Communication between Recipient and Supplier Taxpayers on GST Portal
/ 2021-04-15 08:04:14

On the GST Portal, there is communication between the taxpayers who are the recipient and the taxpayers who are the supplier.
On the GST Portal, there is a feature called ‘Communication Between Taxpayers' that allows recipient (or supplier) taxpayers to send notifications to their supplier (or recipient) taxpayers about missing documents, document flaws, or any other problem. This service is open to all registered users, with the exception of those who are TDS, TCS, or NRTP.
How to use the portal?
After logging in, taxpayers can submit alerts, display notifications, respond to notifications, and view responses to notifications on their dashboard. This way GST Registration can speed up.
  • Go to Services > User Services > Communication Between Taxpayers > and select the Compose option to send a notification.
  • Select the Inbox (Notification & Reply Received) option to display any new notifications or replies received.
  • Select the Outbox (Notification & Respond Sent) option to see any new notifications or replies sent.
How to send Notification?
  • Select Supplier from the Submit New Notification tab if you want to send the notification to a Supplier; otherwise, select Recipient.
  • Select the Action Needed by Supplier/Recipient from the drop-down list in the Document Details section and fill in the required information.
  • A notification will contain up to fifty documents.
  • In the box given for this, the sender may also add Remarks (up to 200 characters).
Other Features
  • For all updates received, the counter party taxpayer will receive an e-mail to their registered e-mail address and an SMS to his registered mobile phone.
  • When a recipient or supplier logs into the GST portal, they will receive a warning.
  • For a given tax period, a taxpayer can send up to 100 notices to a single GSTIN.
  • Using this facility, the recipient can upload details of missing documents (not uploaded by their supplier in his Form GSTR-1) and notify their supplier. If such documents have not been published previously, the supplier may provide them directly in their Form GSTR-1.
  • The ability to upload and download documents will be accessible in the near future.

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