How to earn by start a handicraft business online
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-07-31 05:40:32

There is a very old history of handwriting in our country, i.e. hand made goods and their business. India has already been rich in artistic talent. The real cultural wisdom of the nation has been shown from time to time by the people associated with handwriting and in today's time, this business has been a means of earning a livelihood to lakhs of crores of people in our country. You will find handicrafts with different designs in every state and their cities. From big shopping markets to roadside carts and shops, people do business in their own way in almost every major market of the country. About 95 percent of the people associated with this business come from rural areas. From whom the country gets its real identity.

Many handicraft products are made and sold in India. And all are different from each other in their own ways. Then whether you look at the rattra paintings in Jaipur or different types of construction jewelry made by the hands of the Dokra tribals of Bengal. All things are different from each other. Apart from this, the handwriting made by the artisans of North India is different and that of South India. In this business, your product is made and sold. The handicraft market is the third-largest market in the country after food and textile. And if you want, you can also open a good and durable one for yourself by doing business with these goods. Many types of things are sold in handicrafts; it includes many things like jewelry, carpets, leather items, paintings, garments, paper products, etc. If you want, you can start your work by opening its shop, but if your budget is not much, you can also start it online.

What is Online Business?

First of all, you should know about online business. Online business is a great platform to buy and sell goods on the Internet. With online business, we can do all kinds of work related to our business. This includes a lot from ordering goods, purchasing and receiving them, paying and receiving the price of goods. For example, we can take famous online companies like Amazon Myntra, Flipkart, etc. If you want to do handicraft business then you can also do it online. You can buy handicrafts bought from people and sell them online. It is not necessary that you have to take your own shop for this. You can keep your goods in the store or any vacant place at home and then earn your commission by selling them online.

How are goods sold online?

Online business is largely a business based on trust, when a customer sees the seller's product on Google or any website, social media site, then many people like these products. So instead of coming directly to you, he orders them online. In this or through the mail, WhatsApp, or social media, you connect with your customers. You can sell more handicraft items like handloom, Zadar, lights, furniture, curtains, nice paintings, artifacts, and other things of your choice by keeping them online. These things are also sold online and have good margins Get a lot. If someone likes an item of your store, then the customer orders the goods, then the order made is received by the seller, after which the seller packs the goods and delivers them to the customers through the delivery boy.

How can you sell your stuff online?

You can sell products online in two ways. First of all, you can make a website of your handicraft goods and deal in it. Second, then you will need to apply for a GST Registration online, and third, you can sell your goods by connecting with an already existing e-commerce in your nearest market. If you sell your handicraft goods by creating your own website, then it will be a very expensive deal. But if you join an online shopping website then it will prove to be very beneficial for you and your business. If you have not started your handicraft business yet, then you can work by joining an already established website, this will benefit you a lot.

How can you do business by joining a website?

Joining a website is quite an easy task. If you want to join any website in view of handicraft work and want to increase your business then you have to register yourself as a vendor on this site. For example, if you want to sell your handicraft items by connecting them with Flipkart, then you will have to follow some steps. For this, first of all, you have to open the company's site After this, you will have to enter your email id and mobile number to register on the company's site. Now OTP will come on your mobile number for email verification. Then only after entering this OTP, a form will open in front of you. On this, you fill in all the necessary information related to your business and submit it to the site. Now after this you will come to the vendor zone. Here you can make a list of the handicraft products you have on hand. When you make a list of your goods, then if you want, you can get information for your product and your business on the phone from the team of the service department of the company. Let me make it clear to you here that any online selling companies get goods picked up by their logistic service.

How will you earn?

Just like the work of online business, the facility of online banking and payment has also become very easy. Whenever a customer orders your handicraft goods in any way, you can pay through G-pay, Paytm, Phonepe, BHIM app, net banking. If someone does not pay online, then when the delivery boy will take your goods to the customer, then the customer can pay the goods to him too. This is called cash on delivery. But if you connect with any site then the earnings of your goods will come to your bank within 10 to 15 days of delivery of goods. In this, the company also takes its commission. That is, the company takes some of its share as commission from the goods sold by you. This commission company does the church of service tax, charge, and logistics besides packing to sell your product through their site.


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