to treat under ESIC hospital can find the ESIC hospital and dispensary easily nearby his premises, and they can available to claim some benefits.

Employee login portal u
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Employees can check their IP details by login through the ESIC login portal. On this portal, ESI registered person can check all their eligibility.

ESIC registration Manda
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-06-05 04:20:36

MCA announced that ESI registration is mandatory for all new companies registered with MCA, now ESI can be registered through the MCA portal.

ESIC hospitals & dispen
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The ESIC hospitals & dispensary name and location in Maharashtra describe here, list of Maharashtra’s ESIC hospital and dispensary as per districts.

Types of Form for Claim
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ESIC unemployment allow
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