High Alert to taxpayers on fake message of GST Refund
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-05-06 02:36:11

Attention taxpayers

There are some fraudulent activities taking place in this Covid-19, some fraudsters are taking advantage of this crisis of Covid-19 by sending a message to the taxpayers regarding the claim process of GST withdrawal.

Taxpayers need to be aware of this fraud. GST department release an alert to the taxpayer on 3-05-2020. Please read till the end and follow these things to be safe from fraud.

Need to aware:

Taxpayers need to aware of the message which is received/circulated on the text, WhatsApp, E-mail for claiming process of GST refund. Some frauds take advantage of this amid the Covid-19 epidemic crisis by sending the fake message to the taxpayers to claim GST refund on their E-mail or SMS and WhatsApp with a link of the fake website, taxpayers need not follow the website and be aware for the fraud.

One such link takes to the taxpayers to a fraud portal. This fraud portal claims to have been developed by GSTN.

Aware from fake links (taxpayers do not click on fake links)

The same is fake and the government notified only on the official website of government which is as the common portal of GST, under the GST Act/LAW.

By such fake links, the taxpayers are asked to fill the important information related to


  • Personal details of the taxpayers
  • Address 
  • Refund details
  • KYC verification

These are not just caused for a financial loss but also enable the taxpayer for such unscrupulous elements to take their personal information and stole the data of the taxpayers with a criminal or mala fide intention.

Need to aware and points to be noted

1. Any claim related to GST processed only on the official website/portal

2. Any other source or similar portals with interface shows in the message for the process of claiming GST refunds are fraudulent.

3. Please note that the network of GST does not ask for KYC verification or personal information, refund details through email, Message/SMS, WhatsApp through any other website.

4. Any advice for the taxpayers who have GST registration to aware and alert from these types of messages and for any process related to GST or GST refund claiming only follow and use the portal

5. DO Not click any other link for any activity of GST work. 

Thinks to be ignored:

1. Taxpayer need to aware and do not reply if received any message for the claiming process of GST refunds 

2. Taxpayers should not click on the links given in that message it will cause unhealthy for you.

3. Taxpayers should remember that never fill any personal details and any other information, KYC details on any other platform other than an official portal of GST

  • For claiming the process of refund.
  • Never call on the given number which is mention in the message.
  • Do not trust/believe the information given through other sources other than the GST portal which uses similar portal names and interface. 

Note: To clarify your doubts with GST helpline number 1800-103-4786.

Things to follow:

It is requested to the taxpayers to follow these points and alert from the fraud

1. Taxpayer need to follow and use only  government portal of GST

2. For any information related to claiming GST refund and for checking the status of application of refund follow  

3. Always remember that the GST network never asks for personal details and KYC verification and refund details on Message, E-mail, or WhatsApp. 

4. Always check the updates with the news & update section of GST on for any official and authorized information.

5. If you have any questions or problem then taxpayers may contact on the help-desk number 1800-103-4786.

6. If you have any doubt, please read the news on the official website of GST by click on  GST News

Note: Please ignore or do not click if received any link in the message related to GST on your mobile, email and WhatsApp

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