Penalty and interest ra
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-03-11 04:29:59

EPF Is A Platonic Retirement Fund In Which Both Employer And Employee Contribute The Same Value Or Pay

Purpose and limits of P
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-03-13 02:29:44

PF is administered and managed by the central board of trustees consisting of representatives of three parties- government

Process of online PF wi
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-03-18 09:18:28

Withdrawal of the Provident Fund (PF) has become much easier. Earlier, a lot of trouble had to be raised to withdraw money from PF now you can withdraw Provident Fund through offline as well as online

EPFO provides the facil
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-03-23 04:31:36

The Digi-locker is an online web service of the government of India. Which provides the facility to registered person (who has PF Registration) to download their UAN online.

EPS Features and Benefi
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-03-26 03:49:18

EPS is a scheme of EPFO under which the PF members (who has PF registration) can avail for the scheme benefits to take the benefit of this scheme you must complete the age of 58 years.

Highlights of the Press
Vidhi Aggarwal / 2020-04-06 11:54:29

The government’s announcement has given a relief to all the employees and employers regarding the Employees Provident Fund and other poor people regarding food grains in this pandemic situation of C

PF holder can check PF
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-04-16 01:32:52

Every PF holder want to know about his/her account balance and worried to know about the balance of PF account now it is easy to know balance of PF account by setting at home.

Relaxation in PF withdr
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-04-27 10:16:36

Since covid-19 has been declared an epidemic by the government. The persons who are members of the EPF Scheme, 1952 are eligible for the relaxation for withdrawing money in advance from EPF.

Now ECR filing is simpl
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-05-09 06:01:26

Given the above situation and to simplify the compliance process under the EPF and MP Act, 1952, filing of monthly Electronic Challan cum-Return (ECR) is different from payment of statutory contributi

Benefits of PM-SYM sche
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-05-16 09:26:05

There are many schemes for employees under PF in which one such is Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maan Dhan Yojna which provides benefits after the retirement of the employees. PM-SYM is a central store sc

3 ways to change PF acc
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-05-27 03:47:07

If you have forgotten your PF password, or want to change the old password or your mobile number is lost and you want to replace the password with the mobile number. So in this article we are showing

Process of checking UAN
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-05-29 07:15:33

Whether to withdraw PF, take PF advance, or check PF balance, all you need is UAN number. But, if you have forgotten your UAN number! And what if we do not keep it in writing? No need to worry! In thi

Procedure for EPF trans
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