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Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-02-26 11:59:14

How can a person start an oil business?

Let’s come to know about the oil business at some point first we’ll talk about how can a person start oil businesses? And after this, we’ll talk about how a person can earn with the oil business.

How to start an oil business?

Oil is used extensively by people, due to which demand for different types of oils is very high. This business is very successful in India, so if you want, you can start the business of selling oil and become a businessman by selling online and offline. Not only that you can sell online, but you can also sell offline in the market. However, before trading oil, that is, before opening an oil mill, you should know very well how the mill is opened and what kind of seeds are extracted from the oil. After that, we will talk about how we can sell our material online.

How many types of oil?

Many types of oils are used for cooking in every household in India, where some people cook in mustard oil and some in olive oil. And sesame oil is used and applied to hairs. In this way, other types of oils are also used in homes like peanut oil, soybean oil, Corn oil, Palm oil, etc. That is, at the time of starting this business, you will have the option to open several types of oil mills. All these oils are available in the market and the online marketplace has given this opportunity through which you can trade-in your way as a boss. And you can earn more than 25% profit from this business.

What is an oil mill?

If you do not know about the oil mill, let us tell you that the seeds are ground through oil machines, and then the oil is packed and sold in bottles. However, before starting a mill, you have to buy several types of machines and decide which oil you want to sell in the market and which oil you want to start the mill, such as mustard oil, olive oil, sesame oil, soybean oil, peanuts oil, palm oil, etc.

Business level:

In any type of mill, oil is extracted according to the metric ton every day and you can start this business in small scale industry, medium scale industry, and large scale industry.

Everyday 5 to 10 metric tons of oil is extracted in oil extracting mills, they are under small scale industry, the mill in which 10 to 50 metric tons of oil is extracted, they come within the medium level industry and which mills extract more than 50 metric tons of oil, they come in large scale.

Now you are thinking that what would be needed for this merchandise, then do not worry, we are also telling you, keep the reading continue

Raw materials for the Oil business

Any seed oil you want to extract from the seeds of mustard, sunflower, cotton, soya, etc., you have to buy that seed from the shopkeeper selling the seeds or from any farmers.

If you want, instead of buying these seeds from the market, you can get seeds by planting their plant. However, it may take some time for you to grow the seeds by yourself.

Now you are thinking that from where and how you can buy a machine for this business, then for that we are telling you the name of some websites so that you can buy these machines in this covid-19 situation easily. You do not need to go anywhere to buy these machines.

Equipment for Oil business:

Oil is extracted from the seed after several processes and different machines are used during each process, such as screw expeller, cooker, and filter press machine are used in different stages.

At the same time, you can use a fully automatic machine to do your oil extraction business, or you can also extract oil through a semi-automatic machine.

Now we’ll talk about how a person can earn with this oil business online and offline.

How can a person earn online and offline?

The process and all the details related to the business mentioned in this article, but a little bit of information which is necessary to earn through online and offline.

  1. Before starting an oil mill, you need many types of licenses and certifications and only after getting the license and certification, you can sell your oil online, and offline in the market. Two types of licenses related to food items are given by the Government of India. The Bureau of Indian Standards gives one license and the other license is given by FSSAI is FSSAI registration. Apart from this, in the state where you are starting this business, you may have to get many types of licenses from the government of that state. 
  2. And you also need to register your brand if you sell your product online and at a big level; if you are worried about Brand registration do not worry legal salaah provides the service of brand registration.
  3. After getting both registrations the person will need to register with GST by getting Online GST registrationAnd their product listing.

These three points are the basic knowledge to earn.

Now we will tell you about the process of oil extraction which is most important. Without this, you cannot sell good quality oil.

What is the process of Oil extraction?     

Before going further it’ll be clear that the process and the whole things which we mentioned in this article help you to grow your existing business and start a business online. You just need to follow these all things carefully to achieve the goal of the business.

The entire process of oil extraction is done in several stages and with the help of a machine; oil is extracted from any kind of seeds.

  1. Seed Selection - Whatever seed oil you want to extract, the seed must be perfect. Therefore, while buying them, make sure that they are not broken, nor dry, and select only those seeds which are of good quality.
  2. Pre-cleaning - When extracting its seeds from anything, many types of stones, soil, and other things are also found in the seed. Therefore, before extracting oil from them, you have to remove these types of things. Because if things like stone and soil will be crushed with seeds, then the quality of oil will deteriorate, along with these stones can get stuck in your machine, due to which the machine can also be damaged. So once they have selected a good seed, they must clean it. At the same time, you can get these seeds cleaned by hand or you can also clean them with the help of a machine.
  3. The straw present in the seeds is cleaned during this process and to do so, blowing air is used. At the same time, after removing the straw from the seeds, they are conditioned.
  4. Conditioning of seeds - Conditioning the seeds removes more oil and in this process, they are put inside the rollers. In fact, the seed cells absorb the oil due to passing through the rollers and micro oil droplets are united in them, due to which the oil can be extracted from the seeds easily and fast.
  5. Heat the seed - After conditioning, you have to heat the seed so that all the types of bacteria present in it can be eliminated. However, each seed requires different moisture conditions and temperatures. Therefore, according to the quality of the seed from which you are extracting oil, you will have to set the temperature.
  6. Oil extraction- After going through the process mentioned above, the oil is extracted from the seeds, and inside this process, they are put into the machine and they are grind by the machine. The oil that comes out of it during grinding is collected in one place.
  7. Filtration - Some remnants of ground powder remain inside the extracted oil. Therefore, after the oil is removed, it is sieved so that it can be completely cleaned. Even after cleaning the oil, many types of chemical substances are present in it, which are cleaned within the chemical process.

After completing all the procedures mentioned above, your oil is ready to sell in the market and you can sell them by filling them in bottles. At the same time, you will have to get these bottles made by a merchant and at the same time, you will have to get labeling your brand on these bottles.

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