Process and schedule to surrender DIN
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First of all, everyone should know what DIN is? DIN stands for Director Identification Number. The central government allows unique DIN to the existing directors anyone with an intention to become a Director. It is an 8 digit number provided for a lifetime. DIN sustains the details of the Directors in a database.

We have mentioned that DIN is a unique number, so it is important to know that a person can have a specific DIN for themselves. Even if they are directors of 2 different companies they will be issues a specific DIN. Also, leaving a job and joining a new one, won’t change their DIN.

Causes behind the DIN Surrender (When to surrender your DIN)

There are certain reasons that might convince you to surrender your DIN. Due to these reasons, the government can also cancel the DIN:

  1. If the director is issued a matching DIN, the details of both the DIN will be combined during the correctly retained number.
  2. When someone attains the DIN illegally doing and fraudulent activities.
  3. When the individual concerned is dead.
  4. When the court proclaims that the concerned individual is of an unsound mind.
  5. When the person related is adjudicated as an insolvent.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, the directors have another option to surrendering the DIN according to Form DIR-5. The director will have to submit an application saying that he/she was never employed as a director in a company and has never used that DIN for filing. After that the central government will check the e-records and verifies thoroughly, they can deactivate that DIN. 

When we talking about DIN Surrender, we advise that one must Register their businesses under MCA. We have provided all the details regarding Company Registration, on our official website Legal Salaah. Visit our webpage and follow all the procedures for Company Registration. Before that, let's finish about the DIN Surrender.

How to know that someone has 2 DIN’s?

If you want to check whether you have more than one DIN, follow the steps:

Step 1: Visit the MCA website through this link: and log in.

Step 2:  Now, look for “Companies/LLPs in which a person is/was a director/Designated Partner” option and click on it.

Step 3:  Press on the search button of DIN/DPIN.

Step 4: Search after filling the details like name, Father’s Name and Birth date.

Step 5: The website will show the allotted DIN Number. 
If you find more than one DIN Number, take the necessary steps for DIN surrender that is of no use.   

Documents Required

You cannot just simply decide and surrender your DIN. To surrender the DIN, a person will have to file the Form DIR-5 using the MCA from the website. For filing the e-form you will need various documents that are mentioned below:
  • Applicant’s DIN number.
  • Causes behind surrendering the DIN.
  • Permanent Account Number card as ID proof (in case of Indian National)
  • Passport Number (in case of Foreign Nationals). 
  • Permanent Address proof of the individual. (It can be any document like Voter ID card, Driving License, Telephone or Electricity bill, etc.).
  • Contact Details including the phone number.
  • A certificate stating the Digital Signature of the individual.
  • A certificate stating the Digital Signature of the individual.
  • An Affidavit that states that the person was neither appointed as director nor he has used the DIN number for a filing.

Procedures to be followed for DIN Surrender:

Follow the procedures, we have mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Ministry of Current Affairs. The link to the website is Further, Log in to the website.

Step 2: Fill the Form DIR-5. After applying, upload the form. The amount you have to pay as fees for applying the DIR-5 Form is Rs.1,000.

Step 3: You need to submit the required documents for filing the form. We have mentioned the necessary documents above. The documents should not be older than 2 months.

Step 4:  After the documents are submitted, The concerned ROC will issue the approval letter of DIN surrender.

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