Employees Get 70% salary during sickness leave under ESIC
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Employees get 70% salary at home during sickness under ESIC

What is sickness benefit under ESIC in a simple language?

Sickness benefit in a simple language:

Under ESIC sickness benefits, the IP, which means that the insured person who gets the benefits in cash and the sickness he has been certified by the doctor and should be under the benefit period, there is absolutely no reason that IP will leave many jobs After years, he wants to take advantage of it, he can take advantage of it only within the benefit period, apart from it he cannot take advantage of it.

The coverage period for this was explained which we understand in a line.

If an employee has contributed by September, he is covered in ESI for the next 6 months. This means that he can enjoy the benefit of sickness benefit for the coming months.

That is, because of this, the employee is absent from work. Please note that if the employee is ill and still goes to the job then he will not get this benefit because the employee must be absent to be eligible for the benefit.

And one more important point when the employee is absent from his job due to illness, then his presence in his Attendance Register should be “S instead of L”, that is called Sickness Benefit in a simple language.

What is the constitutional term under ESIC?

This Sickness Benefit has a 2 Constitutional Period of Sickness Benefits of the Employee. Here the Constitutive Period means a 1-year period which includes the period from April to September and October to March which is also known as the Contribution Period. A sickness benefit is available for 91 days, which is enough for the employee; the employee can get sickness benefits about 6 to 7 times in a month.

The employee will get 91 days of sickness benefit. If the employee is eligible for this, then the ESI department will pay 70% of the salary to the employee during the sickness leave.

Now understand 

What are the qualifying conditions for the employee via which he/she get 70% salary during their sickness leave?

1. That is the IP which is an Insured Person. As we have mentioned above, the contribution period is two from April to September and October to March. This month, the Insured Person has to be present for a minimum of 78 days of work, and then he is able to get the benefits of ESIC.

2. The second condition is that at least Employee's 9 month ESIC payment should be done before taking the benefits for the first time.

3. Whereas the third condition is that when the employee is ill, the first 2 days are not covered in it, it is called a waiting period.

Suppose you have been ill for 10 days and your treatment is going on in ESI Hospital, you are not eligible to work, then you will not get the benefit for the first 2 days and you will get the benefit of the remaining 8 days. This is qualifying condition for the employees via they are qualifying to get the 70% salary during their sickness leave.

How can an employee avail for sickness benefits from ESIC?

For sickness benefits, the employee gets 2 forms, which has 1 form. Form 11 Now you are wondering: When you will get medical form 11? 

  • This ESIC form is found, whenever an ESIC employee is ill, and then he/she will visit the nearest local dispensary. And, the doctor checkup his/her proper.

  • Then if the doctor feels that the employee is not fit for work at present, then the doctor provides Form 11.

  • Inside this form, the name of the employee, the ESIC registration number of the employee, and the date from which date to which date the employee was ill, and the signature of the medical officer, all these things will be available on your Form-11.

  • This form is called sick form under the General Terminology i.e. when you fall sick, you will get this form from your dispensary and submit this form in your office and mark the S on the number of days of attendance from your office as long as the form is mentored. And you will not get paid there because ESIC will make your full payment.

Also, know about the Eligibility of sickness benefit under ESIC

The second form is called ESIC Form-7; in the common technology it is called a fit form,

In this form, the Dr. mentions and says, 

  • Yes, this person (about the employee's details), had been ill for so long and is now fit; now it can be put to work.

  • Stop the sick leave of the person you have made and start marking the present in the register.

  • Both these forms the employee has to be submitted to your nearest ESIC office.

  • The local ESIC office will mark your presence on whether "S" is marked in attendance or not, whether, the employee is eligible for this disease benefits or not, some of his/her other details like Aadhaar, etc. linked or not.

  • After examining all these things, they will be assured in all cases that the employee will be paid the sickness benefits, in the form of check or demand draft, and in some cases cash.

So now we are going to talk about: Eligibility of sickness benefits under ESIC

 How can an employee know whether he/she is eligible or not to take sickness benefit under ESIC?

1. For that, you will first have to log in to the employee login website, for that Employees, have his/her login ID, which is the IP number, ESIC registration number, has to be entered by entering with the captcha. 

2. After logging the employee will see his provided details on his screen, 

3. The employee can see on the top left side of the screen his ESIC registration number.

4. Below the screen, the employee will see some links on the screen, out of which two links he/she have to use,  you will know from the same link but if needed then use the second link. The first link is, "Entitlement to Benefits", after a visit on this link, 

5. Employees can see the benefits for which they are eligible, or not. 

6. As per the period you cover and when you did the contribution for that which is 

  • The benefit period is From January to June and from July to December. 

  • And, the period of contribution is from April to September and from October to March.

7. Thereafter, the benefits will be shown on the screen based on your contribution for which you are eligible.

8. And, the second link is that if you have not linked the Aadhaar, you can click on update Aadhaar.

It is the complete information about the sickness benefits in which all the topics related to sickness benefits have covered like what is sickness benefit about the eligibility, how to know the eligibility. To know more about ESIC put your query in the comment box.

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