ESIC proposes a revision to ensure better execution
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-03-30 05:04:53


As we know, about the ESI that the Employees, representatives, and employers for the appointment of a local committee, Employees 'State Insurance Corporation, under the State Government Ministry of Labor, has proposed an amendment of the Employees' State Insurance (General) Exchange, 1950 with the Center.

The outline revision has been notified in the Gazette for stakeholders' advice and will be stated in a month's time.

1. What is a multifaceted social system of the Employees State Insurance Corporation?

  • Under the multifaceted social system of the Employees State Insurance Corporation, social and economic security is provided to the labor population.
  • Labor dependency includes immediate dependence or coincidence with the family under the ESI scheme.

2. Who is defined in this scheme of ESI?

  • All those factories and establishments that have been included under this scheme, at least 10 and more people are employed. Such establishments and factories are defined under this Act.
  • Under this scheme, such beneficiaries are covered whose monthly wages do not exceed 21000 rupees.

3. In the present time how many insured persons and beneficiaries are covered under ESI?

Under ESI there have crores insured persons and beneficiaries that are as follows;

  • Presently about 3.5 crore insured persons are covered under this scheme.
  • Presently about 13.3 crore beneficiaries are covered under this scheme.

4. Who has been called the beneficiary under ESI?

ESI covers such persons who have ESI registration, fully providing medical care for the dependent people of such person and their family. That is accepted from the first day of qualified employment.

Insured persons are entitled to benefits in many types of cases such as: 

  • In times of physical suffering due to permanent disability,
  • Natural soreness due to mutable disability 
  • In times of physical suffering due to permanent disability.

They are called beneficiaries under ESI who get monthly benefits due to loss in employment and danger in business.

5. In which situations people entitled to benefits under the ESI Scheme?

There has some situation in which peoples are entitled to get benefits under ESI.

  • Loss of money
  • Imprisonment in relation to insured women
  • In case of insurance holder’s family members died in an industrial accident. 
  • In case of injury during employment and danger in occupation etc.

All these persons are entitled to get benefits under ESI. 

6. What is the Minimum number of persons required for ESI registration?

There has required minimum 10 persons for ESI registration under the ESIC act.

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