How to earn with an investment of Rs. 5000
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-06-05 10:49:15

Start a Business with less capital. Apart from the job, he can do business. In today's time, the interest of people towards business has increased a lot. There are many such businesses, which you can start with less capital and earn good profits from them.

Start the business of making kulhad

You can start a business with as little as Rs 5000. The good thing is that the government will also help those doing this business. Actually, a large population in India is fond of tea. There is a constant demand for Kulhad tea at railway stations, bus depots, and airports. In this condition, you can start a business of making and selling Kulhad.

Have you also become unemployed because of the corona situation your work has stopped, then now you can start a new job again by mean of the government. Today we are going to tell you such a business idea, by means of which you can earn a good amount every month. We all know that many people in India are fond of tea. There is a growing demand for Kulhad tea in railway stations, bus depots, airports, and shopping malls. In this condition, you can start a business of making and selling Kulhad.

The Modi government at the Center is also focusing on increasing the demand for Kulhad at this time. The minister of Road and transport had demanded a ban on serving tea in paper and plastic cups some time back to promote kulhad. Apart from this, people have also become more conscious about their health and they are also giving more priority to clay kulhads instead of plastic cups.

Start this easy business with less capital

The government is now promoting the domestic industry in the country. The government also helps to start such a business. The special thing about these small businesses is that they can be started with less capital and can make a lot of amount of money from them. Among them, there is also a Kullad business that is in great demand in the market. The demand for kulhad will increase even more rapidly in the coming time. In the coming time, you can take advantage of the increase in the demand for Kulhad. This has two benefits; one will get rid of plastic waste which has become a threat to the environment. At the same time, employment will be available to lakhs of people.

You will get a good price even without packaging:

If you are supplying the kulhads made by you for long-distance sales, you also need to have good packaging to protect it so that your kulhad reaches the right place safely. By packaging, you can keep your kulhad safe and sell it in the market as a separate branding. If you do not supply your Kulhad far and wide and sell it in the market near you. So you will not need any special type of packaging. If your kulhad is good, it will be sold for a good price even without packaging.

Know this before starting a kulhad business

To make clay pots, you first need good quality soil. Which you use to make kulhad. You can get good quality soil from the areas near you like a river or a pond. You will also need molds to make some kulhads. You can get it easily from the market and it is not very expensive either. You can buy it from the market according to the quality of making your kulhad. Apart from this, you will also have to build a large-sized kiln for cooking and finalizing the kulhad.

It is necessary to take a license, and then only you can start the business of Kulhad

Just as we need to get a license from the respective government to start any other type of business, similarly we need to get a trade license within this business. Apart from this, you should also register your business under MSME with MSME Registration; this can benefit you in starting a business.

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