Big Relief announced for farmers by Finance Minister
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-05-16 07:29:21

Finance Minister give big relief for Farmers

The Minister of finance Nirmala Sitharaman on Friday placed the entire focus on agriculture, fisheries, and dairy in the economic package. The government has made 11 announcements worth a total of Rs 1,63,343 crore. 

Which eleven announcements have been made by FM Minister? 

These eleven announcements are as follows:

1. Farmer Produce Organization:

A fund of 1 lakh crore rupees will be created, this fund will be given to Farmer Produce Organization, Cooperative, Aggregator to improve the infrastructure. This will facilitate storage for the farmer, create a post-harvest value chain, increase the income of the farmer.

2. Small-sized food enterprises:

10,000 crore rupees fund for small-sized food enterprises, 2 lakh small-sized food enterprises will benefit from this, for organic product herbal product nutrition product. These enterprises will be able to export their product well. 

There will be a special focus on the sc-st category and women. In a cluster of crops like saffron, bamboo, chili, makhana, small-scale food enterprises will benefit greatly from this scheme.

3. Fishery resource scheme:

Under the fishery resource scheme, employment to 55 lakh people, the export of Rs 1 lakh crore increases. Farmers, fishermen engaged in fisheries will benefit. 20,000 crore rupees fund has been arranged for this.

4. National Animal Disease Control Program:

Mister of Finance announce Rs. 13,343 crore will be given under the National Animal Disease Control Program, there are 53 crore animals in the country. Their hundred percent will be vaccination. Till now, 1.5 million cows and buffaloes have been vaccinated. The government aims to eliminate foot and mouth diseases. This will increase the demand for different products and the farmers' product will be good.

5. Dairy infrastructure:

She Announce a relief of 15,000 crores rupees to dairy infrastructure that amount will be given to improve dairy infrastructure under animal husbandry. Private participants will also benefit from this. Dairy industrial plants will be promoted by this, good fodder for animals will be provided through it.

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6. Herbal farming:

She give a relief of 4000 crores rupees will be given to promote herbal farming, 2.25 lakh hectares of herbal farming is being done at this time. Herbal farming will be done in 10 lakh hectare in the next 2 years. This will increase the income of farmers by Rs 5000 crore. The Medicinal Plant Board will promote herbal farming on the banks of the Ganges. Regional markets will be prepared for herbal farming products.

7. For special campaigns to save bees:

For this special campaign to save bees will be arranged for this, 500 crore rupees, it will benefit 2 lakh farmers who are engaged in beekeeping. The wax that the bees make is imported, it will be born right here. Rural women will get jobs from this. Consumers will be able to get better honey.

8. For vegetables:

Apart from tomatoes, onions, and potatoes, other vegetables will also benefit in the Rs 500 crore scheme. Farmers will get a 50- 50% subsidy for transportation and storage. Under the TOP (tomato onion potato) scheme, till now only tomatoes, onions, and potatoes were included in this scheme, now the scheme will apply for all fruits and vegetables i.e. TOP to total scheme name.

9. Essential Commodities:

A change is being made in the Essential Commodities Act so that farmers can get the right price. Cereals, oils, oilseeds, lentils, onions, and potatoes will be deregulated. That is, the stock limit will not be imposed in normal condition and the Essential Commodities Act will be imposed only under special circumstances. Stock limits will be imposed under very special circumstances; this will happen during times of natural disasters.

10. Agricultural marketing:

Changes will be made in agricultural marketing rules so that farmers can sell their crops in any state. The farmers will now have the choice to whom they will sell their produce, they don't need to send it only to the designated licensee. For this, the central government will change the law.

11. Crops:

Before the farmer sows his crop, he will know that at what price it will be able to sell when the crop comes, he should fix his price in advance, so we will change the laws. In this, the help of processor aggregator lodge retailers and exporters will also be taken. The farmer will get an assured return from this framework, the government will announce his crop tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

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