How to get a corporate license to start a business
Hemlata khandelwal / 2021-07-08 04:13:48

What is Business Registration?

Whenever any business (small scale industry) is started, it is necessary to give information about it to the government. Or simply say that small-scale industry registration) is necessary. This is also necessary so that it can be made in the list of the government and the government office can get information.

This benefits both the business and the government. While the businessman gets the benefit of the business scheme run by the government, the government gets help in collecting the tax.

Many times people starting a business start getting nervous about the fact that registration of the business will have to run a lot or many processes will have to be followed. But, it is not completely true.

How to register a business (small scale industry)

Before getting a small-scale business registration, it is important to know that how many types of registration are required for the business. Following are the types of registration for business:

  • Registration in District Industries Office
  • Obtaining a corporation license
  • No Objection Certificate from Safety Certificate Department
  • Obtaining Factory/Business (Small Scale Industries) License
  • Registering GST
  • Registration in District Industries Office
  • Before starting any small-scale industry, it has to be registered in the concerned District Industries Office. Registering a small-scale industry in the District Industries Office means you have told the government that you are self-employed, not unemployed. The biggest advantage of registering your business in the District Industries Office is that the benefits of any welfare scheme started by the government are immediately available.

You will need the following documents to register in the District Industries Office:

  • Aadhar Card
  • Permanent address proof
  • Name of the business
  • Type of the business
  • Name of the place where the business will start and proof
  • Certificate of Income (Source of Income)

How to get a corporate license?

A corporation license is made after registration in the district industry. The first license to start a business (small scale industry) is called a corporation license. Getting a certificate from the corporation means that now you can start your business. Talking about applying for a corporation license, it can be done both online and offline.

Where does a corporation license come from?

This may be the question of many businessmen. The answer will be that the corporation license is made in the Municipal Corporation, development authority, or district industry office.

This license is made on the matter that what will be service or manufacturing in the small-scale industry you are going to start, which machine will be installed?

What are the documents required for the corporate license?

  • Copy of registration in District Industries Office.
  • A copy of the ownership of the small-scale industry where it will start. If the place is on rent then copy of its rent.
  • Copy of the plan of the small scale industry - the name and details of the machines that will be used in this
  • License fee

The point to be noted here is that any small-scale industry can be started only in the industrial or confirming area, so keep in mind that whenever you apply for business registration, the place should be industrial or confirming area only. Failure to do so will result in the rejection of the application.

Getting NOC from Safety Department

The safety of the people who work in any small-scale industry is first. The government has implemented this security system for the safety of the worker.

To obtain NOC, the person concerned has to tell about the fire prevention measures in his small-scale industry. A number of fire fighting machines to be shown.

Possessing a small scale industry/factory/business license

In order to get a business license, it is most important to know about the business license. Let us tell you for information that business license is also called license of Chief Inspector of Factories (CIF).

The business license is issued by the Labor Department of the concerned district. Small scale industries can be started without this license but cannot be run for long.

The following documents are required to get a factory license:

  • Municipal license.
  • Environmental Consent Copy – It is issued by the Environment Department. It is written in it that there will be no harm to the environment from the small-scale industry being started.
  • Copy of the plan of small-scale industry layout.
  • NOC from Fire Department.
  • Flow chart of service/manufacturing process.
  • Details of number and profile of employees (Male-Female, Skilled, Semi or Unskilled) Salary, etc.
  • certificate fee

Registering GST

When the GST system was not implemented, the government had different systems for collecting taxes. But with the introduction of GST, there was a system of taxation. It is necessary to clarify here that according to the government's guidelines, GST registration is required for only those businesses whose annual turnover is more than 40 lakhs.

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