To whom GST is Exempted and how to register under GST
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-06-14 11:56:24

Requirement and process of GST registration:

Persons responsible for deducting TDS:

Such businessmen whose annual income is already taxable under Section 37 of the Income Tax Act, are also required to get registered in GST. Even, if their turnover is less than 40 lakh rupees annually. Income under section 37 is eligible for deduction of tax below the head “Profits and Gains of Business or Profession”.

E-commerce operator:

If you are doing your business on Electronic Commerce (online business of goods and services) plate form then it is mandatory to get GST registration done. No matter how low or high the turnover of your business is. A person associated with Electronic Commerce or Digital Business in any form, whether it is its owner, manager, or operator, all come under this category.

Sellers on e-commerce platforms

Even if you are not the owner or operator of an e-commerce company and supply goods and services through it, then it is mandatory for you to get GST registration Provided that GST is not being charged on your goods by the operator of the company.

Online information and database services business

To do business of Internet-based services, products, content, etc. comes under the category of OIDAR Services. It is also mandatory for them to get GST registration done, no matter how low or high their turnover may be. Here we are giving examples of some works coming in this category for understanding.

  • Online Advertising Services Providers
  • Cloud Services Providers
  • Online Business of E-Books, Softwares, etc.
  • Digital Data Storage Service Providers
  • Online Gaming Services Providers
  • Business of Movies, TV Shows, Music, etc. from the Internet.

Transfer or Succession of GST Registered Business.

You have got any such business as transferor as successor. If he has already been under GST Registration, then it is mandatory for you to get the GST registration done afresh.

Service taxpayers under reverse charge:

The responsibility of depositing tax in the GST system lies with the supplier of goods or services. But there are some cases in which the responsibility of depositing GST will be on the recipient of the goods or service and not the supplier. These types of deals are kept in the category of Reverse Charge.

For them also, it has been made mandatory to get online GST registration done. To understand Reverse Charge a little better, pay attention to the points given below.

  • The situation of Reverse Charge is created in taking the service of a professional person (Service Import). The buyer of the service pays GST not to the supplier but to the direct government.

For example, you have a firm. You took the services of an Advocate for any legal work or took the services of a financial planner for professional guidance. In such a situation, on the value for which you will take the services, you will also have to pay the GST of the prescribed rate to you and not to the service provider.

  • Some such services have been fixed in the rules of GST, on the use of which the responsibility of collecting GST will be on the service taker and not the service provider.
  • Apart from this, there is also a situation of Partial Reverse Charge, in which the responsibility of some part of GST will be on the service taker and the rest will be the responsibility of the service provider.

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How to register GST Online?

  • Getting registered in GST is as easy as filling an online form for admission to a college university.
  • You must have an internet facility.
  • You can complete your online registration sitting at home or from the office itself.
  • Just keep the necessary documents close by, open the computer or Smartphone,
  • Click on the web address of the GST Portal
  • Your GST Registration will be completed in few easy steps.
  • As your pre-preparation, we are also giving here stepwise information about the complete process of online GST Registration. So let's know, how will be the registration in GST.

STEP- 1:

As soon as you click on, on the page that opens in front of you, check whether the process of GST New Registration is on or not. If the process will not start, then the date of its further start will be written. If the process is started then select Form GST REG-01.


Part-A will be filled first in Form GST REG-01, in which some information related to your personal identity will be asked to be filled. Such as PAN, mobile number, E-mail ID, etc. Fill them and submit.


As soon as Part-A of GST REG-01 is submitted, your PAN number will be verified by the GST Portal first. For this, an OTP number (one-time password) will be sent to the provided number and email. Confirm your identity by filling it in the specified place in the portal.

Note: While verifying your email and cell phone from the GST Portal, OTP numbers will be sent separately for both items. Note that do not enter the OTP of anyone in the other or else the verification will fail.


As soon as the confirmation is done, you will be sent an Apply Reference Number (ARN) on your cell phone and email from the portal. Note down this number. This number has to be filled in the next part of the form i.e. Part-B.


Photographs should be attached.

Now in front of you comes Part-B of GST REG-01. In this, you will be asked to submit a copy of the necessary documents related to your identity and your business. Copies of all documents have to be submitted online only. After filling all the documents, enter your ARN number and submit Part-B of the form.

Photograph- In this, you have to put the latest photographs of the respective business owner (Proprietor), Partners, Managing Trustee Committee, etc. Also Authorized Signatory

Taxpayer's Constitution:

A certificate of Registration, and an action that is performed intentionally or consciously partnership, or other constitution proof.

Proof of Premises/Additional Place of Business For Own Premises: Any document showing premises of proprietorship such as the Latest Property Tax Receipt, or copy of the electricity bill.

For Rental Premises: Landlord's documents like latest receipt of Property or Electricity Bill copy along with rent/lease agreement.

Proof relating to a bank account.

 Scanned copy and bank statement of the bank passbook first page.

Authorization Forms:

 The action or fact of authorizing or being authorized the Forms: For the entire official Signature, upload an authority copy or committee/ a resolution of Board of Directors in the determination format.

By submitting the documents related to all the above-mentioned information, you complete the process of Part B of GST REG-01.


A form that is GST REG-03 has been issued in case the provided information is not enough and needs some additional information.


The applicant needs to submit the Form GST REG-04 within 7 business days from that day on which you get the receipt of GST REG-03.


Issuance of registration certificate in the Form GST REG-06 inboard 3 days from that day on which the applicant receives GST REG-04 Form/ Form GST REG-01 if the applicant has given all the required information in Form GST REG-04 or Form GST REG-01 will be done.


If the officers are not satisfied with the details provided, then the GST registration applicant via Form GST REG-05 will be rejected.

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