Benefits of a Trademark Registration
Abhishek Kumar / 2020-01-30 05:37:31

A trademark is an intellectual property that consists of a particular design, expression or sign which explicitly identifies a particular company's product or services.
Following are a few benefits of trademark registration:

1.) Exclusive rights

A Trademark Registration enables a person to have the right exclusively use that particular mark while providing goods or services. Once the company is registered, no other company is permitted to use their trademark or product without their permission in short the company cannot make an authorized use. Trademark registration can help proprietor to sue someone who violates certain terms and conditions by obtaining powerful remedies.

These rights are not applicable if a solo person uses it for personal use.

2.) Loan security

A trademark registration can be reserved as a security to obtain loan facilities.
3.) The right to use symbols

Symbols like ®, “R” or word “Registered” can be used once the trademark is registered.
4.) Licensing

Trademark that is registered is also licensed giving you the right to proceed with the legal events avoiding infringement.

5.) Foreign territories 

If you are thinking of expanding your business to some foreign countries then a registered trademark can be used to get registered in that country.

6.) Discourage other traders

Having a registered trademark can discourage other traders from using your trademark which defines your goods and services. By using certain symbols such as ®, ™, etc. you make other companies aware of your rights.

7.) Intangible asset

A trademark in the act as an intangible asset and also act as an identifiable property.
Trademark gives value, reputation and acts as a goodwill to the company.

When shall trademark or company name be registered?

You should your trademark or company name register as soon as possible. Some businessman starts searching for trademarks and the registration process before even commencing the business. 

These businesses generally successful in the future. Even though it is slightly costly but the above-mentioned benefits are worth the cost. So if you want all the benefits and rights of a trademark get your trademark registered and provide your company with a unique Identity.
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