How to start business in Lockdown during corona 2
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-04-20 02:44:34

The social distinction is most important in the Corona era. In such a situation, there is a great opportunity for many small businesses. Distribution-related works are most in demand.

Once again the Corona has increased considerably due to which local lockdown, night curfew, and weekend lockdown have been implemented at the state level. If the situation gets worse, it is possible that once like 2020 we will see complete lockdown once again. Due to this condition and situation of this era, the peoples will face the problems again. Now it's time to start a business during this period.

There are some of the better options to How to start a business in Lockdown during corona 2

  • Demanding business during corona
  • Increase the demands of delivery Business
  • The government banned eating and drinking in restaurants
  • Take advantage of online classes
  • Make a video and upload it on Youtube

Now know in details How to start a business in Lockdown during corona 2

Demanding business during corona

In the present situation, the demand for the mask, hand sanitizer is the highest. In this epidemic, the business of homemade masks and sanitizer can be started. When the business is badly affected in that condition the MSME, SME is currently manufacturing masks and sanitizers. You can also get MSME registration to start an MSME. They will contact the local shopkeepers and retailers and wholesalers to sell their products.

Increase the demand of delivery Business

This business (delivery) has gained a lot in the Corona era. The business of e-commerce companies, companies selling online food has seen a lot of buoyancy. In this situation, the business of doorstep delivery can be started at the local level. For which you have to get the registration of the company such as GST registration whichever is suitable. So that you can deliver the goods anywhere in India or out of India. It may be related to business service and product delivery. In this, products like grocery, pharmaceuticals can be delivered.

The government banned eating and drinking in restaurants

The government has banned eating and drinking in restaurants, but there is no restriction on online food delivery. In this phase, the Tiffin Service can be started by taking FSSAI registration. The students and out-state workers eat out on a large scale in the city. If you convince clients, then thousands can be easily earned.

Take advantage of online classes

During this period, the studies of students have been badly affected. In such a situation, online tuition classes can be started. You can teach the subject you are holding. A laptop and internet connection will be required for this. Right now parents worried to sent their children out of the home so that children are taking advantage of online classes only.

Make an educational video and upload it to Youtube

The data of conception has been increased significantly during the Corona period.  There has been a lot of boom in this epidemic on YouTube. If you are skilled in some work, then come in front of the people and earn money fiercely. YouTube earnings depend on the subscribers it will be as high as your subscribers. You-Tuber has to show content interestingly and through this, you can earn easily.

Take advantage by starting an LLP

During this time you can take advantage by taking LLP Company registration in India with legalsalaah without any hassle. And you can also file your LLP Annual Compliance with them without going anywhere.

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