How to earn with swiggy
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-07-21 10:59:28

What is swiggy?

Swiggy is an app/website for food and grocery-related products. You may order and get your essential products from your prescribed shop or mall at your doorstep.

In simple words, swiggy is a food delivery app from where you can order and get your required item.

How do we get our required food from swiggy?

Swiggy appoints some delivery executives who delivered the food and essentials to the customers' offices and homes. With the help of a delivery executive, you can get your required food from swiggy.

If I want to order from my favorite restaurant but the restaurant is not available on swiggy then, how can I order from the restaurant with swiggy?

If you want to order from your favorite restaurant with swiggy you just need to search for such restaurant with a name and select the location of your restaurant and mention the name of the food. The delivery executive will pick up from that restaurant and delivered the food to your doorstep. Then you will need to pay an extra amount to the delivery executive.

How to be a delivery executive on swiggy?

To be a delivery executive on swiggy you will need to apply to swiggy for the delivery executive post. Swiggy will appoint the delivery executive who has all the required documents.

What are the documents required on swiggy to apply for the delivery executive post?

There have some requirements to apply for the delivery executive on swiggy:

  1. Bike
  2. Driving license
  3. Bank account
  4. Adhaar card
  5. Android mobile phone
  6. Must be the tenth pass

These all documents are required to apply for a delivery executive on swiggy.

What is the other requirement to earn with swiggy?

There has some registration and license needed to earn with swiggy that are as follows:

  • To earn with swiggy you will need to register your business on swiggy.
  • You will need to take FSSSI registration to sell food on swiggy.
  • The products must be displayed on swiggy Clearly.
  • You will also need GST Registration online to start a business.
  • The price which is displayed should be exact or correct.
  • The food must be Hygienic.

These all are the other requirement that is necessarily followed by the partner.

What are the benefits to be a delivery executive with swiggy?

There have several benefits to be a delivery executive with swiggy:

  • Swiggy makes delivery of food in 3 shifts. You can work here according to the shift in which you have time.
  • You can do a part-time job in Swiggy.
  • Here you can earn more money by working harder.
  • The company ensures you that financial assistance can be given to your family in case of any untoward incident.

What is the salary of a food delivery boy on swiggy?

Swiggy works in 3 shifts. Which shift do you have time in? You can work on it according to the time. Talking about the same Swiggy Delivery Boy salary, the company gives money according to the order. Swiggy currently offers Rs.60 to Rs.70 per order. According to this, you can earn from 25000 to 30000 thousand rupees per month. If you want, you can earn more money by taking more orders and working harder in it. This is a good thing about the company. The company pays the cost of petrol and the mobile of the vehicle separately.

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