FSSAI rules for Water Packaging
/ 2021-04-15 08:16:46

A packaged drinking water plant is one that filters and cleans the water before adding the requisite minerals before packaging it. Today, an increasing number of people are opting for bottled drinking water. As a result, packaged drinking water has become an evergreen market. If you want to start a packaged drinking water farm, however, make sure you have the FSSAI Registration.
Why FSSAI rules for Water Packaging are Necessary?
The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has declared that all unlicensed packaging drinking water plant firms will be prosecuted. According to a famous news channel, nearly 4,000 food business operators dealing with packaged drinking water lacked an FSSAI licence or were not FSSAI Registered.
Standards set by FSSAI for Water Packaging
  • Decantation, filtration, a combination of filtration, aerations, filtration with membrane filter depth filter, cartridge filter, activated carbon filtration, demineralization, re-mineralization, reverse osmosis, and other treatments are needed for packaged water.
  • The packagers must ensure that the packaged water has been thoroughly disinfected with chemical or physical agents, ensuring that the level of microorganisms is below the clinically acceptable level for food protection or suitability.
  • Seawater must first be desalinized before being subjected to the aforementioned treatments.
  • Sealed containers of different compositions, shapes, and capacities, appropriate for direct use, should be used.
  • Where the water is re-mineralized, the ingredients used in the water must meet food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade quality standards.
Labelling as per FSSAI for Water Packaging
  • In relation to the properties of the substance protected by the standard, no statements about therapeutic (preventative, alleviative, or curative) effects are permitted. Claims of other positive effects on the consumer's wellbeing are not permitted.
  • The name of the town, hamlet, or specific location may not be included in the trade name unless it refers to packaged water obtained at the location identified by the trade name.
  • Use of any state or image that may cause public misunderstanding or deceive about the existence, sources, composition, or properties of such waters.

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