How to start a real estate business
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-02-10 03:51:14

Many people want to do something to further their livelihood and most of all, in today's time, people are putting more emphasis on doing business of their own. If you want to do the highest-earning business in India, then you can start a good earning business by working as a real estate agent. This job is about property dealing. The government has also provided much relief to the people working in this field in this new budget session.

 How to start a real estate agent business?

Smartness is the main key to earning in this business. It is very important to have time and good skill in an agent to win the trust of people and convince them well. We have to give a little more time to start this business and have different qualifications to do different types of business in this country, but to work as a real estate agent we need more do not do special, just pay special attention to some things that have been said.

Demand for real estate agents in the market:

Nowadays people look for a real estate agent to buy a house or land so that they do not have to waste all their time to buy a house or land. If you are a certified/registered/authorized agent then your demand is going to be very high in the market. That is, there has always been a demand for real estate agents in this area, but very few people working for agents work in this area.

Real estate agent's job:

Buy and sell the property. If you want to buy or sell any type of property, then you can work as a real estate agent.

Selecting a place to work as a real estate agent:

You can start this business either from home or through an office. This field is done in a little professional form, so in this case, we need to start this business in an office. We can open our real estate agent's office in a place where people can reach easily. For this, if you want, you can also open your office in a rented shop.

License or registration to start real estate business:

Under the new Real Estate Act in the Government of India, at the place where or in which state you want to do business related to real estate, you must first register yourself under RERA, only then you can do it easily without interruption Can start. For this, first, you have to visit your state or district of your region and fill the consulting firm, and then they will register you in two days and provide a registration number of the consulting firm, and then you will be able to work in the real estate sector through this registration number.

What to do to start a business as a real estate agent?

Find people selling your own property: - To start this business, first of all, we have to find people who sell the property, it may take us a little time, but it is very important to be patient. If you find a person who wants to sell his property, then you have to talk to him, which land is there and how your customer wants to sell it, you have to take information from them on all these topics, and then you have to do further work.

Find people buying property: -

Now you have to find someone who wants to buy the property and what kind of property he wants to buy, you also have to seek information from him on this subject. When you find a property worth your customer, then you can sell it by showing it and you can earn it by getting the middle commission. The agent receives a commission from both the sides of parties

Investment to start work as a real estate agent:

In this area, you only have to bear the expenses of your office and traveling. Your business can easily start in an investment of Rs 10 to 15 thousand rupees or even less, it all depends on you, how you want to start it.

A figure of earnings as a real estate agent:

As we told you, agents working in this field receive money as commission from both the buyer and the seller. You can easily earn more than 35 to 80 thousand rupees by completing the dealing of a successful property.

Marketing of real estate agent's business:

Promote your real estate business in the nearest area and with your contacts through marketing, then you can earn profit from this business. If you want, you can get a banner or big hoarding at the beginning, where it is very important to get people moving there. Apart from this, in many online areas, you can promote your business by listing the property as an open agent on the website. Apart from all these, if you want, you can also advertise online in many types of social areas and you can promote your business.

Risk in real estate agent business:

First of all, you have to think that to start this business you have not made any kind of big investment, and then we should focus on our work without worrying about the risk. The more you work smartly in this field, the more you will get fewer chances of risk.

And at the same time keep filing your income tax return so that your income can be shown clearly.


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