Important answers related to FSSAI registration
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-04-03 03:34:29

What are the benefits of FSSAI Registration

Benfits of FSSAI Registration in India

  1. The public gets pure food.
  2. Harmful and toxic substances do not reach the market.
  3. FSSAI is the main and only body of standards for food safety and food regulations.
  4. Different regions require the same license for different types of food.
  5. Having a FSSAI license with a foodstuff seller gives confidence to its customers.
  6. Generally it takes two months to get FSSAI registration/licences.


How many types of License in FSSAI Registration in India

There are three types of FSSAI Registration in India 

  1. Basic registration of FSSAI : It is for small and small scale industries, which are usually given for one to five years. This registration has been taken by those food businesses whose annual income is less than Rs 12 lakh.
  2. State registration of FSSAI : It is meant for middle class producers and sellers whose annual income is more than 12 lakhs. It’s given for one to five years.
  3. Central registration of FSSAI : This is for food traders whose annual income is above 20 crores.

A mail id and mobile number are required to register an FSSAI license. Spell your name correctly in your application and submit it. After this, you will get a separate ID which will be necessary for further processing.

In the end you will have to pay a set of amount. Prepare and submit a demand draft along with a copy of your application form and payment amount.

Is FSSAI registration mandatory for home bakers?

Yes! The law in India mandates FSSAI registration online and obtaining it will result in a license for a bakery in your home. If you avoid this, you may face legal issues. FSSAI may prevent you from continuing your business in future and impose fines on you. In addition, it gives your customers trust in your products due to the seal of approval by a government institution, and subsequently saves you from unwanted customer trouble. And you can always return to your FSSAI registration. It shows that you take all necessary steps to ensure cleanliness and safety while cooking.

Do I need FSSAI registration to sell on specific platforms?

Yes. Another reason is that FSSAI registration, which is a home bakery license, is important for home bakers. This allows you to sell your merchandise online. If you wish to list yourself on various e-commerce or distribution sites at the time of registration, you will be asked for FSSAI registration. Such is the case with popular aggregators such as Swiggy and Zomato. it's mandatory. They will not approve your seller account without this registration, which has to be done in your name (if it is sole proprietorship) or in the name of your business. The reason they require this is that baking businesses without FSSAI registration are not considered legally existing. These applications will not allow you to register if you cannot prove that your documents are in order and you are allowed by FSSAI to conduct your business.

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