How to earn by curry leaves farming
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-10-26 11:48:32

What are the curry leaves?

Curry leaves, also known as sweet neem, are a plant of the aromatic category. Curry leaves or sweet neem is a very beneficial plant. Along with enhancing the taste of food, it is also very good for your health. Sweet neem leaves are also used in salads. Its leaves are used just like bay leaves in the flavour of South Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine, especially in juicy dishes. The leaves of the sweet neem or curry leaf tree Muraya koenji are also used as an herb in Ayurvedic medicine. Their medicinal properties include anti-diabetic, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, anti-hypercholesterolemia, etc. Curry leaves are considered very beneficial for girls and women who want long hair.

What is the time of sowing the curry leaves?

Time of sowing:

Curry leaves can be planted at any time throughout the year. However, there is a slight difference in temperature, so it should not be applied in very cold winters. You should plant curry leaves before the onset of summer, rain or winter.

What is the method of sowing the curry leaves?

Sowing method:

Curry leaves are planted through seeds, while farmers can also plant them through cuttings, but most people prefer to plant them through seeds.

How much distance, quantity and depth required to plant the curry leaves seeds?

  • Distance:

The seeds of curry leaves are planted in pits made at a distance of three to four meters in the field.

  • Depth:

Two to three seeds of curry leaves should be sown in pits about three to four cm deep.

  • Seed quantity:

About 70 kg of seeds are required in one acre.


Seed treatment:

Before planting the seeds in the pits, they should be treated with cow urine, to treat the seeds, they should be soaked in cow urine for about two to three hours before transplanting.

Favourable climate:

It grows best in tropical and sub-tropical climates. It requires warm temperatures with full sunlight.

How to select the land to plant the curry leaf?

Land selection:

For curry leaf plant, loamy soil with proper water management is suitable. The soil selected for curry leaves should have water holding capacity. The pH of the soil should be between 6 and 7.

How to prepare the farm for curry leaves plant?

Farm preparation:

Curry leaves (sweet neem) plants give yields for many years after planting once. For the cultivation of curry leaves, the field should be levelled after 2 to 3 ploughings by running a shovel after each plowing. The field should be made lump free and friable.

Crop Spray & fertilizer Specification

Fertilizers and chemical fertilizers:

For good growth of curry leaves plant, once in a month you can give some nutrition to the plant, try to feed it by changing it like sometimes compost, sometimes mustard cake, sometimes neem cake and sometimes you can add vermicomposting.

What should be done for weed control?

To control weeds, weeding should be done from time to time as per the requirement.

When and how to irrigate?

Irrigate the curry leaves immediately after planting them in the field. And after that till the seed germinates, give water at intervals of two to three days to retain the moisture in the pits. During summer, the crop must be irrigated regularly. At the same time, farmers should do light irrigation in winter, but keep in mind that at this time do not give fertilizers at all.

When can I harvest the crop?

Leaves should be fully developed in the branches of curry leaf (sweet neem) plant. The leaves of curry leaves (sweet neem) can be harvested. Harvesting of mature and large leaves should be done by hand.

What to do after harvesting?

After harvesting the leaves from the curry leaf plant, they should be dried in a shady place. Keep turning its leaves while drying them. Because if the leaves are not turned, rot develops in them, and the leaves start getting damaged. After the leaves are dried, they are made into powder or the leaves are sold directly in the market.

What are the benefits of growing curry leaves?

Curry leaves are harvested four times in a year. They are sold dry. Three to four tonnes of goods are easily available from one acre in a year. Due to which farmer brothers can earn more than one lakh at a time from one acre. You can earn by sale the curry leaves at the best and less price and earn in millions.


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