Start a Food business during the corona phase
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-06-25 12:06:01

Food business idea during the phase of corona:

In this phase of covid, most people lose their job but now its time to start afresh by starting their own business so that they will never lose their hope. Here are some food business ideas that you can start a food business during the corona phase.

  1. Grocery Store:

One of the best profitable businesses is grocery store businesses that can be started with proper a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim making and low capital investment.

A grocery store is available offline as well as online would be the best grocery business in today's scenario era because if you keep protein-free food items in your grocery shop then everyone will visit your shop.

To go off with a grocery store, first, you choose a suitable location. And, take all the required documents that license. Set up your shop all the furniture and equipment. Use digital banking to take payments because everyone has a PayTm account and makes online payments.

  1. Restaurant Business

And if anybody has a wish to go off and start a food business by investing a little, then you can start a restaurant business. A restaurant can be very profitable, it is a well-run operation.

If you think of doing restaurant business, then in the first 1-2 years you cannot earn a good profit because initially, no one will know about your restaurant, as soon as the customer comes to know, the customer will join you.

Therefore, some investment is required in doing restaurant business owners. For a restaurant business to be successful, owners must market their restaurants well.

Below are some tips for building a successful restaurant:

  1. Location –

Your business should be opened in such a place where footfall is high, and this is also necessary. Because footfall will attract more crowds who are more likely to visit your business regularly.

  1. Service–

Whatever be the business, if your service is not good, then no one will want to come to the restaurant. If your food is good and service is bad then the restaurant will not be able to run by balancing everyone.

  1. Ambiance –

Create an environment where people want to spend time. So, you need a comfortable seating arrangement, spacious and aesthetically appealing. All these will help your business as people will spend time clicking pictures and posting them on social media.

  1. Marketing –

Your food may be delicious, service may be top-notch but if people do not know where you are located then how will your business be successful. Marketing your business properly will create exposure for your business and attract more customers.

  1. Coffee Shop Business

Today the coffee shop industry is growing rapidly. First people visit coffee stores to pass some virtue terms with their loved ones. But at present, folk are doing their government session there. The coffee shop business is one of the profit-making businesses.

Look for a location near your offices, expatriates, living societies, and where those people need meeting places, private places, exotic environments to spend a few hours. Even if it's expensive to make, don't worry, people will come and enjoy it!

  1. Bakery Business

If you are having a specific appearance for food business ideas then a bakery will be the best food business idea. It is very important to have the right place and a good plan to start this business. You are able to go off with this business on a small scale or on a large scale.

  1. Ice Cream Shop Business:

Starting a shop of ice cream is a too advantageous opinion to get a lovely income. You are able nay run this business on a seasonal and portion-time foundation.

Before opening an ice cream shop, you have to pay attention to find the right place with lots of moving population and parking facility.

The shelf life of ice cream is about 3 months, use a pretty chiller to keep the ice cream intact. So, in the beginning, you have to give free ice cream to do marketing and you have to advertise. After that people will come to sit at the Ice cream shop and enjoy ice cream.

These are some Ideas of the food business that you be able to go off by a simple process.

What is the simple process to start a food business?

To start a food business you need to search for a name, location, for your food business. And then it is necessary to register your food/edible business with the Food safety department. You need to take mostly three registrations.

What are the registrations needed to open a food business?

To open a food business you will need mostly a food license. The license and registration are known as FSSAI Registration.

After getting the license you will start your food business. And also you need to take shop-act registration and GST registration.

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