A unique Bamboo bottle business
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2021-02-17 01:33:45

In today's time of unemployment and in the absence of no job, almost every person is considering starting their own business. People who are considering doing business, are looking for a unique business idea and they keep searching for information on a topic on the Internet. Today we are going to provide you information about starting a unique business of bamboo bottles in this article. In today's time, this business is quite unique and almost every single person can start it easily and it can become a business of good earning later.

Bamboo bottle trade market demand

Today, the government is gradually banning the products made of plastic and in the coming time, all kinds of essential products will be environment friendly and hence the demand for bamboo bottle trade from this point of view is currently more Is going to be excessive in times Apart from being very unique in looking at bamboo-made bottles, they are also beneficial for keeping your health right. Overall, the demand for this business will always be there in the market and a big business can also prove it for you.

The raw material for starting bamboo bottle business

Bamboo is mostly used for making bamboo bottles, and for this, you may need other types of essentials for some additional things and you will easily find them in your nearest market. Bamboo will be found in the village area and it is easily available at very low prices.

Where to start a bamboo bottle business?

We do not need any special place to start this business, just keep in mind that you will need so much space, in which your business can be started easily.

License or Registration for Bamboo Bottle Trade

This is an environmentally friendly business, so we will not need many licenses to start this business on a small scale. Yes, if you want to do this business on a large scale or you will need to take GST registration online. We just have to go to our nearest industry department and give information about this business to the officer concerned, so that you can start this business without any hindrance.

The process to make bamboo bottle

  1. First of all, we will need good quality bamboo.
  2. Now that Vasco has to cut as many ML bottles as we have to make.
  3. After cutting the bamboo of the bottle size, you will have to treat it. By treatment, insects, and starch, etc. are eliminated inside it.
  4. By doing this, fungus, etc. does not arise inside the bottle.
  5. To treat, first of all, we have to make neem smoke and then treat this bottle with neem smoke.
  6. Now clean the bottle properly and give it an attractive look and make it using cap etc.
  7. If you want, then you can do something new for designing it, so that our bottle looks a little different from the bottle being sold in the market.

Selection of Staff Member for Bamboo Bottle Trading

Hands are mostly used to make bottles made of bamboo and hence we have to make more and quicker products from this point of view, we will also need more people and if you are a beginner, in this business You will need only one or two people and any of your family members can easily support you in this. Remember, if you are putting new people in this business, then you must first give the necessary training to the people related to this business, and then they will have to explain the work ahead.

The total cost incurred in trading of bamboo-made bottles

If you want to start a bamboo bottle business, you will have to invest at least 1.95 lakh rupees on a small level and if you want to do this business on a large scale, then this investment Can also be big. If you are not able to invest that much, then you can get a loan to start your own business under many self-reliance schemes being run by the government, and start this business easily can do. Just for this, you have to go to your nearest industry department or any bank and they will help you in this matter.

Benefits of Bamboo-made Bottle Trade

You can easily make an income of at least 20 to 25 thousand rupees every month from this business and when your business is big, then your income will also increase according to the business.

Bamboo Bottle Packaging

In order to sell it in the market, we have to first package it and for packaging, we have to cover our bamboo bottle thoroughly with the help of bad paper, so that it does not get scratched. Then you have to keep your bottle in the box and fill the paper in the upper side of the box so that it does not get pushed over it. In this way, you can be packaging your bamboo bottle.

Bamboo Bottle Trade Marketing

We can market this business in our places where big goods and utensils are sold and they have to tell about this product while keeping margins at a low price and then they also have to tell about its benefits and when you are so If you do, then you will have done more than half of your business marketing, but wherever you feel that you should market this business of yours, then you must also market it there.

Risks in Bamboo Bottle Trade

The government of our country is also taking many kinds of steps to address the problems related to the environment in our country and to control it, and now the government has also started promoting environment-friendly producers, that is, the demand for bamboo bottles. It will be excessive in the present and the coming times because it is environment friendly. Apart from this, many types of bamboo products are being manufactured in today's time and people are keen to use this product with great enthusiasm, which means you are less likely to get risk in this trade.

In today's time and in the coming years, the demand for bamboo bottle trade is going to be very high and you can make good money from this trade. The business of bamboo bottles is the most unique and right now in the area There will be less competition, that is, doing this business can prove to be icing for gold.

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