Steps to Open a Mobile shop in India
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-10-31 12:50:13

Mobile has now become a common necessity for all the people in the world. Everyone now uses a smartphone, even children have become accustomed to it. Instead of connecting with other mobiles, now it is being used for entertainment. In the last decade, mobile companies and different types of internet plans have increased a lot in India, such as Jio, which implemented such cheap data plans in the Indian market.

There is no doubt that opening a mobile shop in India is a great solution for small businesses.

Mobile shop earns about 20% profit on the basis of day to day sales, yet about 80% mobile shop closes due to loss within 2 years. Anyone can start this business easily and because of this, there are many competitors in it. But still if seen, keeping in view the market process, it can be said that if this business is run properly then it will be very profitable in the future.

These few steps below will help you in making your decision to open a mobile shop come true and make you successful.

1) Get a license for your mobile shop

A small mobile shop in which there are only 2 people, it sells about 10 lakhs in a year. Therefore, it would be correct to open the mobile shop under the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) for this you can take Company Registration in India. Especially this is useful when you want to open your shop in big places like malls or you want to sell online through e-commerce you must have to take Online GST Registration.

2) Find out what other mobile shop owners sell

Find out from the shops near you what equipment the mobile shopkeepers keep. You can't just have a mobile phone. Along with the mobile phone, you will also have to keep headphones, cables, memory cards, etc. With this, you can also get additional income and at the same time, your customers will get all the necessary things in one place.

Make a list of what equipment you can buy and sell in your mobile shop business.

Look at your customers and guess what their demands are. Find out the value of all the items that you have in your shop. This is very necessary because the dams of many goods are different at different places.

3) Understand your belongings well

Not everyone has technical knowledge. But being the owner of a mobile shop, you should have good knowledge about different brands of mobiles. People like it when someone helps them to buy a mobile, like if a customer is not sure which mobile to take and in such a situation, you tell him which mobile is good and what is not, then it is easy for them to buy a mobile. and he will also be pleased with your service.

4) Before investing your capital in the business of cell phones, understand its market

  • Opening a mobile shop in India can be a good business, but first, understand the people who are already in this business.
  • Try to stay away from your rivals.
  • Set your budget and never spend more than your budget.

5) Learn Mobile Shop Routines:

There are many jobs in a mobile shop. Find out:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What are the chances of your business running in the market?
  • How much capital will you have to invest in the beginning?
  • Necessary legal action etc.

6) Find a place where sales are more likely to happen:

Find out where your rivals work and the demand for mobile phones and accessories.

7) Find places to build your mobile store:

To set up a mobile store, you will need about 150 square feet of space. Everything in your store should be properly fitted like, camera, light, display case, etc. You can decorate your shop well with the help of glass.

8) Accept all payment methods:

There are many types of customers, some people give cash, some pay online, some people also want to take them out of compulsion. In such a situation, if you are strict, then it is possible that many of your customers will move elsewhere. You should always take care of the convenience of your customers.

9) Promote locally:       

Mobile stores are mostly visited by local people. So mobile store promotion can be done in many ways, you can take help of newspaper, distribute pamphlets, etc.

Tell everyone about your business and increase your sales.

10) Spend on devices that are selling out fast:

The mobile store takes a lot of your capital, so for your profit, you need to spend on those devices which are selling fast. so that you can avoid harm.

Spend on different types of equipment like headphones, screen-guards, earphones, mobile phone sets, power banks, mobile covers, BlueTooth, etc.

11) Do your evaluation wisely:

  • Offer discounts on common items like earphones, mobile covers, screen-guards, etc., and make up for it with other small devices.
  • Do not charge customers more money for items like mobile covers and screen-guards for commonly used items as this will make them unhappy and may stop coming to your shop.

12) Provide convenience to your customers in their purchases:

Allow customers to use PayTM, G-pay, Credit cards, etc. If ever they run short of cash, give them the option to pay later. When customers are satisfied with you, they discuss your shop with other people and encourage them to visit your shop. This happens often.

13) Provide your customers with everything in one place:

  • Provide everything your customer needs and make sure they don't have to go to your competitor.
  • Talk to your supplier and ask for those important things which are in high demand as soon as possible.

14) Maintain Inventory of your Mobile Store:

  • You should check your stock every week so that the items which are expiring quickly, you get them in time.
  • You can use Inventory Management applications like “Vyapar”. With this, you will be able to track your inventory well. With the help of this, you will automatically get information about the goods that expire soon. Never let your customer down because of being out of stock.

15) Support After-Sales:

If there is any problem after the sale then it is your responsibility to help the customer to solve the problem.

If you get even the smallest request like installing the application, then fulfill it. This will build a good relationship with your customers.


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