Start digital hoarding business at Rs. 5000
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-09-18 11:13:05

In the Corona era, you can use the online business platform for business. Most of the companies make a digital hoardings and banners to get their ad ready. So if a person having knowledge of computer then he can do this work
It is not easy to do jobs nowadays. Work pressure has increased in every field, whether government or private, but instead there is not much salary increase. If you too are thinking of going out of these things to do business to fulfill your dreams, but are not able to start it due to the budget, then today we will tell you about such a great business idea, With which you will be able to earn millions.
This business is about making digital hoardings. You can start this work from home. The good thing is that it costs a lot less. Also, there is no problem with space as well. Because you can start it in a room too. Since the Corona period, online business ideas are growing rapidly, in which case this option can be useful for you. For online business with the another websites like Snapdeal and Flipkart you will need to take GST registration online. Or if you want to do this hoarding offline you also need to register with GST to increase your sale.
So to start this business, we need to know what are the things.
Start your food business get FSSAI Registration and GST Registration
Get yourself registered on the online platform
If you have good knowledge of graphics, designing, and computers, then you can do the work of preparing digital hoardings from home. In the initial phase, you can take orders by telling your skills on many different sites on the online platform, such as freelancing dot work or up to work, etc. For this, you have to get yourself registered on these portals. However, before registration, make sure that their credibility is known. You can take orders online from people by giving information about making digital hoardings on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter too.
You can create your website
Most of the companies make digital hoardings to make their ads. So, if you want, make your website. For this, you buy a domain from Go Daddy or any other site. It will cost less than 1000. After this, take the hosting of the year. It can cost two and a half to three thousand. If you create your website through dot com, then it costs a little more. Despite this, your work will be done in 5 thousand or less.  the expenditure on dot-in will come down.
Promote and printing can be included
You can promote the website after it is completed. Which will increase your reach to companies and people. With which people will contact you to make hoardings. You deal in the initial stages by making it in digital format. Later, you can also print it for the expansion of the business.  But if you want to do this business at a much higher level, then you will have to invest one to three lakh rupees. Because then you will need a bigger printer.
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