How to set up foreign companies in India
Saloni Sheth / 2020-01-29 04:25:32

Nonetheless, in recent years, foreign direct investment in India (FDI) has been boosting considerably as the regulatory environment changed in recent years. It is therefore very convenient for foreign nationals, to start business in India. Often, people are confused about "Indian Business". India is one of the rapid-growing economies of the world with strong market conditions.

What is Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)?
Any foreign national / NRI investment amount / capital is registered in India Is known as FDI. In the nineties there were a high number of FDI limitations in India, whereas all rules and regulations on corporate creation in India were amended as they currently stand.

FDI is listed as 

Business in which FDI is not allowed. 
Business sectors that require permission from the Board of Foreign Investment Promotion (FIBP)
All NRI nationals must pass FDI policy in order to check limitations and prohibitions on proposed business activity before the business is integrated into India.

What is the Entry Strategy to integrate into Indian Market?
Foreign companies may start operations in India by entering into business under the company law of 1956 by registered or setting up a branch or a liaison office.
 The easiest and quickest way to start up in India is to form a private limited company. Under FDI law, a public limited or private limited FDI of up to 100% is allowed without the approval of RBI or the central government. An application must be sent to Registrar of Companies (ROC) for the purposes of registration or incorporation.
As a foreign company, a branch, liaison office or project office must be opened as a new entry strategy. The RBI or central government approval is mandatory in this situation. Therefore, it is much less time and money to set up a private limited or public limited company registration than to set up these offices.

What is the Business incorporation criteria in India?
Minimum two persons and an address are required in India to start a company in India. A business shall have at least 2 directors and at least 2 investors. In compliance with Indian rules and regulations, both the Indian and the Indian citizens must be one director. A corporation with three directors, including two foreign citizens and one local citizen, should be established. In this case 100 percent can be owned by foreign nationals / NRI in the Indian Company's shares. The registered office of the company is the Indian name. Global corporations set up offices in cities such as Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai etc.

What is the Registration costs for companies in India?
Training programs in India are small. In a few weeks, the training cycle could be completed. With the support of tax advisors in India, the integration process is easy. It will take you a few pennies, but it would be quick for you throughout.

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