How to resubmit GST Clarification
Abhishek Kumar / 2020-01-31 05:09:20

Once Taxpayers received clarification against fresh GST Registration application, they have to resubmit as soon as possible within prescribed time period.

Follow the below steps to resubmit Clarification:-

1.Go to URL where the GST Home page will be displayed.
2.Click on “Register Now” on the screen
3.Login to GST Application to resubmit clarification.

i-   Click on “Temporary Reference Number
ii-  In the TRN box, fill the number received. And then click on “proceed”
iii- Enter the otp which will be displayed in your inbox in the Mobile or Email otp field.

Note: If the OTP enter is invalid try again by clicking on the “click here” resend the OTP option.

• Click on the “proceed” button
• Login into the GST Portal with the registered credentials.
• Click on

-Application for Filing Clarifications

Now enter your “Reference Number of Notice”, in the respective field, to move further.
Alternatively, you can also enter the “Application Reference Number (ARN)” in the respective field, to move further.
You will see two options in the Modification of the Registration Application area: YES or NO;

If you select Yes:

An original application will be provided where you can edit all those fields due to which the notice might have been issued. Enter the required details and documents and submit again.

If you select No:

An“Additional Information” Field will display. Submit required additional information.

What to enter in additional information?

i.  Enter responses to all those questions asked in the provided text box adjacent to each question.
ii. Within maximum 7 days of the generation of notice by the tax department seeking for clarification, you can save and submit the form anytime.

Next, 2 options will be displayed “SUBMIT WITH DSC”or “SUBMIT WITH E-SIGN”:

SUBMIT WITH DSC is selected:

1.Click on the “SUBMIT WITH DSC” option and then click on “proceed”.
2.Choose the certificate and then click on the “SIGN” option.
3.Enter PIN (dongle password) for the DSC attached.

SUBMIT WITH E-SIGN is selected:

1.Click on the “SUBMIT WITH E-SIGN” option. 
2.Click on the “I Agree” option in the declaration check box.
3.OTP will be sent to your registered E-mail address as well as registered mobile phone.
4.Verify the OTP in the displayed by entering the OTP you received on your e-mail address or mobile phone number. 

Click on the “CONTINUE” button to successfully resubmit clarification raised against new GST Registration Online application.

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