How to Earn with IRCTC
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-11-08 05:54:39

There has many options of earning with railway. Now people’s can earn with IRCTC that is

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is a service of the Railways. Through this, the railway provides many facilities for earning. With the help of IRCTC, everyone who wanted to make money can earn  thousands of rupees every month. They don't need to go anywhere for this. All you have to do for this is to become an agent of IRCTC.

How to Earn with IRCTC?

People’s can earn with IRCTC by become an agent of ticket cutting.

What is the meaning of ticket cutting agent?

A ticket cutting agent is a authorized person who cut the ticketsfor train and Airoplains.

What is the advantage of Ticket booking agent work?

The main advantage of this work is that this work can be done with the Government. And you can earn with government by become an agent of ticket booking on the basis of commission.

How much commission do the agent get?

The agent will get 20 Rs. Commission per persons ticket for a non-Ac coach ticket. And for AC class ticket they will get 40 Rs. Commission. And apart from this the agent will get one person price of ticket. And there has no limit of ticket booking for the agent. You can book unlimited tickets in a month there has no limit for this.

And also there has an another option of Tatkaltickets booking that is in 15 min. You can book national and international both types of tickets for air and trains.

How much earning can be done by become a ticket booking agent?

A person can earn up to Rs 80,000, by become a ticket booking agent. There has no limit for the agent to book the ticket they can earn by book an unlimited tickets. So that they can book unlimited tickets and earn unlimited with this work. An authorized ticket booking agent will get commission on air ticket booking and train ticket booking and transaction.They can earn upto 80,000 rupees as regular basis income per month. Even if there has no more work for them then they can earn an average of 40 50 thousand rupees.

How to apply for Authorized Ticket Booking Agent?

TO become an agent the person will have to visit on IRCTC website and apply on to become an agent for becoming an agent of online ticket booking . After this you will become an authorized agent of ticket booking. After this you will become an agent and you can book tickets for air and trains and on every booking an agent will get the commission from IRCTC on every ticket booking.

What is the fee will have to be paid?

If you want to become an agent for one year, then IRCTC will charge fee of only Rs 3,999, and for 2 years charges is Rs 6,999. At the same time, as an agent, for booking 100 tickets in a month, a fee of Rs 10 will be charged, while for booking 101 to 300 tickets in a month, Rs 8 per ticket and for booking more than 300 tickets in a month. A fee of Rs 5 has to be paid per ticket.


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