Now taxpayer view and file Form GST PMT-09
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Taxpayer view and file Form GST PMT-09

What is the Form GST PMT-09?

Form GST PMT-09 enables any registered taxpayer to make inter-prime or inter-prime transfer of the amount available in electronic cash ledger.

Thus the taxpayer can transfer tax, fee, penalty, interest, or other usages by filing Form GST PMT-09 under one major/minor head which is available in Electronic cash ledger.

What is an electronic cash ledger?

The electronic cash laser contains a summary of all deposits/payments made by the taxpayer. In the electronic ledger, information is kept in the minor/Major heads. For the convenience of the user, the ledger is displayed head-wise i.e. CGST, IGST, SGST / UTGST, and CESS. 

Each major head is divided into five smaller heads:

  • Taxes, interest, fines, fees, and others. It can be accessed under Post-Login mode on GST portal under Services> Laser> Electronic Cash Ledger
  • The electronic cash ledger is an account of a taxpayer maintained by the GST system that reflects cash deposits in banks and other liabilities recognized by taxpayers.
  • Deductions on tax while (GST return filing) (source) (TDS) and tax collected at source (TCS) are also paid to the electronic cash ledger in the form of a taxpayer's cash deposit.
  • A registered taxpayer can deposit cash in recognized banks through the prescribed mode for electronic cash using any online or offline mode allowed by the GST portal.
  • Cash deposits can be used to make payments such as liability, interest, penalties, fees, and others.

There are four major leaders in electronic cash leaders.

GST, SGST / UTGST,CGST and Cess. Each of these major heads has five heads:

1. Tax
2. Interest
3. Penalty
4. Fees
5. Other

  • When a taxpayer creates an invoice, the taxpayer chooses to add an amount for each minor within each major.
  • Once the payment against the invoice is successfully made and the CIN contacts the GST system, the electronic cash bearer is updated with funds under Major and Minor Heads respectively.
  • It is not possible to use a cross of money in a major or minor head once paid.

Let us understand this better than an example. 

A taxpayer deposited INR 1000 cash for IGST - tax through net banking. After successful payment, the bank reference number transmitted by the bank in the GST system with CST will be reflected in the electronic cash account as the reference number. IGST to pay taxpayer tax liability - The taxpayer can use this cash deposit of INR 1000 only to pay tax liability from the debtor.

What is the use of the form GST PMT-09?

If a taxpayer, who is registered under GST by taking GST registration deposits an amount under one head (unified tax, central tax, state/union tax, and cess) or nominal head (tax, interest, penalty, fees, and others), they will deduct this amount. Their dues are subject only to that head chief and minor chief. So, they only need to deposit the amount under a particular head to meet their current liabilities under that head (only).

Form GST PMT-09 on the GST portal allows taxpayers to make intra-head and inter-head transfers of funds available in their electronic cash leader. Thus this facility can be used to make any amount available in the electronic cash ledger, as given below:

  • For transfer of an amount from nominal head tax under head cess, on nominal interest under head CGST or
  • For fund transfer from nominal head interest under head IGST under the same head IGST.

From where can a taxpayer file Form GST PMT-09?

For filing Form GST PMT-09 follow these steps:

1. Navigate:

Navigate or visit Services

2. Choose:

Taxpayer need to choose Laser

3. Go for:

After choose the Ledger taxpayers need to go for Electronic Cash Ledger

4. File for transfer:

And then File GST PMT-09 option for amount transfer.

Also, read about the use of cash/ITC for demand payment

Can a taxpayer select more than one major/minor head while filing Form GST PMT-09?

1. Yes, a taxpayer can select more than one major/minor head, while filing Form GST PMT-09, can be transferred from one head to another, one amount at a time.

2. Taxpayers can add more than one major/minor head who clicks on PROCEED TO FILE before using the record option.

How can a taxpayer preview and sign GST PMT-09?

A taxpayer can view/download the form GST PMT-09 in PDF format before filing the same on the GST portal. And he can file Form GST PMT-09 using the methods of signing DSC or EVC.

What will happen once the Form GST PMT-09 is filed?

GST PMT-09 is filed after the form:

1. The ARN form is prepared for the successful filing of GST PMT-09.

2. The taxpayer receives an email and an SMS on his registered mobile number and registered email ID.

3. Electronic Cash Leader will update the form after the successful filing of GST PMT-09.

4. The GST PMT-09 file form in PDF format will be available for viewing/downloading.

Where can the taxpayer bring the view form GST PMT-09?

To view form GST PMT-09 follow these steps:

1. Navigate:

Navigate to services

2. Choose:

Taxpayer need to choose Ledger

3. Select:

After choosing Ledger the taxpayer need to select Electronic cash ledger

4. View:

After completing all steps taxpayers can view the filed GST PMT-09 option.

Where can a taxpayer download the taxpayer form GST PMT-09?

The taxpayer can download the Form GST PMT-09, by following these steps.

1. The taxpayer is required to participate in the services

2. Select selector options

3. After selecting the option taxpayer, the electronic cash ledger needs to be selected

4. After selecting the electronic cash ledger taxpayer, filed GST PMT-09 and can then view

5. Download GST PMT-09 (PDF) option.

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