How to start small investment business
Hemlata khandelwal / 2021-02-26 12:11:45

Now it’s a big chance to make a good earning by starting a minimum investment business which needs only Rs. 10,000. 

In today's time, most people want to start their own business by going less behind the job. But due to a lack of capital, they are unable to do so. It’s an opportunity for those persons who want to start their own business and they can make money by themselves socially by start selling on online portals as well as offline.

So today we will tell you about two such businesses in our article. By starting this with the online portals, you can earn a substantial profit in a few months via online platforms. There is no need to invest much in starting them. You can start this business for 10 to 20 thousand rupees. So let's know about these businesses.

Which business can a person start from a minimum investment of Rs.10,000 to 20,000?

Here are two business ideas which help you to make money online and offline, and there has to need only a little investment of Rs. 10,000 to 20,000 such business is:

First, we start talking about: 

1. “Agarbatti making business”

If we talk about the Agarbatti business, then incense sticks are used to worship God in the temple. Worship without it seems incomplete. For this reason, the demand in its chart is increasing everywhere whether it is someone's home or someone's office, the government or private. It is used everywhere in the temple mosque and many other events. Because of this growing use, if you are thinking of starting a business of making incense sticks (Agarbatti), then it can prove to be a good deal for you. Any business that you start with a dam sitting at home, then you can get many benefits in it; it does not require much investment to start this business and can also earn a good profit.

You can also start this business from today. Because it can be started sitting at home, you will not need to spend much on it. This can save you in many ways such as:

  1. There is no need to take a separate place to start saving the rent; you can take it if you want to take it. Otherwise, it can be started from your home.
  2. And secondly, you don't need helpers for this too much. So this also saves the salary. The goods also come cheaper and the cost also seems less. And you will know the profit.

Now you are wondering, About

What materials are used to make Agarbatti (incense sticks)?

The raw material for incense sticks:

We are telling you about its materials along with the market price, which will make you easier.

  • Charcoal Dust (1 kg) - Rs 13
  • Jigat powder (1 kg) - 60 rupees
  • White Chips Powder (1 Kg) - Rs 22 Sandal Powder (1 Kg) - Rs 35
  • Bamboo Stick (1 kg) - Rs 116
  • Perfume (1 piece) - 400 rupees
  • DEP (1 liter) - Rs 135
  • Paper box (1 dozen) - 75 rupees
  • Wrapping paper (1 packet) -35 rupees
  • Kuppam Dust (1 kg) - Rs 85

There are many perfumes for incense sticks, you can take any type of perfume you want to sell and it would be very good to check the demand in the market and use perfume based on it. Or you can make all kinds of perfume incense sticks.

Now let's talk about other businesses, which are even easier to start. This can be started in a small place. 

2. Candle Making Business:

If we talk about the candle business, then this business is an 'all-time hit' business. Because the candles are required in the houses, and in the offices or anywhere from the light life to birthday, and to celebrate the festival. Just a short time ago, our dear Prime Minister made light for which the biggest contribution was the candle itself when the Prime Minister made the program “Light to dark”, what is the matter that the candle is not old but it is very old Money can be earned by a common man also use it easily. It is available at affordable prices. Therefore it is included in the essential things kept in the houses. And in any function, the role of a candle is special, whether it is from a government or a common man, so this business can prove to be more beneficial for you. You can start it with only an initial investment of 10 thousand rupees. In this, you can earn a good profit on investment with just a little.

What raw materials are used to make candles?

The raw material for candle

  • Paraffin wax (1 kg) - Rs. 115
  • Pot or Pot (1 pan) - 250 rupees
  • Castor oil (1 liter) -310 rupees
  • Candle Yarn (1 roll) - Rs 35
  • Various colors (1 packet) - Rs 85
  • Thermometer - Rs 1160
  • Perfume (1 bottle) - 250 rupees

What is needed to start the business of incense sticks and candles?

1. To start the business of incense sticks and candles, you will need its contents and if you do this business on a large scale and your turnover goes above 40 lakhs, and then you have to take GST registration for it.

2. For both of these businesses you will need a brand if you do this business on a small or big scale, for that, you need to give a name that you can sell in your name but if necessary or demanded if you are, then it is necessary to do brand registration. You can sell a small pearl place without such a name but a big business name is made. They say that if there is an identity by work, there will be an identity if there is a name.

Is there any need to take FSSAI registration?

No, there does not need to take FSSAI registrationThis registration is taken for the food; the full form of FSSAI is food safety and state authority of India. This is taken for the food business.  

How to start a candle and Agarbatti business online and offline?

You can start a candle and Agarbatti business online and offline. The online portals and the Wholesale markets are the places where you can earn by selling your products to the buyer. A person starts the business of candle and Agarbatti by taking GST registration. And after creating the seller account the seller will need to upload products on online platforms.

How can a seller upload candle and Agarbatti business on online platforms?

The seller can upload these products by themselves and they can take the service of product listing with legal salaah and it is all their choice. They need to upload their products under the product category on every online platform and if any platform required any quality check license then the seller will need to take the license of quality from “Bureau of Indian standards” (only if required). 

This is all information related to the business of Agarbatti and candle. You can start the business with a minimum investment of Rs. 10 to 20 thousand and start to make money online.


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