FAQs related to FSSAI Registration
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-11-12 05:17:19

What is FSSAI Registration/License?

FSSAI Registration/license is a type of authorization to start food-related business at a level of state and central.

How to apply for  FSSAI License/Registration under FSSAI-2006?

Sign up to the official Food (FSSAI) Licensing and Registration System ( and apply for license/registration online.

What is the process to apply for FSSAI registration?

Log in with your user credentials and select Apply for License/Registration from the tab License/Registration and go ahead. Follow these steps

  1. First, you must accept the undertaking.
  2. Select the state where your food business premises are located.
  3. Confirm Yes if you have premises in more than one state Select No otherwise.
  4. If yes is selected in step 2 and you are applying for Head Office / Registered Office then select Yes. if, you have more than one Premises in different states but you don’t want to apply for Head Office then choose the option ofNo.
  5. If you choose an option of Yes on the next step 4 and you have an another business of food from the head office then you need to select the option of Yes and proceed for further.
  6. If not selected on step 3. Proceed to the next step.
  7. Select the type of business.
  8. Select Turnover or Installed Capacity.
  9. Details of registered office address, premises of a business, the person in charge of operations to be furnished. A person complying with the conditions of license and description of products etc.
  10. Upload supporting documents.
  11. Pay the fee.
  12. Print and sign Form B. After scanning this form upload it and acknowledgment will be done.

Note: The payment mode is online or offline and challan in case of Central and state license.

Which type of business should you choose under FSSAI Registration?

If you are a manufacturer, repacker, and relabeling then select from this type of business according to your products

  • Dairy unit with milk cooling units. (for the milk industry)
  • Vegetable oil processing unit. (For Edible Oil, Refined Oil Solvent Extracted Oil and Edible Fat Product Manufacturer)
  • Slaughter Unit.
  • Meat Processing Unit.
  • All food processing units including relabeling and repackers. (For all food processing units other than those mentioned above) Select the appropriate business for other business to be carried on in the premises for which the license is being applied from the list available. It can be more than one type of business.

When will FBO receive SMS and emails?

The FBO receives SMS and email at each stage, these are the following:

  1. After signup.
  2. Submission of Application.
  3. If clarification is sought after an investigation by the DO.
  4. Reminder to clear FBO within 30 days.
  5. If the documents are accepted by the DO.
  6. If inspection is assigned.
  7. If the license is accepted for manufacture.
  8. If the license is generated.

How to find out if any clarification has been sought by the DO and how to clarify?

  • The FBO will receive an email and SMS, however, the DO's comments can be viewed by login with your user credentials.
  • Select the application for editing from the tab FSSAI Registration and proceed with the relevant reference. No, upload the documents/revised documents on-demand to check the comments and to clarify the changes in the application as advised by the DO.

How to apply for a change in nominee and person in charge of operations?

Log in with your user credentials and select Apply for Revision from the tab Revision and proceed with the respective license number. And choose the reason for the medicine.If there has any change in the nominee then Upload therevised documents the person incharge of operations and the nominee along with the revised Form IX.

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