How to start a Grocery business offline and online
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-08-13 10:51:56

How to start a Grocery business offline and online?

 Grocery stores are seen from small villages to metropolitan cities. Because of this many people set up small to big grocery stores in different parts of the city. The demand for this business is never less because running it well can earn a better profit per day. Any citizen of the country needs a variety of items, which can be obtained from this store. Here the process of earning profit by doing grocery store business is being described in full.

Choosing a Better Location for Grocery Store Business:

To make a profit in this business, it is necessary for the store to be in a better location and you can start the grocery business online on many websites or your own website. Actually, it is such a business that once established in a place, it runs in that place for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to select a particular place to set up this store. For this, a place is needed where a person can easily come. If your store is in a place where the population is more, then it will take less time to increase the business. For this, you can choose the place around the housing society, crowded roads, hospitals, temples, etc. Keep in mind that if there is no other grocery shop around the shop you are opening, it is good. Otherwise, it affects the business of both.

Grocery store business plan:

It is necessary to make a plan before starting this business.

  • While planning you has to decide the size of the store, you should decide under it how many square feet your store will be. Usually, the smallest store is 200 square feet, although you can build a store up to 1000 square feet.
  • Keep in mind that for the first time in the store, the capital of the goods is up to about 50,000. This is the minimum capital; you can start a business by investing more money than this. Whether you start the business online or offline, Make sure that your shop looks full of goods.
  • Along with this, you also need to keep a separate six-month capital in your hand.

Grocery Store Interior Design:

You need to pay special attention to the interior of your grocery store. If you start offline, you make the interior of your shop so that all the goods can be seen from the front of the customers. Also, you do not have to spend much time searching for the goods while running the shop. For this, you can get advice by contacting an interior designer.

Contact from Suppliers and Wholesalers For Grocery Store:

To set up this business, you need to talk to the supplier and wholesaler of various goods. For this work, you need to talk to those wholesalers who are located near your shop. This also reduces the cost of transportation and also saves a lot of time. You can also find suppliers who will provide you with almost everything for your shop.

Grocery Store Business Marketing:

  • Marketing is very much needed in this business. You can market your store in different ways.
  • You can organize sales etc. in between for the marketing of your store. There are many such shops, which organize offers during various festivals, due to which the number of their customers increases significantly. You can arrange coupons etc. for your regular customers, with the help of which keeps benefiting them with small offers.
  • If you are starting this business with less money, then the price of your goods should be lower than the rest of the shops so that more customers can come to you.
  • You provide free home delivery, phone ordering services, etc. to retain your customers. By doing this your customers can increase.

Arrange Delivery services for your online or offline grocery store:

You will need to arrange or tie up with any courier so that you can get the goods delivered to the customer's doorstep.

Advertisement of Your Grocery Store:

If you want to get more customers in less time, then you need to promote. You can give advertisements in the newspapers to take this business to the people or put pamphlets related to your store printed in these newspapers. You can put a nice name for your shop. And name all those essential items on the board outside the shop. what you sell. You can keep milk, curd, butter, bread, etc., and groceries to increase your customers' circle. You can also do a better promotion of your store by giving financial help in various programs in the name of your store to various organizations in your area.

Grocery Store Business Profit:

If you run this business well, then you get a very good profit. However, the store may take up to six months to take a business word or set up in the market. At this time you need to work hard. If you are new in this business and have started this business with a cost of 1 lakh rupees, then you can earn up to 15 thousand rupees per month while doing this business. Under this, you need to sell more quantity of goods with higher-margin, so that the profit can be higher.

Estimated Margins on Various Grocery Items

You get profit in different goods at a different percentage rate, and the description of profit on some of these goods is given below, which are as follows:

Goods Profit Percentage

  • Soaps get a profit of 8 percent.
  • cream 10 percent gain
  • Toothpaste 10 percent gain
  • Main groceries like rice flour, sugar, etc. profit of 15 to 20 percent
  • Other packed goods get 15 to 20 percent profit

Grocery store workers:

You cannot run a store well alone, as it has many functions under it. Because of this, you need a good person who can run your shop honestly even in your absence. You must choose a practical person for your store, which is courteous to the customers and does all the work with perfection.

Grocery store business license:

If this business is registered then it increases the credibility of the customers towards the shop. You can register your store under MSME (MSME Registration) or Udyog Aadhaar. With this, your store can perform much better.

 Register to start online:

You will need to take Online GST registration for the grocery store so that you can sell your goods online on any platform without any hassle.

Brand registration:

You will need to get your own Trademark registration so that you can sell your grocery online with your brand packaging.

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